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First Litre bike - now with pics

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by SamS2, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Just thought i would share my excitement,
    I sold my GSXR 600 a couple of weeks ago, and have been on the lookout for a 1000cc. I rode a few bikes, Couple of fireblades, and R1s mates bikes and test rides, but didn't like them, the honda's were comfy but felt a bit too smooth, and the R1s are a powerhouse but i like to do some decent rides, anyway I checked out an 01 Gixxer 1000. A quick test ride, couple of corners, and a quick straight to give it a short blast and i knew i wanted it. I already have a great deal of respect for the power it has, She is a very sexy beast and look forward to spending many years with her. I'll get some pics up when i pick her up. :grin:

  2. ooohhh lovelly!

    Although how is it a reason not to get the blade the fact that it is too smooth??

    awaiting pics!
  3. The smoothness was nice, but could find myself very easily speeding which i know is a bit of a silly thing to say about a litre bike, but i like that RAW aggressive power of the gixx. nothing against the blade at all, great bike, just not for me. :)
  4. Bit late now but if you wanted RAW rip your arms of power an 04-05 zx10 would have been the go.They are kindly refered to as Crims :shock: Reason being is if you own one you will soon loose your licence or be in jail. :wink:
  5. +1 to that... or get a ducati, the large amount of torque is very fun.
  6. yeah a few guys i ride with have said that the 04-05 zx10's are monsters.. i will admit thouigh i do have a bit of a gixxer fetish.. hehe. i would've liked to test ride a zx10 but this gixxer was too good not to snap up while i could.
  7. Can't see the pics as your photobucket is set for privacy, copy the img links for it and paste em in here and we should be able to see them that way

    EDIT: just looked in your garage and check out the pics in there. Looks bloody nice, was the power commander already on it? How effective are they?
  8. I'd be interested to conduct a poll to see how many Suzuki owners buy a Suzuki as the next bike, how many Honda owners, etc, know what I mean? It just FEELS like lots of people who have smaller Suzukis almost automatically graduate to bigger ones.
  9. you should do that then. would be interesting
  10. DONE!!! See "Brand Loyalty".
  11. Dane75: Cheers for the comments mate, yeah PC was already in it so i couldnt really tell you if it made a difference, Prev owner claimed 178 HP at motor, but i didn't see proof.. either way, there is no way i can use all of that power till i get it to a track day.

    Try these links, hope they work as i'm leaving work soon and have no internet at home at the moment..

    http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b390/SamS2/GSXR/?action=view&current=19072009445.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b390/SamS2/GSXR/19072009445.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket

    if not... umm. check out my garage, thanks.
  12. Last link still no good mate.

    Hawt new toy though. I would have loved that colour scheme for the senfiddy if I'd found it.

    Such brilliant bikes to ride, aren't they?

    Enjoy it!
  13. Very nice machine mate, very clean, very shmick and nice colours too.
  14. Sam,
    Well done on your upgrade and first thou - CONGRATS !!!! Great looking bike :cool:

    That's a very interesting topic, Brand Loyalty. I've just put a deposit on a Black/Gold 2008 R1, meaning I will depart from the Suzuki GSXR750. All my bikes have been Suzukis, and I have been very loyal to that brand in the past, as they have been comfortable, reliable and damn sexy ;)

    When I upgraded to the Gixxer, I promised myself my first thou would be a Gixxer also. Proved myself wrong just recently with an awesome deal on a schmick near new R1 which just 'happened' to 'pop' up during an online 'lazy' search. So, yes...I'm 'jumping ship' soon :cool:

    Figured twas a nice time to build my experience further with other, sexy types...and I 'promise' peer group pressure (brother) had 'nothing' to do with it :LOL: (Besides, the Gixxer used to be his beforehand)
  15. Thanks for all the comments guys, getting lots of nice feedback on it, even had a harley rider comment on it when i had it in getting serviced!

    I think i finally figured out this picture thing too!

  16. Hey SamS2!

    Just saw your pics dude....thats one immaculate looking Gixxer 'thou!!
    Hard to believe she is an '01 with 14,000km!!!!

    Great buy!!!!!

    Enjoy!!!! :LOL:
  17. Thanks Tezza767!

    Put about 1000 ks on it now.. hehe, didnt take long.