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First Lesson

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bonni, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. I had my first lesson last wednesday night and I think I made myself look like a complete idiot - not that anyone said anything.

    Firstly I very quickly realised that there is nothing natural about perching on a petrol tank to get from one place to another - I had no idea just how weird that would be. As a consequence I was a bit thrown and completely terrified. For most of my first lesson the bike controlled me and not the other way round.

    The guys there were very helpful though and put me on the smallest bike they could find - but when I got going, I found it hard to get my legs high enough onto the pegs - I blamed it on being too short, but it was the opposite - my legs were too long. Which a whole new weird cos I'm a short fat chick with long legs (go figure.) So they put me on a bigger bike and it was way easier..... to a point.

    Everytime I went past our instructor he's yelling at me to relax - I was stiff as a board and holding the throttle way too tight which made my cornering and changing gear kinda eventful. I also couldn't get into the habit of leaning to turn everytime I tried I would see myself eating asphalt in my head - did I mention the sheer terror?

    Anyhoo I'm going to get a private lesson and meditate on what I've learned so far. The only reason I haven't lost my enthusiasm too much, is my first bike lesson was the same as my first car lesson - a nightmare! And it wasn't till I knew what I was doing that I enjoyed it and that just took instruction and practice. This is going to be the same.

    So I'm outta my comfort zone...continent but I'm sooo not giving up. :eek:
  2. good for you for not giving up!

    once you learn to relax a bit you'll soon find it's a load of fun :cool:
  3. Hang in there Bonni.

    I never yell "relax!" at my students...instead I shout "smile" and for some reason that seems to work.

    It will get less weird. From the very start it always feels that way. Keep in mind that as you gain a bit (not a lot, just a bit) more speed, the whole thing starts to feel right. Past a certain point (say, just beyond jogging pace...) speed adds stability on a bike.

    Stick with it. Be brave. Cover your clutch. And smile!

  4. Hello! It sounds like you did really well, you didn't fall off, and you didn't get demoted to a scooter (not that i did :oops: ) I was the same as you on my L's, after *ahem* riding some lime green piece of yuppie crap (oh oh did i say that) and feeling very ashamed the whole class, i came for my private lesson, and the next Learners session, i came back confident and excited and was riding better than half the people in the group!!

    Some one on one time will give you lots of confidence.

    Hope your private lesson goes well!!

    sounds like a much more effective tactic !! :)

    the end
  5. If you're really worried see if you can get someone to pillion you around a bit. Not any fast crap but just to get an idea of what a bike can do and how the motion feels.

    If you're worried about crashing make no mistake you will.

    You sound like you were way to tense and being a pillion should help that.
    My 2c worth anyway.

    Good luck. When you make it it will be worth it :)
  6. dont worry!!
    I went through this also when I did my course in Darwin
    I was the only chick on a course full of young blokes and although not short I am still a bigger sized lady.
    I had trouble with the cornering as well, feeling like I was going to fall over.

    One of my instructors was a wonderful lady called Liza and as I had a big prob with looking down instead of ahead she would just jump up and down down the track saying "trace look at me!!" :LOL: made me laugh everytime

    you will build your confidence with each ride, a private session with no peer pressure will help immensely especially in the embaressment side of things.

    welcome to riding and you should be so proud of yourself for getting in and having a go and not giving up, congrats to you

  7. Don't worry.. I was petrified first time I got on my scooter - and it's electric!! :shock: I agree with being a pillion for a few rides.. It'll get you into the hand of leaning a bit more..
  8. Thanks for all the tips guys!!

    The best thing happened today! I passed my theory test AND I was absolutely itching to get out there with the other riders doing their first practical lessons.

    I think I've turned a corner! Now I just have to do it for real!
    I booked in for a private lesson on Monday morning and then for my prac test on Wednesday.

    I've ridden as a pillion before - but for some reason the whole being in control thing spooked me - but I'm ok now and raring to go! :grin:

    see you out and about on a ride soon

  10. Congrats Bonni, One step at a time. Before you know it you'll be wondering why you were nervous.
  11. Hi ,

    Nice to see ladies taking up riding , hope everything goes well .

    Happy & safe riding .

  12. Bonni..no it didn't take you for a ride, you rode it..and you must have been doing most things right, otherwise the bike would have fallen over. So just try and do things one step at a time. And it will all come together.

    Keep at it.