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First L motorway ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by tiggers, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Did my first long ride this weekend, well long for me; I’ve had the bike for about a month or so (KLR650 + L’s) and done some trips from Mosman up to Palm Beach and commuting back and forth from North Sydney, the opportunity came up for a longer ride to the Southern Highlands via M5 then down through Bowral and Mittagong.

    Decided to get up early on Saturday morning to hit the motorway with as little traffic as possible to get used to the feeling, so up and out by 6.45 am, and not with the best of starts…….pulled out of the drive and dropped the bike….what a great F’ing start!! No damage other than a minor scratch on the hand guard. Nerves were setting I guess.

    I hit the cross city tunnel and then the ED both were a breeze, very little traffic then hit the M5 pottering along at 80’ks, the motorway was fun and didn’t mind being overtaken by everything that moved, I found that everybody gave me plenty of room.

    Came off the motorway at the Alpine/Yerrinbol exit and headed off to Kangaroo Valley through the back roads, spent a lot of time trying to extend my line of vision to the vanishing point rather than 10 meters in front of the wheel. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered it but my cornering is much improved thanks to the cornering basics in the new riders section, fought the urge to grab a handful of brake and did the big head turn instead and had much more confidence….thanks for that best bit of info I’ve read so far.

    I gotta say I probably learned more in the ride there and back than I have done since I’ve had the bike – I’d like to do more of these, time permitting, with some experienced riders.

    Just booked the Confidence and Road Riding Skills Course at Hart in MonaVale for the 23rd October if anybody else is doing it?

  2. Sorry to hear you dropped it but glad everything else seemed to go well.

    I did my first freeway ride on my L's on a scooter and was pleasantly surprised when other riders waved and gave encouragment along the way. Finding someone to ride with you is always good too when you are starting out and any course is always a good move too.

    Like you though I find these longer rides give you a good opportunity to improve your skills and I find that I always ride better in my commute after good long ride on the weekend.

    Heres to many more rides to come
  3. I rode the Old Hume on Saturday, and had a blast. Recommend it as an alternate route if you have time, you can then make a decision whether to turn right and go over Appin and head for the National Park, or go left and go through Campbelltown.

    I really wish they wouldn't make L and P platers write/drive at slower speeds on motorways, there should be an exception. It just doesn't seem safe to me.
  4. Thanks Chrome, I'll try that next time. It did feel slow compared to the other traffic, the only time I felt really unsafe was when a couple cars rode on my back wheel but I just slowed down rather than speed up - they seemed to get the message :)
  5. Thanks mate, my commute was much better today, I've got a couple of 90' left handers that I usally struggle with....today no problems:)
  6. Hey tiggerarse,
    I've just PM'd you and have just notice this post. I and a few mates regularly do the Church Point / West Head ride as well as trips up the Old Pacific Hway. Would be pleased if you'd like to join us, so keep watching our thread under the NSW Rides forum.

  7. That's sensational mate. Same thing happened to me, except I did a run up the Old Pac on a Sunday having met my mate at Pennant Hills about 9am. That was sink or swim lol :eek: But it was a :woot:
  8. Nothing like going in at the deepend :) totally agree on sink or swim, perhaps its just me but I learn quicker with a healthy dose of fear :)