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First knee down

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by taymaishu, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Old Pac today and I was a little shocked I got the knee down... Not once but twice.

    Both right handers.

    First touch - started wide, tipped her in while locking onto the exit, knee out, ass off and dropped the shoulders.. Just as I passed the apex and I was driving through felt the bump. Stoked!

    Second touch - after touch one, heading uphill towards Road Warriors. It's a pretty tight long right. Same as before, but got the weight or earlier. Bike felt perfect as it came over and gradually touched the knee with about a 1 second scrape.

    I slowed down and took it easy after that (as I was pumped for touching knee).

    One thing I've learnt is that getting my head outside the mirror and level with it means it's going to happen if the angle is right. It wasn't my sole aim - more a side effect of really going for good lines and throttle control.

    Anyway, I was pretty happy it happened, but not something I'll be seeking. If it happens it happens.
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  2. Well done mate. Hasn't happened to me yet.
  3. Good work, I bet you couldn't stop grinning after that. My first time was on old road too.

    People like to talk down the whole knee down thing in motorcycling as unimportant and silly. But to a young guy (and many old guys) on a sports bike it's the holey grail.

    I don't do much road riding anymore but on the track it's kneedown on basically every corner, It's still exhilarating even after years of doing it.
  4. Hey there. Well done.
    Was up and down that road myself yesterday with a few mates.
    Had much fun but am not planning on putting any parts of my body near the road surface any time soon
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  5. Pencil in a run on the old road soon, Tay (after double demerits is over).
  6. Had my helmet cam on (and mic in the helmet) for both touches. To say that it's a humourous recount of my first proper knee down is an understatement. I'm so glad I had it on - you lose count of the "fcuk yeah's!" after about 30 seconds.

    And here's the scuff up


    Yep - couldn't wipe the smile off my face! My riding partner gave me a couple of fist bumps, bro-five when we stopped. Still actually can't believe the knee went down already :)

    @fin - Damn, was out from about 1:30pm

    @109er - Definitely need to go for a run when DDs is off. On leave as of this Wednesday!
  7. Good Work!

    still remember my first knee down at the old turn 8 over the hill & under the bridge at EC on my cbr250rr.....i actually slowed right down & starting yelling WOOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! in my helmet!
  8. Good work! Don't plan on ever being that skilled... I'm just chuffed I can double the advisory signs [if not more].

    Always good to see/hear people progressing! & again, well done.