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First Iron Butt ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by helina handbasket, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Four of us finished a saddle sore ride on sunday 2:10 am
    was a great experience.. 1651 k's

  2. Did you just do laps of a carpark? Give us some details to we can whince along with you :)
  3. Now that is a decent distance.
  4. We left Todd road 5 am sat morning headed for arraratt,
    then stopping at halls gap for breaky..

    From there we headed to portland for fuel a quick visit through mt gambier, bordertown
    then up to ouyen , boort , echuca, shepperton , eurora , seymour then
    back to todd road

    Putting a full ride report together now
  5. RESPECT! that's a lot of k's

  6. Is it possible to do over 1000kms of twisties?
  7. I am interested in doing one of these rides in the future. :D
  8. the hotham ride is just over 1000km round trip from melb, and that is about 70% twisties. only straight parts are between whitfield and bright, then taralgon to melb.

    was very sore after doing that last december.
  9. wow I'm interested in LONG rides (melb - brisbane in 4 days my record) I have gone banana once and rode a CT110 for 12 hours... with stops... I made 550Km

    But if any one is orgonising an official iron but ride I'll love to come allong...
  10. Was thinking of doing something similar. Did a ride in the cage a few Easters back. Had to go up country for a couple of things. Went from Narre Warren S.E Fwy to city, Western Ring Road to turn off for Macedon and Woodend. From Woodend through Castelmain to Maryborough. Maryborough to Donolly, Donolly back to Maryborough to Ararat. Ararat to Wilhura. Wilhura to Ararat, Ballarat and then Hume Hwy home. Think it was over 1000km. Had to visit people in Donolly and Wilhura thats why had to double back through Maryborough and Ararat.
  11. Well after the success of this iron butt some of the more adventurous are thinking coast to coast Adelaide to Darwin
  12. Now there's a challenge.
  13. (actually it was bordertown - pinaroo - ouyen to maximise the time in SA with the 110k limit)

    Report is coming when I get time but bikes were

    BMW R65LS
    Kawasaki KLR650 (who led the ride most of the way)
    Kawasaki 1000
    Honda CB 900

    Interestingly the fuel consumption didn't differ by much between them over the whole trip. Only problem was the lights on a certain Kawasaki 1000 decided not to work & passing switch had to be taped on.

    Actual time was 21 hours & 10 minutes.

    This (hopefully) was an official ride. Report & documentation is going off to the IBA very soon.

  14. Yes it would, it would just depend how twisty the twisties were... I can ride Reefton spur 22km at avg speed of 88kph from end to end, which in theory would mean if I kept that pace up for 12 hours I'd crack 1000km... the only failing in this theory is the last time I attempted multiple laps of Reefton I came home in an ambulance after writing off my bike midway through my 6th consecutive pass.

    My longest 1 day ride was a smidgen under 1200km in 15 hours From Singleton NSW to Melbourne which included the entire length of the Putty Road plus Bells line of Road and a few laps of Mount Panorama for good measure. This was on the last day of a Brisbane trip bringing the total km for 7 days to over 4300 which included one rest day in Brisbane.
  15. Go to NZ (2 laps of Tassie will do as well) or multiply the 1000km by 20 and make it REAL twisties all day long/ every day for the European Alps. :D :D
  16. Some of the best twisties in Victoria are between Traralgon and Melbourne.

  17. 1600 k's of twisties would be hard to keep up a good average speed,
    and flogging it on the straights just means more fuel stops.
  18. wow thats pretty extreme :D dont know if I'd be up for that many hours :p
  19. I've never done 1000 miles in a day on the bike but I've done a 1000 mile day in my car.. couldn't be easier as routes go... Norseman WA to Port Augusta SA. about 1650km in 15hrs 45mins... easy when you're just sitting there steering. A cruise control would have been nice and it'd probably have been quicker if I'd been driving something a bit more economical than a V8 (fewer stops for fuel) and slower than the V8 (fewer stops for tickets). I was physically wrecked at the end of that trip and the next day I could barely sit in the car... don't know how I'd manage it on a bike, especially the ZX12R I'm riding now... but I'm sure I'll give it a go.

    TonyE et al, is there any particular reason why you chose the route you did? Maximising the 110kph limits in SA but not maximising those closer to Melbourne? Not going so far west but instead going further north... say a loop from Melbourne - Horsham - Mildura - Hay - Deniliquin - Albury - Melbourne falls just short of 1600km and contains about 800mk of roads with posted 110kph limits compared to about 400km on the route you took... and also fewer small towns along the way and therefore fewer places where it is necessary to slow down.

    What particular preparations did you take before the ride and how did you all pull up the next day ?