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First Interaction with VicPol

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jem, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. #1 Jem, Jul 4, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2013
    My first interaction with VicPol on the bike happened on Monday afternoon.
    See here - http://goo.gl/maps/bfneC
    I head down Albert Street and do the slight dog leg into Victoria Grove so I can then go right at Rathmines Road and then straight across Bourke Road at right angles to the tram tracks.
    Now I will happily admit Victoria Grove does have a build out and a no entry sign but it is a two way street. and going home this way is the exact opposite of the way I come into work. The reason I do it is so that on the way home I do not have to turn right into Canterbury from Bourke which is across the tram tracks without a turning arrow. In other words I am taking the safest route for me.
    Anyway a VicPol car must have been in Victoria Road and seen me do it and chased me into Victoria Grove and hit the lights and Siren at the end while I was waiting to turn right.
    So I pull over after the turn, get off, gloves and helmet off and stand there. Two female officers in car, Driver gets out with breath test unit and says you did the wrong thing can I have your licence please. I explain that I do it for my own safety and explain above which is meet with you cannot do it mate. Goes of and does the licence check and comes back and says you will get a fine in the mail.
    Fair call I did the wrong thing but it was just the I could not care that you were doing it to stay safer attitude that got to me. She was not even interested in that - I was getting a ticket no matter what so I just shut up so as not to make it worse.
    Got the notice last night in the mail, Failure to obey a No Entry Sign and a fine of $289.00 and wait for it 3 points !!
    Obviously I had no idea about how many kittens would be killed by doing this at under 10kph at 3.30 in the afternoon.
    Guess what got to me the most was it was the perfect opportunity for some sensible policing; eg have a discussion with me, talk about staying safe, discussed alternative routes etc. But none of that was going to happen from the start it was always going to be you are on a bike you are getting a ticket.
    Guess I should feel luck been doing the same thing every day for the last 16 months so guess my number was going to come up sooner or later.
    Now to find another way home, next street is no good as the bluestone at the intersection is all lose....
    Vent over.................
    Cheers Jeremy

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  2. I wonder what would have happened if you turned the bike off and pushed...
  3. You know I though about that as well........
  4. I dunno it seems pretty cut and dried to me, You ignored a road sign and when caught stated that you ignored the road sign.

    $300 and 3 points please, what did you expect?
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  5. Hi,
    That is not what I am having a vent about, happy to admit that I did the wrong thing. What I was having a vent about was the absolute I do not care that you did a very low risk manouver in the middle of the afternoon at less than 10 kph to stay safe you are just going to get a ticket.
    Have a good look at the map and Street view of the interesction, it is suburbia not the city were it might make sense. In the 16 months I have been doing this I have never meet a car coming the other way at the entrence to Victoria Grove.
    Fine I have no issue with, 3 points that does seem a bit over the top
  6. I took a look at it before I posted. From the looks of it the no entry is specifically there to stop people rat running down a small residential street. To be honest the "stay safe" bit rings a little hollow when you are breaking 2 laws just to do it.
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  7. The days of discretionary policing are over I'm sorry to say. The philosophy is now zero tolerance in pretty much everything. You get the occasional older plod who will make their own call but most of the younger ones are well trained to stick to the book. Big penalties for them if they don't.
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  8. Sucks you got a fine. They hear excuses all day every day though. You would get switched off to them pretty quickly.
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  9. Were they hot?

    And why let us know the gender of the officer?
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  10. So you broke the law to save yourself some time (among other reasons) and got a fine for it?

    Pretty cut & dried to me
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  11. You are on the path to enlightenment. Here's a tip: road safety has nothing to do with being safe & everything to do with compliance.
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  12. why not?
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  13. This
  14. Ever started a thread and wished you hadn't?

    Obviously I did not express myself very well in the OP.

    I was not saying that I should not have got the fine.

    Titus and MV got the point, I was trying to discuss the fact that there was no discussion about safety; mine or other road users just here is the fine.

    Carry on.
  15. Why would there need to be?

    The council (or who ever decides these thing in Australia)has decided that it needs to block a rat run. You decided to use it, you got caught you got booked, you got fined it's really not rocket science.

    To be honest "I decided to break the law because I'm not confident enough to turn right over a tram track" was only ever going to make it worse.
  16. I'm conflicted over this.

    On one hand what you did was very low risk and in the 'who cares' category.

    On the other hand you knowingly broke the law and are having a whinge about being caught.

    My conflict is that I don't know whether to applaud you, or tell you to harden the fcuk up princess.
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  17. If everyone did was they considered "safer for themselves" there would be dead bodies littered all over the freeways. I know this, because I would be the one making them.

    Therefore your own personal interests are of little value in the big picture.
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  18. I think we all get it Jem. Its just that you're the only one that seems surprised by it.
  19. Fair call Mick
  20. Why demerit points though, understandably if you're riding/driving recklessly or doing something that can endanger others, but turning into a 2way street ? Fine for not obeying a sign, sure.. but 3demerits seems harsh ? (I don't know much about how demerit points work, :\ )