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First intentional wheelie...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr Messy, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. (adding this bit since i realised after all that i hadnt :p: I ride a 2009 Triumph Sprint ST 1050)

    Ok, so i just got my bike back today, uprated springs and valves, all tuned up (129hp, 83ftlb), got the 18 tooth sprocket on the front (down from 19), the corbin seat on... and went for a ride.
    What a mind blast compared to what it was before. The bike itself is slightly lower to the ground, then my position is set lower again by the corbin seat, all told making the handling far more responsive if a bit of a curve to learn after not being quite so squished - wasnt expecting them to lower the bike...

    Then... i decided what the hell and just gunned it off the line. Holy crap the front came up easy :busting:, didnt even have to clutch it up. I would need to clutch it to get the wheel high enough to hold it up on balance, but for a first try, it felt like i was 90 degrees to the ground hahaha. Im sure it was only ~30cm, but the ease of it now... and what fun :D. Scared me a few times when powering out of a corner - the front wanted to lift which made the front skip a little. Wasnt just the bike skipping a beat... Now to really learn throttle control...

    Suffice to say im happy with the mods ive made to the bike, only a couple aesthetic ones to do now and ill post up some pics when shes finished ;).

    Ill be splitting on the rear wheel in no time... :angel: in the t-shirt, shorts and thongs i was wearing today while riding.
    Pretty sure ill lose points before long, just a gentle squirt off the line and im doing 80 in a couple seconds...

    And... at risk of turning this into a nodding thread, hence attempting to hide this but still having to share the occassion... i was nodded at for the first time in the ~8 months ive lived here today. I didnt nod back though [-( disgusted it took so long.
  2. Time to invest in a bulk supply of rear tires?
  3. Already thought about it hehe.
    Can get three pilot road 2 rear tyres for the price of two.. :).
  4. Wont somebody please think of the kittens!!!!

    Sounds like you had fun though ;) nice!
  5. Loved the bit about the nodding :)

    Your thread reminds me of when I picked up my first big bike, a 2001 CBR 929RR. Had a blast on that thing!
  6. F*cking hoon! ;)

    Sprint ST right? I only had a quick little wheelie on the one I hired in NZ (which I must write up one day...), but it was bloody easy. Very nice bike too.
  7. Is this a nodding thread?

    Enjoy it while it lasts, your licence that is.
  8. Not sure what bike you ride, but someone mentioned Sprint ST.
    How much lower is the seat compared to the original? I wouldn't mind being a little closer to the ground on mine, just for general maneuvering purposes.
  9. Yeah mate '09 Sprint ST.
    I couldnt say exactly, the corbin seat lowered it an inch, maybe two. The suspension id have to say about the same. The seat itself is less comfortable than the original material wise, but a far far better shape - and much better for mrs messy too. Decided against a sheepskin cover for it, and think ill get an airhawk for under the butt for longer rides...

    edit: One issue discovered with the corbin seat after a longer ride yesterday is where the stock seats sits against the tank, the corbin leaves a small gap, and lots of hot air comes up to cook your gonads. Will be making something out of high temp foam to sit in there before a longer ride again ;).
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  10. Well done mate. :)

    Watch that power wind up out of corners. Just hold off full monte till you're a little more vertical. :) (if you forget you will cop a bit of a tank slapped. Nothing knew I'm sure, just easier to generate a stronger one)
  11. Good stuff have fun.