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QLD First Insurance Claim on a Bike - Advice Please

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mikedsilva, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. so my bike had a topple over...
    Im insured through Shannons and so far I have to take it to a repairer for an assessment... it is still rideable.

    My question is what happens to the old bits?
    I'd like to keep the old bits if possible.. do they get sent back to Shannon's?

    Does the repairer get to keep the old bits?

    My Ducati has a a termi muffler on each side.. one was damaged, and the shop tells me they cannot just buy 1 muffler.. they have to buy the Termi kit which is 2 mufflers and a Ecu... so if I can keep all the old bits, I'd like to keep them.

    Any advice?

  2. Yes.

    Ring Shannons ](*,)

  3. I would say that you get the new bits. Shannons or the repairer get the old bits. Why should you benefit?
  4. Just ask your repair shop.

    I asked mine, and they said I could keep the old bits.

    Useless fact #7821 - The cost of 1 OEM muffler on a 696 is the same as a full termi kit ( 2 pipes, ecu and air filter ).
  5. Depends how nice the insurer/repair shop is feeling.

    Technically, it's the insurers property and they can take it if they want. But, if it's just 1 muffler, they will probably let you keep it if you ask nicely :)
  6. You can keep the old bits.
  7. Shannon's assure me I can keep the old bits... bike shop says same.
    I've had some pretty good contact with Shannon's so far.
  8. That's lucky. Like FAT boy said, the old bits are technically property of Shannons. Good that you checked with them first. They bike shop may have responded differently if you would have asked them first.

    Make sure you'll let her drop on the other side first next time. :)