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First in Oz: K1600GT

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Heli, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. I certainly lucked out today: picked up my Grey Owl, the new K1600GT, a month earlier than scheduled :biker:

    Awesome machine, phenomenal electronics: it took nearly an hour to sort out the Bluetooth through the bike, the GPS, the radio, the helmet, etc etc. But soooo worth it, I'm quite chuffed (y)



  2. very nice!
  3. congrats on the new ride, one modern piece of motoring there..
    I am sure you'll be smiling for a long time to come :)
  4. Not exactly my kind of bike, but still - it has a certain something. All that technology. So much comfort and versatility. The 2 wheeled equivalent of a 60ft personal yacht. Stylish, long range and transcontinental, yet ... old. Tell you what - I'd have paid extra for the corner following headlights on the ZX14. That's a fantastic idea.

    May it bring you much joy for many years to come. Nice piece of machinery. As a bloke who in the last 6 months has picked up only the 2nd brand spanking new bike in his life, I can relate. It is a particular, special kind of pleasure, more special because it's not something you do every day.
  5. Awesome! If I was hunting for a tourer, this would be me.
  6. Nice. Review it when you get some ks in please.
  7. wow one sharp looking bike
  8. wicked nice! congrats!!!
  9. AWESOME bike, Heli! Congrats on the purchase.

    You've got 2 BMW bikes now, isnt it? :D
  10. I'd love one of these sitting in my garage!
  11. akaluke, you already got 2! Well, I guess 3 is a good number! :D

  12. I reckon I could fit 8.
  13. hehe..I guess could too.

    Currently own a Yamaha V-Star 650 and the fill-my-garage wish list is as below -

    Ducati Monster 659
    Triumph Speedmaster
    Triumph Bonneville T100
    Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500
    Yamaha R1
    BMW (I guess any bike will do)
    Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

    So there you go - a grand total of 8 bikes (including my existing Yamaha XVS650A)
  14. This needs a new thread - "Fill your garage with 8 bikes" :)
  15. Hey, neat idea. I'll do the honors. :) No need to hijack this thread!

    Sorry mods!
  16. Well, where to start! The bike is a Bluetooth hub, so just the setting up (BMW GPS, BMW helmet & BT) took a good hour, tuning radio channels, trying to get the iPod to work. Nope, need a 'special' BMW USB cable, that's for another day ;)

    Start off in "rain" mode, which degrades the electronic throttle, enhances traction control and generally makes it a bit easier to handle. It might weigh 330kg, but 160 horses and a barrow full of torque certainly make it get up and go, even in Rain. Very responsive cornering, the ride position and handling is more like an RT than K-GT so it will flick into turns rapidly. Seating position is very comfortable, which is just as well 'cos the acceleration will push you back in the seat, far more than my K1200GT does. Turbine like engine, and sound.....I watched the session on the old E-Type on Top Gear last night, very similar 6 cylinder howl. Lovely :)

    Lots of farkles to play with, thumbwheel mouse to change settings as you ride so up to Road, then Dynamic with Sports suspension and off down Konnedegarra Road. Too hard a suspension setting over the crappy road surface, back off to Road and Normal suspension, much betterer. Dynamic takes out all the electronic protection so it really gets up and goes, within the limits of running in of course. Only 5,000rpm but lots of throttle on/off to help bed in the bores.

    Slightly surreal having Bluetooth stereo through to my helmet while riding, but heaps better than sticking iPod plugs in your ears. Next off will be a night ride to check out the active lights and see if they are as good as the advertising claims. I rather like this bike..... :beer:
  17. 'gratz on the new bike Heli. Mmmmm :) new bike smell. lol