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First Impressions...Testride Guzzi Breva 750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. After the first 2 hrs on the Breva 750, the grin was cemented.
    What a great bike, Aprilia had put it's stamp on it, without loosing the "Guzzi" part of it.
    The long-throw gearlever was a bit annoying but changes were smooth,
    quick and light (unlike the old Guzzi trait of "ramming-it-home
    and THEN some").
    Nice torquey motor, easy to ride, not too light in the front end
    (feels safe, unlike some sporties or the Cagiva Raptor).
    Pulls well from even below 2000rpm, no hiccups, no surge on the
    throttle (therefore a well-sorted EFI-system), good brakes (Brembos on OEM braided lines, nice).
    Shaft reactions are minimal. Very flickable through the bends, a tad
    less rake in the front would make it even quicker from side to side
    without sacrificing stability. No noticable flex in the (steel-tube) chassis
    through rough, tight bends, no trampling or sidestepping, very well
    mannered and sorted.
    Unlike other pushrod-engines, this one builds steam rapidly and
    turbine-like, it's just smooth, no shaking, rattling, no sharp jerks
    either getting hard on the throttle or off it abruptly...

    Switches are generic Aprilia, most lights as well. Brakes are sweet
    and the braided lines do what they're supposed to, nice feedback.
    The OEM-Bridgestones are doing a good-enough job, would like to try
    something sticker on it, just curious...
    Tyre sizing guarantees quick direction-changes and cheap replacement-
    costs (compared to the 120/180 combos on sporties), they're also
    skinny enough to do a half-decent job on unsealed roads.
    All up?
    Certainly a bike that's easy enough to live with, fairly undemanding
    to ride slow to mid pace and certainly a joy at higher speeds (but
    still easy then), commuting, mid-distance touring, for long-distance
    touring it needs better luggage options, the rear-end doesn't offer
    much there...no hooks for ties, hardly any attachment points for
    luggage racks (unless they're specifically made for the model).

    Weight sitting low in the frame, it's an easy handler by design.

    Another few hours spent with the Breva 6 weeks later confirmed all
    the above opinions (and that's all they are). It also showed that
    ridden by a practiced hand (not me), it can easily hang with
    sporties and proved a quickish point-to-point bike, despite it's on-
    paper-lack-of-horsepower. Not fast, but quick from A to B.
    And, most importantly, FUN while at it!!

    Being a bit fixated on dual-purpose bikes for the last few years
    I wouldn't buy a Breva...yet.
    We're having too much fun with our big chookies, but if a naked-bike
    would grace the garage, it'd be the Breva.
    Then again, there's a bit of space in the far left corner, I wonder
    Ah, and it's still a Guzzi, it s h a k e s when you stand at the
    lights, good sound, too. The little bikini-screen is also quite
    effective. Very neatly finished, the red paintjob is a headturner, all other items spell good to excellent quality.

    Great to see Guzzi back with a sort-of-modern bike but still enough of the "old Guzzi" to make it unmistakable.
  2. Just bought a Breva and so far I love it. It looks good, good attention to detail and has plendy of power for what I need it for.

    Most of my riding is done between work and home and the Breva does a great job. My previous bike was a GS500, which on paper has about the same power but the Breva pulls right from the start where the GS didn't do much until 4000rpm.

    I like the shaft drive, no more stuffing arround with a chain for me.

    Solved the luggage issue with a ventura rack and bag.

    Came with Pirelli Sport Demon rubber and not the OEM-Bridgestones. The Pirelli's are doing a good job so far.


  3. Reckon it's one of the most overlooked bikes, a real gem.
    For anyone looking for an EASY bike to ride (no probs for "shorties" either, we dropped the suspension on one/ dropped the forks in the triples ) give it a whirl and get a test-ride, it's bloody worth it.
    Great for those who don't need the Repsol colours and go-fast gear, just ease of handling and fun.
    Congrats to the new bike.