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First Holy SH*T moment

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by live4themoment, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Here i am on my way to do my P's test on a straight road with an 80km limit. I Was sitting in the left lane for the whole time whilst on this road when all of a sudden i hear the loudest screeching carrying on for about 5 seconds.

    When i work out that it is coming from behind me i look back and see a car on the dirt hill on my left hand side sliding totally sideways. It all went into slow motion and i could see the white of the passengers eyes and her face i thought the car was going to roll as it was still carrying speed and going completly side ways.

    I dived down a side street and came back around they had come down from the hill and the car was on the side of the road. The skid marks start in the right hand lane and continue for about 150 meters across the left lane and up the dirt slope then continue side ways for about another 50.

    I pulled over to make sure that they were fine by this time the male had the bonnet up and the engine was a hoons dream. I said are you guys alright what happened. She said that they were going to change lanes and a motorbike had changed lanes in front of them and cut them off but there were no bikes around when it happened apart from me.

    I was in the left hand lane the whole time and their skidmarks start in the right hand lane and go for at least 150 on the road and 50 on the dirt so i would gather from that he either needs new tires or he was going a lot faster then 80km. Enough to shake me up as i looked behind me they would have been only 10 metres behind me. Little bit faster for him or little slower for me and there goes me and bike.

    I think they were just looking for someone to blame for the incident i think the b/f prob made a driving mistake at speed and tried to turn the blame elsewhere. As i didn't consider myself at any fault i just rode off after i saw they were both out of the car and fine. I didn't give details or name or anything like that as to me i had nothing to do with the incident. Was i correct in doing so?

  2. Sounds like he was going way to fast as it takes around 70metres to pull up doing 80km/h.
    Good thinking to get yourself out of harms way, how did your P's test go?
  3. I stuffed

    Its the second time i have gone for it on my Hyosung and i failed at the u turn i put a foot down and went over the line plus put a foot down n cones. I think next time i am going to rent one of theirs as the bikes a smaller and handle bars are a bit higher then the hyo so they don't bang on tank as soon.
  4. Yeah i saw a couple of guys renting the CB's for the test. Itd make it easier and cheaper in the long run.
    You were pretty close anyway, if you hadn't put your foot down again you would've scraped through :wink:
  5. It's fantastic to see that even after this guy almost made metal and man roadpaint out of you, you still went back to see if they were ok.
  6. Re: I stuffed

    Mate, I hate to say it as I dont know you and didnt see you doing your test but if thats why you failed, get some practice in a carpark and when you get good at u turns do it again and again.

    You're not on a big heavy bike and one of theirs will feel totally different. So practice.

    Well done on checking on the d!ckhead.

    Good luck next time. I really mean it.
  7. Is this some kind of average? :shock: Most cars nowadays can do a lot better than that and performance cars are way better. I'm talking 40 meters from 100kmh.
  8. Re: I stuffed

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    ...But i shwear dat dis bloke on a bike came-a outta no-where babes, and, like, fully cut me off. Youse is jusht lucky dat i got the hektic driving skills, babes, or we would have bin farked... Bloody shkippy motorbike riders, shwear to god, mate...


    You see so many hotted up cars, and the first thing i look at when checking out a car is the tyres and brakes; if theyre a serious driver, they will have good tyres and big brakes. Whats the point of having so many ponies under the hood, if all they do is spin the crappy secondhand "stockies" on the back?
  10. Indeed - where are you getting your figures, wedge? Have a look at this for a quick idea on stopping distances: http://www.nrma.com.au/pub/nrma/motor/car-research/stop_distance.shtml

    Plenty more of those around if you Google.
  11. It sounds like they locked up and didn't lift their foot off... If that's the case, those stopping distances mean nothing, a car can slide forever when it's burning rubber.

    Something I learnt at an advanced driving course though, sliding sideways _can_ stop you faster than sliding locked-up in a straight line. Though with non-ABS cars, smartest thing is to ease off and re-apply.

    Grass or gravel and it'd be all different. Dunno bout that.
  12. another part of the story

    Another part of the story i loved was the fact that there was a car in the lane next to me about 10 meters back. Yet somehow if they say i was the biker that cut them off the car in front of them who was just behind me in the other lane managed to not skid and managed to keep driving in a straight path.

    And so much so that the other car was still driving at normal speed as he overtook me and kept on driving.

    Yet the g/f still said that somehow a mystery bike cut them off in the right hand lane. Why is it that people these days look for others to blame? I know it is to get them selves out of trouble. But i have always thought u may as well be honest from the start as if things get investigated the truth is always going to come out.

    A rookie detective could tell from the skid mark pattern and the distance they were going way to fast.
  13. Ktulu is giving-

    5:1 odds it was a VL/VK Commodore

    6:1 old Gemini

    8:1 Pulsar Q/ 88 Corolla Twin Cam

    Place your bets people!
  14. What a crock of shit, why would the bonnet be up if someone cut him off.

    Is he checking that his K&N filter was Ok and his chrome rocker covers were still shiny?

    A sports bike will make the U turn. I would suggest you mark it out in a safe area and practice it. Lean off to the left and sort of push the bike down and into the corner, constant throttle and clutch, drag your rear brake and turn your head right around, dont look down.
  15. What are you giving on S15's? I stay away from them whenever I see them.
  16. Will give u

    I will give you a hot tip the brand of car is listed in the list above.

    I think he had the bonnet up when i went back around prob for that reason. The incline he went up was just dirt and rocks no grass in that section and there was a lot of dust as i was riding away after it originally happened the amount of dirt and dust covered both lanes of road.

    When he kicked the engine over once i had done a lap back thrut he back street and around a heap of dust and dirt just puffed up into the air. And yes the engine was shiny it was a chrome overload.
  17. nice effort, dude.
    a good effort ramming those punk cagers off the road, but next time finish them off for good.
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    yeah bro, dose blady shkippy bikers bro, dey got nutin on my skyline turbo bro. i swear to god bro, im like the maddest driver, and dese redneck yobbos bro on dere bikes cant touch me bro.