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First Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by richmond rider, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. Well today I went down to Peter Stevens in the city to get a helmet and gloves.
    I wanted something in price range of 300-700,
    I ended up gettin the agv T2 helmet for 550.
    I tried it on for about 10mins, and it's a light helmet i think comparing to others i tried on.
    Basically came with the carry bag,race peel off covers, and books.
    Ventalation through the chin, top of head, and out through back.
    Took it for a spin on my cousins old cb250 and it was great, and pretty quiet though I only hit speeds of around 50-60, because its wet and I aint that confident.
    Overall I think its a good comfortable helmet in the medium price range :)

    *sorry didnt see product reviews section, might want to move this there.

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  2. A work mate bought a new 250 ninja and all his gear thru peter stevens earlier this year and they had also sold him the same helmet. I think when new riders go in there they seem to flog that particular agv colour, model helmet to them.

    It looks like a nice helmet.
  3. After i tried on the shoei's, he said to try on the agv's. told me it was on sale, and said that this was the way to go.
    so he sorta did, duno why
  4. I have spent a bit of money at PS over the last few years, both on bikes, jetskis and gear.

    I suspect that what they promote might sometimes be based on whatever they get special incentives or better sales commission on. Could be wrong. Just sayin.

    But overall I believe the guys do try to look after customers to the best of their ability - they provide very sound advice and I don't think they would ever let a customer leave the store with gear that was unsuitable for their needs.

  5. But more importantly RR ~ nice helmet! Glad to hear you're happy with it.


  6. hmmm, normally for gear, I wouldn't use stevo's. I'd rather take my money to a smaller outfit who might benefit from the custom more. Then again I tend to buy a lot of gear in rural places on the way through.
  7. Hey Thera, I know what you mean. I am all for supporting the smaller outfits that keep the playing field level, and provide good personalised customer service.

  8. I have bought clothes and gear from upstairs at ps and the guys there do seem to be helpful as opposed to the bike sales staff downstairs who are appalling but there seems to be a pattern forming for learner/new riders who get geared up upstairs are always led to the same particular products whether they are over stocked and trying to get rid of them or for profit margin or whatever...

    If you know your stuff they leave you alone but if you don't then they always lead you to particular products.
  9. this is true ResmeN,
    as I was walking downstairs leaving with my helmet I see 3 sales staff trying to see if they could fit on a bike. it was funny, but didnt look to professional
  10. good helmets, good choice, good colour.
    smart kid