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first group ride, omfg!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vtr_rida, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Finally went on my first group ride friday night wiv some guys from salisbury. omg was it bloody awesome!! bout 15 of us started at Glenelg and traveled criss-cross back towards the city in a cluster of loud noise, attention following our every move :) I was pretty much the only guy wid a naked, most of the guys had GSXRs and Kwaka ZXRs, thou we got a clinger lowrider. One thing i'v realised thou is that it is vry vry addictive and i already HAVE to go on more. Soooo many drags and wheelies :grin: :grin: :grin: fkn LUV it. Would go on the BACA ride but have only had my bike a few weeks so i reckon i'm prob better off stickin to level 2 unless i know the roads. Don't wanna get left behind by the litre+ beasts, let alone the 600s which are still bloody fast compared to my 2fiddy.

  2. oh but at least you have fuel economy :grin: wait til you step up if you get a litre twin love it to bits but thirsty isnt the word for it
  3. Your bike is better on fuel then mine! stop complaining! :p :p
  4. yeah but i havent ridden mine flat out :p yet :twisted:
  5. Yeah but mine is a 250! :facepalm:
  6. hmmm why are you back on a 250?

    sorry bout the hijack vtr
  7. lol yea kinda OT but hey you guys can knock yourselves out talkin bout fuel efficiency if you wanna.. :?
  8. 250's can keep up with the bigger bikes in corners you've jsut gotta know what your doing, Glad you having fun out there. You should hear 27 1000cc bikes all with half of them on aftermarket pipes...=P~ =P~ =P~
  9. i was out that night and bloody hell, shit loads of bikes.
    started at BP west tce and then 20 bikes rocked up so my friends and i went to the bay. 5 mins later the same guys rocked up. we decided to go back to the city for abit and headed home coz of too many popo around.
    btw im on a 250 too
  10. Why didnt i hear about this ride?!? Ive been riding 18months or so now and i still havent been on a group ride! :(
  11. I guess keeping in touch with some people would help on your first group ride! :)
  12. *cough* charms!! get your license and come on a group ride!!! :LOL:
  13. Yeh but on the night keeping up was about taking off hard enough at the lights to get throught the next set before they turned red.. coz it wasn't in the hills, just main roads and suburban areas. And yer, the sound of 27 bikes would be the shite :grin:
  14. :LOL: Soon soon paciance my friend :p lol i asked my mum i wanna sell the car for a bike she was like What No Your Not!! :evil: :roll: :LOL: :wink: Mum's hahaha
  15. hehehehe - also, welcome to the little group called the ES Riders! hope to see you riding with us soon :)
  16. hahahaha yeah group rides rock *cough* dont rely on cruiser riders like DUK tho :p :p

    charms... keep your car and sell it a month after you get your bike.. that way you cant say you sold your car FOR your bike... more to pay off your bike :cool: and HURRY UP!! lol
  17. should come out with me owen, if your still down eh road at the pub ill call in one day and have a chat

    im out every wednesday night with a big group of riders, check the SA coffee thread.
  18. Arrgggh wish i could come on wed arvo/night rides they sound awesome! I've got a late Tafe lesson that my stupid lecturer dude won't let me get out of (btw i'm at uni, but defering for a yr for the Tafe - smarter than ur average :LOL:). An it's fkn math i should've got credit for. omfg so bloody frustrating :mad: Will have to bite the bullet and miss a few here and there i think :p
  19. VTR rdr its well worth it.

    group rides have advanced my riding skills so much in the last few months..

    i only got my Ls in September.. full license well R-Date 31st of January.

    but i scraped my foot pegs last week for the first time!

    and i wouldn't be ridings o confidently if it wasn't for the group rides!
  20. yeah I'll second that - after riding Duffman and Loth, my confidence on the road has sky rocketed. but then again what do u expect..... duffman is a crazy mofo on the road - my friend and I who ride cruisers were riding our XV250's as if they were VTR's.... lol... had to keep up somehow!!!

    Duff - did you know that when Damus and I went back to the garage - our Motors were radiating so much heat we could cook scrambled egg's ready to feed a party of twenty!!!

    I dunno about Damus but I was Redlining my Virago on every gear.... no respect for my engine that night lol