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First Gear!!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    I went browsing today to eye off and try on the gear i'll be purchasing as soon i've done my riding course. After a bit of a shop around and trying on a few things the list of gear i'm set of purchasing is as follows:

    Jacket: Motodry Duo (black) - $299 (found this very comfortable to wear in all positions)

    Dainese back protector insert for motodry jacket - $99 (to upgrade the existing back protector in the jacket)

    Pants: Motodry Duo (with knee armour) -$199 (found this very comfortable to wear in all positions)

    Helmet: KBC VR-1 (black) - $299 (most comfortable helmet so far for me)

    Gloves: RJays ??? - $59.95 (sorry i forgot to check the model name as i only did a very quick glove shop) They are an all weather pair with suede on the inside of the fingers.

    Boots: RJays H20 boot???

    Total= $955.95 (without boots)

    I haven't shopped for boots yet really so these are just a first guess. I like the fact the are 100% waterproof AND 100% breathable. I don't like having wet feet as they'll get really cold.

    What is everyone's opinion on this gear?? 8)
  2. I'd reckon you've done well. Sounds like good value to me. Probably be good to consider a winter weight pair of gloves and a summer weight (not that it gets too cold here, but it can help)
  3. Good to see the back protector on your list, I've got a Dainese one as well and although I've never tested it out just knowing it's there is worth a lot to me :)
  4. Great to see you've got the right idea and getting some good quality gear! :D

    My only piece of advice is this. There's little point in being protected in an accident that could have been avoided. Is black a smart choice????
    Other colours on your helmet and jacket will help to make you far more visible to other road users, especially when riding at night.

    You're already hard to see due to being on a bike, and if it's a little 250 then harder to see again. "Sorry I didn't see you" doesn't make it all better when some idiot runs into you, and won't cover the cost of new gear either.

    You don't need bright flouros but some contrast is ideal. All my gear is black and blue. Still looks trendy but more importantly, it doesn't look like the road. :) :)
  5. great to see youre splashing out on the gear before the bike... respec
  6. Good point re black Seany, but I have the black MotoDry Duo, and it has very reflective tapes around the seam across the back and sleeves.

    Very visible at night, and black is a great colour for standing out during the day. As for the Black helmet, agreed, I have a black and white which is just too much like camoflage for shadows, I've risked putting a reflective sticker on the back of it.

    That's a good list N1GH7-R1D3R,

    Only (slight, being real picky :wink:) issue I have with the Duo jacket is that the supposed vents you can unzip front and back don't do much, but it's not that hot to wear in summer anyway once you remove the zipped in cold weather liner. (at least in Tas :? )

    Good idea for the gloves is to get some thin cotton, or merino wool, "liner gloves" to keep out the cold, they are also easily washed, and keep the sweat out of the leather (oooo smelly)

    Good job, don't forget to ask for a netrider discount :LOL:

  7. I have a Korean Bonce Cover in black as well. Good helmet for the price.
  8. The new motodry range are horn!!..nice choice :wink:
  9. Glad to see, somebody with enough common sense to consider the total cost of manning up on your first ride...... sick of the slugs who go out and spend money on bling bikes, and then spend zip/nada on the right gear. :applause: :applause: :applause:

    apparently there is a survey being conducted in america to study the safety aspects of the Corona singlet and 3/4 length boards..
  10. Well done, good to see you have your safety in high priority. It soon adds up when you look at the price of things in this list. Glad I didn't do this list otherwise I would have fallen over.
  11. Reflective tapes a great addition. I do still think something like blue, red , yellow or green will stand out better than pain black. The trick is to have more than one colour so use it with black as I do or another colour as you see fit. Even in daytime a dark single colour will always prove harder to see against a backdrop of tarmack. Afterall, no-ones looking for you so get in their face a bit visually speaking.

    I'd hate tho think of the numer of black or dark grey cars I've nearly cleaned up because I didn't even see them. :shock:
  12. I really don't think you can rely on anyone to see you under any circumstances, no matter what you're wearing.

    You could go around lit up like a Christmas tree, and they still wouldn't see you. :evil: :roll: :evil:
  13. Can't beat yellow for standing out!!! Some of the more recent bikes even look good in yellow.

    Next stackhat will be yellow or similarly bright "look at moi, look at moi!" colour. Jacket won't be replaced for a while (unless I prang), seriously thinking about adding more reflective stuff tho.

    There was a survey once that showed grey/silver cars were more likely to be hit, and red cars more likely to do the hitting! (we all know red cars go faster)

    Mental note.. if I can ever afford a Trumpy Sprint, buy the blue one, not silver 8) or buy a yellow speed triple instead.

  14. Gromit, If we relied on everyone else to see us, we'd all be dead by now. All I'm saying is that a better chance of avoiding a collision with 2 tons of metal is preferable to a lesser chance of avoiding it. If it costs the same why not? I don't ask car dealers if I can have it for less if they take out the seatbelts.
  15. Now that you know what you want & one set of prices time to to shop around for a deal ask for a discount if paying cash & don't be afraid to go back & say you got a better deal!
  16. Again , unless it's a fluro colour they wont see you in the dark . Pretty colours dont do sh*t at night. I wear black and have for 18 years without a problem . Ride where you can been seen . Sh*t my bikes black to .
  17. I wasn't seriously disagreeing with you - just noting the wilful blindness of a lot of road users! :)

    Although I'm not sure if there's a colour combo that's effective in all (or even most) lighting conditions.
  18. Gromit, I know what you were saying about other road users and I agree with you.

    Midnight, I also see where you're comming from, and yes any colour will be pointless at nighttime. Reflective tape is great for that purpose.

    I'm not saying that people shouldn't wear all black if they want to. That's fine. The question was asked in the first post as to what people thought about the choice of riding gear for a new rider. I gave an honest oppinion that the gear was good and suggested that some colour may improve safety. New riders are rarely great at choosing road positions or reading other traffic straight away.

    If I hadn't mentioned the idea of colour and later read a post to say he'd been cleaned up by a smidsy I'd feel like I failed because I thought about it and said nothing.

    The truth is I don't care what people wear on their bike (within reason, ie not a tank top even if it is corona) as long as it's an informed choice. If I'm asked for advice then I'll give it based on how I see it. My advice has nothing to do with personal taste, it's just the best advice I could give to a new rider with a genuine question and concern for personal safety.
  19. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm glad you all agree that the gear i'm getting is good otherwise i'd feel like a twit if i bought it then everyone said "why did you get that sh!t?".

    Seany: I understand 100% on what your saying. Considering the fact that the bike i'm likely getting is also black then it'd be wise to break the colours up. I think what i'll do is splash out the Extra $50 and get the KBC VR-1 with the graphics on it as opposed to the Plain Black.

    Thanks for all your feedback and advice guys!!! Now it's time to go book the course!!!!!!!!