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First Gear Shopping Tomorrow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by WheelsLegman, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Okay so Ive been reading through old threads first but Id like to get a few concise opinions/answers re. gear. Im going to AMX Bayswater because it sounds like they are the cheapest and have a good range, or should I be going to Bikemart in Ringwood? Im a uni student my budget is 1k but pref under. I did go to PS in the city and the guy said if im getting a package I can work with about %15 off the retail. Would AMX still be cheaper?

    Going to be riding bike in area where traffic limit is like 60k max for most of the time, 10ks distance from my house max.

    Leather or textile pants and jacket? Apparently leather is the most abrasion resistant but not waterproof. If it gets wet is that bad for it? I mean isn't it better to have more abrasion resistance than water proof-ness? Most of the time its not raining. How comfy are these pants? Im going to be riding daily and I cant afford to by a different pair of leather paints for every day of the week. Do most of you have something you wear then just get changed out of it at uni or work?

    Helmet- I would like the style that is the motocross looking one with a visor on it (ive bought a KLX 25SF so looks better). Research shows that the Shoei Hornet DS has an good safety rating but it cost around $500. Is there a good brand you know of? Brands I should steer clear of? I think im prepared to pay $300 for a helmet.(http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadsafety/downloads/safer_motorcycle_helmets.pdf)

  2. for gear I reckon check whos selling what on this site first, you will get something maybe cheaper but better then in shop, helmet always buy new.
  3. Leather offers the best protection, yes. A set of waterproof over pants and jacket (which are relatively cheap) will help keep you dry.

    Good quality textile stuff is pretty damn good, but not all textile stuff is waterproof. If it's waterproof, and doesn't breathe, then you will sweat if it's a warm day.

    Personally, I just wear my work clothes for the daily commute (although in winter I wear a textile jacket and motorcycle boots for warmth).

    Out on the highways and byways, what I wear is determined by what the weather is like and what I plan to do.

    Some people like the kevlar lined pants. They offer more protection than shorts or thin denim jeans.

    Helmets - forget style and price, think fit and comfort.
  4. For your helmet check out the sharp testing website, it a rating system from the UK and is held in high regard. The cheaper brands usually do quite well on those tests so you just need to research what is in your price range and has a safety rating you're comfortable with. (I recommend the sharp site because it has more helmets than the rta pamphlet.)

    Regarding pants I would recommend staying away from leather if your going to be sitting in lecture theatres or in rooms all day. It's just too uncomfortable and gets too hot. A good pair of Kevlar reinforced jeans might be the go for you. (I just got some from RHOK for the purpose of going to uni and even though I've only had them 2 days I can say they're much easier to sit in for long periods of time over my leather pants.) You might also want a pair of knee guards that go over the jeans (they're built into the RHOK ones but they don't do womens pants) they vary from ~$50 (I think) to ~$120 for the most expensive ones at AMX on Keilor park drive. The pants vary in price you just need to look around.
    I can't comment on textile pants as I don't have any.
  5. Takamii on here sells excellent kevlars, as well as gloves, send him a pm..
  6. There are a lot of options you can go for here.

    IMO - to suit your budget, go to one shop and buy bulk as in then you will get the most discount. AMX might do better but worth checking the stock.

    I've got Kevlar jeans which I wear most of the time and carry rain pants with me (ONLY) if the weather forecast predicts so, otherwise they are ok. On casual Fridays, I just wear them like a normal pair of jeans.

    You can do the same for jackets - OR options as below -

    1. Buy leather and carry rain jacket when you ride
    2. Buy waterproof textile jacket and wear it all-year-around. They are all made for winter and summer as well.

    I've a locker at work where I stock a few essentials (socks, work shoes etc) so it's easier for me. I hang the bike gear and change into formals. Leave the work shoes at work. Simple!

    I would also suggest that you invest in thermal wear (as in inner gloves, top & bottoms etc) as it makes riding a lot more comfortable. (The SALE season has just ended but you might get some good deals, otherwise save up and get it during the next sales)

    Same goes for helmets. Lots of options available and you will be able to get a good one within your budget. AGV, HJC, Shark etc are well known brands.
  7. Bike Mart have a range from cheaper to expensive and seem to know their stuff. Explain your budget and ask them to show you some options for the gear you need within that budget. They were really helpful with me and since I bought all my gear together they gave a decent discount on the total. AMX seem good too, I've bought a few bits and pieces from them since, they have some good specials/discounts on some of the jackets and pants for example.
  8. Having said that - Bike Gear Wearhouse are having some good specials at the moment but they are not local.

    SO if you know the sizes, it's worthwhile checking them out as well.

    Goddie - RHOK/Takamii don't do women's Kevlars. :p
  9. Takamii doesn't do girls jeans goddie. He mentioned on another thread that it's too hard to get the sizing and fit that women want.

    At this time of year I'd go a textile jacket and kevlar jeans or textile pants. If you're only travelling short distances you'd get away with the jeans and a pair of overpants for wet weather. I know that Mountain Design had women's goretex overpants for a reasonable price.

    If you can pick up a textile vented jacket that has all the linings in it, then you're good to go in the hot weather as well. You can just take the linings out. I've got the Dririder climate control 2 in the womens and it's been great. I wore it in high thirty degree temps in summer and I've worn it in zero and a bit below (with thermals) in winter. I'm surprised how versatile it's been.

    AMX will always do a good price for you but the stock they carry can be limited. Always worth a look though. Hope that helps a bit.
  10. There's one in Ferntree Gully Lazy. The OP is prepared to go to Bayswater, so FTG isn't that far away.
  11. Thanks that links helpful.

    I was told that Kevlar pants are crap, and they are just normal jeans with Kevlar on areas like knees and such.Mind you a salesperson told me this so he could have just been trying to get me to go a more expensive option. Being a girl I want to protect myself from having skin grafts at least for vanities sake.

    Meags: Yeah that sounds like the best option at the moment. Im hoping they have good stock levels at AMX at the moment because I cant really get out there often, im getting the bf to drive me before he goes to class it seems all the good store are nowhere near public transport...
  12. I recently had a pretty bad spill. However I didn't receive any road rash or major injuries. Just some bruising in the leg, which was because I was wearing regular, non armour, jeans. Stupid I know, the only hole in my gear set. I bought all my textile gear, except helmet, last year from Bikers Gear in Ferntree Gully. I believe someone above has mentioned them. Textile gear isn't as good as leathers in abrasion resistance. Although I find them enough for regular highway speeds. The water proofing is essential when you're going to Uni. A few mates of mine ride in leathers, and on rainy days, they're the guys sitting in the corner dripping from head to toe. It's not fun. Here's the site

    What I paid,

    Textile Jacket=$120
    Leather Racing Gloves=$20
    Textile pants= $99
    Leather Racing Boots=$140
    Helmet (AS:1698) from eBay=$80

    I'd swear by that helmet. It has saved me twice.
  13. True, they aren't the best option (leather is) however certain brands have more kevlar coverage than others. For example my new jeans have a bit more kevlar than my draggins that cost $20 more. I fully understand about wanting to avoid skin grafts, I'm not a fan of the idea myself however travelling at such low speeds kevlar will often do the job and stop road rash.
    If you want more coverage draggin do a full kevlar long john that can be worn under any pants. The problem with them is that they're expensive when compared to their normal range of jeans.

    They may have also said it was not the best option because they don't have knee or hip protectors, but as I said you can buy them and wear them while riding and then just take them off when you're at uni.

    Try some jeans and some leathers on in store and see how they feel. Walk around a bit and see if you can sit in a chair easily, you'll be doing a lot of this at uni. My leathers aren't very comfortable to sit in but on the bike they sit in the right spot, which is what they're made for. The jeans are comfortable to sit, ride and walk in but they're slightly less safe than leathers at high speed, an unfortunate trade-off but one that needs to be made as there's no point in being uncomfortable all day just to ride a bike to and from somewhere.
  14. I think you are confusing Bike Gear Warehouse with Bikers Gear.

    Bikers Gear is here in Vic but not BGW.
  15. oh thanks for that Desmond. Wow you did that cheap compared to some of the other posts ive readI think it looks like the textile will be fine then.

    The helmets saved you twice? Dont helmets offer one crash only protection?
  16. Oops sorry, you're right.

    Damn names.
  17. Yep, its Bikers Gear Australia in FTG (also Phillip island). In Ringwood speak to either Brian at Bikemart or Brian at Metro Honda/Ducati. Both know their stuff and will make sure the gear is right for you.

  18. AMX isn't always the cheapest so do your homework. There's a peter stevens clearance centre in ferntree gully. I usually start there, then go to AMX and finish at bikemart and PS in ringwood. then go back for the best prices/gear.
  19. ebay can provide cheap prices if you know what you want, I had a minor spill wearing kevlars, got the bruising as previous post due to no padding in the draggin kevlars at the time, leather jacket got a mild scrape only, came off at 60 kmh, Takamii crash tested his gear once theres a thread somewhere on here. I have textile and leather jacket, textile is warmer, feel safer in leather, have kevlars [with padding], easier to wear but feel safer in leather pants [which I have as well] shoppping around saved me some bucks, the leathers I bought thru ebay $200 for both, seperate buys!!
    Sorry didnt check your profile earlier so wasnt aware youre a female. Reesa I believe has a Joe ROcket leather jacket and again a thread somewhere here mentions best fit for her when it came to leather jackets
  20. None of the gear means shit if it doesn't fit correctly, you should be buying on fit 1st and then looking at price. Everybody has a budget but spending money on gear thats not the best fit but is cheap doesn't make sense