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First freeway ride.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jimmyjames182, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Havn't had the l's for long but thought I'd take my cb250 from campbelltown to holsworthy then m5 from liverpool back home.

    Was a bit windy when I left but didn't think much of it. Hit the m5 and the wind must have lifted. There was a serious crosswind, gusting all over the place. As the direction changed it became a headwind at times.

    I was doing about 80k's with traffic overtaking regularly but the crazy wind had me really worried. Couldn't get comfortable, every time I adjusted position and throttle to compensate wind would change and I'd be all over the place.

    I'm thinking twice about another run on the freeway after this - anyone had same experience?
  2. Once you get your confidence up it will be like a walk in the park for you.

    I had such a heavy crosswind once I was leaning the bike over a fair way to the left to compensate for the wind trying to push me to one side and keep the bike tracking in a straight line.
  3. I had my first peak hour ride on the freeway tonight. Got caught up at work and left a little later than I wanted so it was getting dark and to make it all nice and pleasant it started raining and the wind picked up!

    I felt a bit uneasy at the start with spray and what have you but once I got in the rhythm of things I was quite relaxed - but super alert. Just do it again you'll start to feel comfortable soon enough I'm sure.
  4. Welcome to the Westgate bridge.
  5. +1
    The first few times can certainly be quite a 'scarey' experience
  6. It gets easier, trust me.

    My first freeway ride was an hour and a half of pure terror. The bike was blowing all over the place. I found that once you get some more experience, it's easier to relax and relaxed arms and shoulders help with the wind conditions as wind on your torso isn't transferred through your rigid arms to the handlebars.

    So get back out there and try to relax. :p
  7. i jus cant wait for the day where the wind is soo strong that you'd hav to knee down jus to keep you aligned and going straight. becareful and hav fun riding :)
  8. You mean like tonight?! :LOL:

    Holy crap is it blowing a gale right now.

    To jimmyjames - don't let the current wind conditions put you off of freeway riding forever. It's rather blowy today, as you may have noticed. :)
  9. Well took everyones advice and had another go yesterday - still here to tell the tale!

    Left on the m5 at 7am sunday for homebush - no cars and now wind so it was a good time to get my confidence back. Felt much better on the road but by revesby my hands were frozen so off to maccas to hold my hands under the dryer for 5 minutes!

    Coming home was a little different. Left homebush in the middle of a change that had just blown through. 'Spots' wasn't joking, was v/windy.

    Jumped on the m5 again. Was a lot easier this time round, keeping the shoulders and arms soft made a real difference.

    Also found the absolute top speed of a cb250 with a 100kg rider seems to be 95km/h. Not a regular speeder but thought I should know the bikes capabilities.
  10. :applause: It's the little victories that help build confidence.

    Strange, even a CBR125 can got a bit faster than that. You should at least be able to get to 110 on the CB250
  11. freeway

    Hey mate

    yes just keep rideing .It took me 4 to 5 times on the freeway before I was feeling safe , it gets better everytime ,

    good luck :cool:
  12. Experience will improve your confidence

    Get out on some of the group rides if you can, it's when you hear other people with loads of time in the saddle telling you of the same experience that you know your ok
  13. I'll add my vote too....I crapped myself first time I was going above 80 on a freeway - I thought I was gunna get blown over, but after a while you get way more used to it...the more relaxed you are, the less it affects you and the more relaxed you are etc etc...keep at it mate. Another coupla times and you'll be all over it :)
  14. Congrats on your first freeway ride :)

    I just completed my first freeway ride this morning on the way to work and damn I know how nervous I was..

    I hope it gets easier as our confidence builds..

    Safe riding all
  15. You could try going out on the FWY late at night or in the early hours of the morning / midnight when there are bugger all cars out.

    Certainly worked for me and a mate I have been helping out. Lets you get used to the wind and buffeting and the speed and how your bike handles completely differently at that speed... though in comparitive safety without trucks and cars and other bikes flying past every few mins!
  16. Strong gales arent so spooky, you'll find
    If you keep this advice in your in mind:
    Simply fill up with beans
    And just fart in your jeans
    So the wind's blowing straight from behind.
  17. well done on getting your first Freeway Ride done and dusted.

    a few more Freeway rides from now you will be wondering why you were so worried, honestly..

    If anything, copping a few windy adventures early up gets you some great practice for that day when you least expect a dodgy weather change on your favourite stretch of higher speed road.....

    Your post and few others reminds of the time when I honestly thought I was going to die riding over the Westgate Bridge. It was that bad, the speed limit was dropped to 40km/h, but thanks to people not really giving a shite, most cars where still persisting to go 80 or above.. I was stuck in the lane closest to the water and on a few occasions when leaning to the left to counter the harsh cross wind, within a split second the wind would ease/change direction and I thought I was going to go over. My heart was beating way too fast and I almost dry wretched into my helmet from the fear/uncertainty of my situation. It was very distressing, but after the first 1 or 2 "this is it...." moments and after wonding if I would survive the impact of hitting the water because I had a helmet on, but my boots would maek me sink etcI managed to keep the self talk positive and relax a bit. It gave me an awesome insight into my own and the bikes limits and capabilities.