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First freeway ride - to Perth royal show

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by helent, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Hi
    I went for my first ride on the freeway on Sunday, to Perth Royal show (as the title suggests!). It was a beautuful day, the sun was shining, absolutely gorgeous. I went up front, with hubby taking up the rear. Wasn't too busy on the way there, so that was good. But still very scary on the couple of occasions when I needed to overtake. It must be really scary during peak times! And what is it with the speeding all the time? I was sat on 100kph, and only passed 2 cars, everybody else overtook me! Starting to think my speedo is dodgy, but hubby says his speedo was reading 100 as well.

    Bonus - free parking on the verge when we got there, right across from the gate. Downside - we don't have much in the way of luggage just yet (only 2 leather panniers on the Hyo) - but hubby had great fun at the end of a long day trying to get the showbags to fit!

    And the trip was nearly 1.5 hrs each way for us - god my bum was sore by the time I got home, felt like I had been riding a horse for a week. The GPX is a geat little bike, but I don't think it is meant for touring distances! (or does my bum just needed to harden up?).

  2. Hey Helen, great to hear you're getting out :) Although are you still on your L's? On your Learners Permit it states that you're not allowed to ride on the Freeway (if you managed to get a cancellation at the DPI and you're licensed now ignore that :p). Will we see you on Thursday night at the Vic Park Hotel?

  3. :p :p :p

    i'm a simple guy.
  4. LOL i was thinking the same thing also lol :p

  5. jeeeeeezz Joker and pokiou, grow up :)

    Stop with the thread hijacking!
  6. shit!!!!!! :shock: we did discuss this, and I was going to get the driving book thingie out to have a look at it, but we just sort of went 'nah, I'm sure you're allowed on the freeway on Ls'. Oooops. Lucky there were no cops around, as I was wearing a bright orange vest with a great big L sign on the back! Oh well, won't be doing that again, at least not til I've passed my test. :grin: Not to mention if something had happened, I spose my insurance wouldn't have paid out.

    My test is currently booked for the 22 Nov, but it turns out my instructor is going to Tassie or somewhere for 3 days and won't get back in time for the test. So I am going to have to re-arrange - tried already today and couldn't get a decent date (2 days time or 6 dec and I can't wait that long!) - unless I can do the test without my instructor? Hubby has volunteered to go with me instead if I want him to. Does anybody know if the instructor is supposed to be there? Either officially or just out of courtesy?

    And the comment about the rear :oops: can't believe I didn't see THAT before I posted :LOL:

    I think I should make the effort this week to come to coffee, cos hubby has landed a job in Alice Springs and may be going without me, so will not have a baby sitter on hand for future dates if he does go :(

    But if I do come to coffee, it will be in the car, as I have a funny feeling that somewhere in the WA regs it states that I am not allowed out on a bike on my own as a learner........... (as least I know about that reg!)
  7. Yeah you're right about that, I believe the offence would be driving with an incorrect class of license. No problem bringing the car though, sometimes it's the only option :)

    You don't need an instructor at your test, you just need to get the bike to the centre. Provided Hubby is available he could ride and you drive to the centre and swap when you get there, a guy I know had his brother ride the bike to the centre the night before and they locked it up overnight so it was waiting for him in the morning.