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First freeway ride - The Eastern

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jem, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I have got my daily commute down pat so I avoid the Eastern and tram tracks etc along roads that I know well so I can concentrate on my riding and what the cars are doing without having to worry about where I am and losing concentration.

    That said it would be good to be able to build up to using the Eastern as there are a few non work places that I go that it would make sense to use it. So yesterday afternoon I had washed the bike and thought well I have to do it sometime or other... So had a think about it and remembered that if you get onto the Eastern going towards the city at Surry Road the on ramp continues on as it's own lane so no need to merge into traffic at the bottom and it keeps going past the next exit. See here -


    So off I went and did a couple of laps getting used to what the wind felt like at freeway speeds how the bike felt etc. Not sure if I am game to tackle it during peak hour as yet but I figure I will keep on doing these laps and gradually do bigger ones till I have got from start to finish.

    Just thought I would share on here for other new riders who are looking for a simple way for their first freeway ride in Melbourne.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  2. Jermey
    congrats on the new wheels!! with the eastern fwy, see if you can extend your distance, teh wind factor while riding [and tomorrow will be windy they say] the bike may want to wander, just allow the bike to move from under you while you are still holding the bars [not death grip] the bike can ride in a straight line whilst on an angle, its like leaning in to a corner !! Take your time and increase distance as you feel confident. just liek starting over!! cheers
  3. Yep! Good work Jem. It's all about just getting time on the bike on the freeway - the more hours the better. I remember my first few freeway runs, I was white-knuckling it all the way.

    Now doing 100km/h feels like fifty and I have to pinch myself to stay awake sometimes.
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  4. Thanks Anto and Goddie,

    That is what I thought and I did not want to leave it much longer to make a start in case it then became a bigger thing in my mind than it is.

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. That's really what it's all about - experience.
    After a while, you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about. :)

    In the meantime, you are approaching it correctly. :)
  6. Try doing a loop the other direction down east link (you do need to link your bike to your car tag!) Hardly any traffic, nice road and barely any traffic.
  7. great work. Very scary at first. Just remember to own your lane!

    As Aly said, don't forget that eastlink is NOT FREE, so, do as she says and link it to your car account (assuming you have one).
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  8. remember start all your braking well early when you exit the freeway.
    intersections and roundabouts have a habbit of comming at you fast when you get of the exit ramp.
    your mind/vision/reflexes have adapted to the higher speeds.
    catches out many novices. talk to yourself, as a reminder before you get back into suburban speed zones
  9. no, own at least two lanes
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  10. Hi all,

    Firstly thanks for the great tips.

    Have added the bike to account so all good there.

    Went for a longer spin today, same start as above but got straight back on going out of town at Middlebough road and got of at Maroondah Hwy and went to the bike shops in Ringwood to have a look at winter jackets.

    Was not expecting the amount of wind coming out of the tunnel and in fact the amount in the tunnel itself. I had paid attention to the advice above however so had my weight on the balls of my feet and relaxed on the grip and it felt much better than my first effort.

    The trip home was a blast, I really enjoyed what I was doing and how it felt. No kittens killed but fast enough to give me a grin that lasted a while.

    Now next challenge is to go one more exit at a time till
    I can ride the whole length of it.

    Thanks again guys and girls,

    Cheers Jeremy
  11. Good one Jeremy, I have just started using the Eastern for my work commute - the T2 transit lane is pretty cool :)

  12. Hey Jem,

    good to see you're giving that gorgeous black Ersixnl a bit of a stretch. Freeway is a hoot of a ride at the best of times. Transit lane is like the Yellow Brick Road at peak hour when all the other lanes are chockers.

    Have to say but, my wee 150 scoot was at its near limit at 100. While the motor had at least 10 more kphs left in it, I could feel the suspension, brakes and even the fairing saying "not another k or we are all going to give up and leave you to it". After a week of trying to spot Mr Plod on his KTM while I did the longest filter of time all I gave it a miss and got back to my preferred Heidelberg Rd run. I was mainly worried I was going to smack into something while I searched out the bushes for the invisible Popo.

    Keep up the good work - everything in good time - and enjoy that black beasty of yours!

    cheers! :beer:
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  13. My first ever ride on the freeway was the day I bought my first motorbike.
    To make it worse, it was going to be raining.
    I could barely sleep. I was thinking the fastest I have ever ridden a bike was 30km/h, and that was during my L's course/test, and now I have to ride a bike on the freeway from Ballarat to Melbourne at 110km/h in the rain.
    To say I was packing darkies was an understatement.
    Laughing my arse off now but shitting my arse off then.
    Never the less I did it and actually felt a great sense of achievement. I was running on adrenalin the whole way.
  14. Hi all,

    Just a quick update on this, did it in the dark last night at about 9.30 on the way home from a meeting in St Kilda Road, went up Punt so got on at the start and got of at Blackburn Road.

    Hmm doing it at night is a whole other experience, think I will be going back to my 5k loop ( OP ) for a few night time practice sessions.

    Cheers Jeremy
  15. wait till it's night AND raining... fun times :D
  16. Like Monday night. :eek:hno:

    Damn did I get wet. At least it wasn't REALLY cold.
  17. I didn't want to open up a new thread and thought my question would be relevant to this one..
    I'm planning to ride to my mates place tomorrow morning (around 5-6am). He lives in Croydon and I'm coming from Deer Park. I'll be taking ballarat road to flemington then jumping on the eastern fwy. This is going to be my first time on the freeway... I just wonder if my lil R15 would be able to cope on the freeway?
  18. You should be right mate. At that time there will be barely any traffic anyway. Just watch your speed if your bike is capable of speeding, because hwp frequently sit at around city up to bulleen rd with radar guns.
  19. Exactly what George7 said! Traffic will be real light so just enjoy the big wide road with no oncoming traffic. Main thing is to relax and use your normal riding skills/procedures...
  20. But there will be the worst kind of traffic, the odd taxi dropping off or picking up and indecisively cutting across lanes as they're trying to receive directions from intoxicated passengers.

    To top it all off the driver probably won't speak english so the drunk passengers will be resorting to waving of arms and pointing of fingers, resulting in an almost unpredictable manner of manoeuvring.