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Featured First foot scrape... time to relocate feet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr. Grumpy, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. So was out on a casual late Sunday ride, negotiating the last hairpin in a set. I carried a bit more speed into this one than the previous few - no biggie, lean in a bit more, no problem. Was doing about 30 on a left hander. Was tightening up a little through the apex and SCRAPE goes the boot. It popped it off the peg, and next thing I know I'd plonked it on the road. I think in that split second the thought process was "I'm going down, quick put your foot down to pop the bike upright". The foot down didn't make any difference, only just grazed the road, and the lean stayed - but it could have easily been much worse by that simple action. I got through the corner clean and no problem, except for an elevated heart rate.

    It was exhilarating to do - I didn't know I was leaning that far. Only been riding for about 10 months so it was a big milestone for me.

    I was mentally debriefing afterwards - the foot scraped because I was resting my arch on the peg, and foot angled out a little. Nice and comfortable to cruise like that, and easy access to the pedals - but I'm thinking that in the tight stuff, putting the balls of my feet on the pegs would be better?

    As for putting the foot down - I'm hoping that now that it has happened once it'll be in the front of my mind so if it happens again I'll know what NOT to do!
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  2. Yes
  3. I was initially surprised to hear that balls of feet is the best option. As a horse rider it is a natural position for me. Thanks for sharing and hope you didn't do too much damage =D
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  4. LOL change your mood Mr. GrumpyMr. Grumpy - you can't be grumpy if you're scraping pegs lol....;-)
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    I wouldn't be grumpy if I was out scraping pegs. Unfortunately I'm at work... :p
  6. I find I prefer to cover the rear break a little. (I know that some actually trail the rear break when going into a corner). As such - boot scrapes are something that happens from time to time with me.

    I know I can get over further if I reposition my feet, but I also prefer to leave them where they are as it's a good reminder to me that I've gone far enough on a public road, and the extra remaining I like keeping there for the 'what if' scenario's. Different if I was on the track, but I like the extra buffer zone on public roads.

    Which either way you decide to go - congratulations on your first boot scrape. It's a great feeling every time I do it - kinda makes me feel alive. (Misses isn't quite as thrilled when she's on the back though :) )
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  7. I used to ride on the balls of my feet at the advice of many netriders. I did a few HART courses and they say the arches and in easy reach of brake and gears, so I changed. It was much more comfortable being a taller guy.. I had been doing it like that for a while until I started scraping my boots just in and around the 'burbs, round-a-bouts and the likes. Back to balls of the feet.

    In short... arches for cruising. Balls of your for everything else.
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  8. Scares the crap outa me when my boot hits tar. Although I'm on the balls of my feet. I must slip forward a bit at times. I also had same of HART stating use arches for coverage of controls. You simply can't through the twisties.
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  9. Only the inside foot - ball of the foot on the peg.
  10. and next (as I did) you'll figure out that having more butt off seat and bike more upright for same corner is even betterer :D

    ie "First foot scrape... time to relocate feet.. and then bum"
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