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First fly in the Windows 7 ointment

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Well, I was very patient. I got a new machine, configured it right, bought Windows 7 Pro in 32bit and 64bit editions ($50 each :)), made sure to keep all my documents and settings, my outlook.pst file and my normal.dot Word template, etc etc. Backed up everything that could possibly be important, held my breath and ran the install.

    All went well apart from a slight hiccup with activation, and then it was time to 'retire' the old box and slide in the new.

    It found my Canon scanner and my web-cam and installed everything, just right, except.......

    6 years ago the nice folk at Samsung gave me a 19" LCD monitor as a thank you for my sales. It's run without a flicker all this time, across probably 3 computers and many incremental upgrades. Until now....

    There is no 64bit driver for it. In fact the most recent driver is date-stamped 2003!!!

    So here I am running a you-beaut system with a you-beaut OS at 1024x768 when I used to run old-faithful XP at 1280x1024 :(.

    New monitor time, and this time I'm going to have to pay for it :LOL:.

  2. Why would you need a driver for a monitor???
  3. I don't know, but it always has needed one, and left unattended has always lied to Windows about its identity, into the bargain (it's a 191T but Windows always identifies it as 530/531T monitor, which has a maximum resolution of 1024x768 :?)

    It's enough to make a man buy a Mac :rofl:.....
  4. The only thing windows needs for a monitor is an inf file with it's modelines and and a icm? file for the colour profiles, none of which it actually needs...
  5. Sounds like a video card driver issue.
  6. That is true, but the .inf file is date-stamped 2001, and I presume the system is using the closest 64bit Samsung driver it can find..
  7. No more scrolling sideways to view those oversized pictures!
  8. Yep I'd suggest checking the graphics card drivers. Shouldn't be a problem otherwise...
  9. you dont need a driver for a monitor.... what you need to do is download the latest driver for your graphics card.

    old fogeys and computers... :p
  10. 14-05-09, Provider, nVidia

    yes, of course :roll:

    Seriously, people, I got my first computer before some of you were born....

    This monitor has been on a number of computers, with several Operating Systems and at least three video cards; it has always required that a driver be installed. Once this has been done it has always performed faultlessly.

    Give me a suggestion with some techncial integrity, and please don't patronise me.....
  11. Windows 7 is great, untill it crashed a couple of times....lol, on a complete new system as well.
  12. I would have said you don't need drivers either... but from what you have said it obviously has in the past. Windows 7 Ultimate version has an XP emulator, I presume this isn't the version you have?

    Can you run a different monitor on there in higher res without problem?
  13. There is no need for a 64 bit driver for a monitor as there is no driver all there is are some files that describe it's capabilities, so unless your monitor has grown pixels over the years nothing will have changed. No one is patronizing you but as someone who often trumps about his experiance and technical abilities, you have a tendancy of making statements that prove that you have scant understanding of basic computing principles.
  14. a monitor driver is like spark plugs on a deisel and spare wheel nuts.

    you dont really need em mate. I garunbloodytee its the video card driver.

    trust me Ive been in the business a while.

    Allot of monitors come with "drivers" that are nothing more than apps to clog up your system that often allow you to change the resolution or something trivial.
  15. The word “driver” for a monitor is slightly misleading. A monitor "driver" is just an information file (.INF). The files are typically specific to one monitor and can be used with different operating systems. These files identify your monitor, typically the manufacturer, model and the monitor’s maximum resolution.

    Can't you simply get the latest .INF file from an XP "driver" package and drop it onto your HDD somewhere and point doze to it?
  16. err, no, because it's not recognised as 64 bit compatible. I have jealously kept the three precious files, including the .inf file, over years and many computers. I accept that other people may have a lot of knowledge, but is it too much to ask to have my knowledge and experience with this monitor, respected? I HAVE said, that I have used it on several different computers, under several different OSs, with several different video cards and a multitude of video card drivers and driver upgrades. I think I know how to drive it.

    tellya what, I need to get a new monitor, as I can't get this one to work with a new 64bit operating system

    let's just leave it at that, huh??
  17. Update your GFX card drivers, then just change the resolution on the moniter.
    All moniters should be supported on any opperating system, 64bit or otherwise, I ran a 19" CRT on vista ultimate 64bit for about 2 weeks while my moniter was being replaced.
    But if your dead set on getting a new moniter, pick up one of the cheaper BENQ 24 inches. They retail for about ~250, providing you don't buy from a place like harvey norman.
    See www.msy.com.au for a price list. You don't pay for customer service however, but their stuff is bloody cheap.
  18. Hornet mate, how can the OS know about what kind of monitor its got unless you tell it? The outputs on your graphics card are not bi-directional. You could tell it that its a toaster and it would still work.

    I have a samsung 22" and a Dell 17" on my rig, both using the generic driver. Check yours out, and see if you can set it to use the same driver shown below.


    But if you're really convinced the Samsung driver needs to be there, the first things I'd be doing are checking the graphics card drivers and the bundled control software. Make sure its not trying to do anything stupid. After that, Id be checking the refresh rates. On an LCD forcing a too higher refresh rate can make the image shake. Finally, change your cable to DVI if it already isn't. The screens I have at work shake at high res if they have the RGB cables on. While you're at it, check the DVI cable and make sure its not missing pins, isnt bent, etc. Or if its too long, perhaps the signal is attenuating slightly, and at higher resolutions causing some of the data to not get through...

    Good luck...
  19. LCD's don't have a refresh rate. If it's an issue, (which could only be because of the video card), just set it to the lowest setting. Won't make any difference to your display.

    Hornet, I'd be very surprised if you need a driver for the monitor. What model is it? Have you tried google?

    I just use the Windoze default monitor for my LCD... Works fine.

    Any excuse to get a wide-screen eh?