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first flat tyre

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by plaidler, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. g'day all
    woke up this morning to a rear flat tyre and wondering what the best way to go about it is.
    I have premium member service with NRMA for the car and bike. I live in the punchbowl area NSW and wondered if theres such thing as a mobile repairer or do i have to get it towed to a MC repair shop.

  2. Bugger. Tow is easiest.
  3. Why is it flat? Is there an obvious puncture? Try putting some air in it and see.
  4. If you don't have one, it is worthwhile buying a tyre pump and a pressure gauge. Possibly handy for a moment like today and also for doing tyres pressures cold before a ride.
  5. ended up being a screw you could see from inspection. Had to get nrma to tow it to bikebizz and get it repaired. It surprised me how many bike/car tire places said they couldnt fix it, but all ended well.
  6. What an expense! Glad you got it sorted out.
  7. Get yourself a repair kit. For $30-50 it can get you out of a real bind, and they are very quick and easy to use. You should be back on the road in 10 minutes if it happens again.
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  8. @2Loud for truth. Never leave home without one, what happens when you are out the back of Bumfcuk with no mobile reception?

  9. Hope the locals have lube and protection??
  10. Don't need no lube where we're going, @Fridgy35
  11. Geez your such a sweet talker arn't ya
  12. 10 Gins and I'm anyones
  13. No pain no gain?
  14. Some of us like pain, some of us ride BMW's.
    Draw your own conclusions.
  15. I can recomend this kit.


    It's the easiest one I have used, the plug is IMO as good as the mushrooms they use to professionally repair, I have had one in my font wheel for about 2000km.

    No strength is required to insert the plug its done mechanically.

    Personally I wouldn't recomend the co2 bulbs for your average large bike it takes an insane amount to inflate a tyre. I have a small compressor that fits under the seat and can inflate a tyre in about 10mins
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    Last edited: Aug 3, 2013
    kinda curious bout being asked if im an idiot?
    Am i an idiot because as a learner i wanted to ask here about my options or would an idiot be someone who didnt read the op where it says im an NRMA premium member and therefore the towing was free......
    Wanted to ask also why the wheel being spoked makes a difference to getting repaired and also the rear tire was tubed which were the two reasons a lot of places said no. Will a self repair kit work with tubed tires?
    I'll look into one of those puncture kits recommended and thanks all for the informative replies

    As a first time bike rider and learner everything bike related is a learning experience at this stage. No shame in that at all.
  17. No
  18. Sorry I just assumed it was a tubeless tyre, the repair kit i linked above won't work, in fact none of them will, with the exception of getting some tyre spoons, Rubber cement and patches, but just as easy to clean the inside of the tyre and replace the tube.

    don't worry the title of this website, and the mission statement is very misleading ;)
  19. I always carry gear to repair a flat, even though l have roadside assist. Nothing worse on a group ride than getting a flat and being left behind or worse still having someone else remaining with you. Im in the country, so often l will not have coverage with the mobile.
    I have both tubed tyres and tubeless ( 2 bikes), was a basic thing to learn when l started riding. Around 20 minutes to repair a tubed tyre (less time for tubeless) on the roadside with only the tools l carry.
  20. why would anyone choose to have a tubed tire if the tubeless is so much easier to repair?
    Do some types of bikes/wheels need the tubed specifically?
    I think around this area road assist is fine for me but if i intend to do any sort of long distance then learning to do it is a must for sure