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First flat battery

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by xabit, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Since moving into the CBD close to work my VTR doesn't get ridden often. I went to head out for a 5hr ride today and the battery is dead flat, not even enough charge to power the indicator lights.

    Rung around and cheapest quote for the Yuasa MF battery was $180. :-( Popped down to Autobarn to get a battery charger and even that can't charge (manual indicates if the battery has dropped below 3 volts it won't charge).

    Lazy mistake. I should have heed the advice to start the bike every few days. Won't make the mistake again. Looks like I'm up for a new battery.
  2. Oh that's a bugger.
  3. You need a battery tender if you don't ride as often. Hopefully you got one of those rather than a charger. A tender you can leave attached and it will switch to maintenance one the battery is charged. A battery charger will continue to charge and possibly damage the battery.
  4. Bugger!

    I went to ride my bike on Thursday for the first time in almost a month and it wouldn't start. Battery voltage was down to 10.5 or so. Having a USB port (to charge my phone) wired directly to the battery probably didn't help there... Luckily, after leaving it on the charger overnight it started fine this morning.

    cjvfr, do you have any experience with "smart" battery chargers (is that the same thing as a "battery tender")? The manual for mine claims that it'll monitor the voltage once the battery is fully charged and occasionally apply charge as needed to keep the battery topped up.
  5. Should be the same thing Cam, any charger that monitors voltage and then can go into maintenance charge will do the job. A plain dumb charger will just continue to charge and overcharge the battery.
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  6. I picked up a half decent charger from kmart, it was only about $30 too. It carries enough charge to start a bike after about 2 hours, and once the battery is fully charged it changes to a trickle charge. Arlec 2500 charger. It's big enough for a small(ish) bike and reliable enough to not destroy a battery.

    When I bought my CB400, it hadn't started in a few months, so I had to hook up my charger before I could ride it home. I've also used the charger on a couple of cars.
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  7. #7 xabit, Oct 19, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2013
    I'll be investing in a tickle charger given I don't ride frequently, they're not expensive anyway. cjvfr, I got what I could grab from Autobarn in the hope I could charge the battery that afternoon. It's still a decent charger, it'll stop charging when the battery is charged and maintains the battery charge as opposed to overcharging. Like a trickle charger I guess but it needs to be connected to mains.

    Correction - I'm such a noob on such matters. What I brought IS a trickle charger. My brother was talking to me about a solar power one you can get that obviously wouldn't need mains power. That's what I was thinking of getting

    I ended up going to Peter Stevens to get a battery so I could get the bike up and running. Started first pop. Expensive lesson.

    I spoke to a few places to get quotes, the advice I got is that the Yuasa is the only battery recommended for my VTR. Have I been given bad advice maybe, seems a bit odd there's only one suitable product.

  8. Might check this out. Thanks.
  9. $180??? Do you guys have Battery World in Vic? Try them next time. I got a new battery and a trickle charger kit for under a $140.
  10. just popped the CTEK 0.8 on mine. I had one of th SCA solar trickle chargers which worked fine over the summer, but over winter and inside the garage it just couldnt cope

    memo - must ride more!