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First Fall

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by frecklz, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Picture this:

    Tuesday 8.30am: In traffic on Commercial Rd Prahran. Stopped at a pedestrian crossing and head to the front of the line. Another biker was in the left lane, me in the right between tram tracks. A scooter came around on the right hand side of the traffic and shared my lane.

    Light went green and scooter took off. Trying to avoid it, I flipped the throttle and next thing I know my SV650 stood on it's back wheel, hit the tram track and slid me along before landing on my leg on it's left side.

    The boys who helped me off the road said it looked awesome. :eek:

    I knew the V-twin with it's super torque would get me in trouble one of these days. I love it coz it gets me out of traffic, but I was getting too cocky - yep, I'm the first to admit it. It was my first fall and a wake-up call to TAKE IT EASY in traffic. I hate riding in traffic and am only in it on rare days that parking on the footpath is needed (like having an appointment on Chapel St.).

    Bike was not badly damaged - gear lever snapped off, slight bump in the tank from it's handle bar and scratches. I suffered grazes and my left knee is looking like a squishy ball of red goo. In fact it feels worse than yesterday, so will go to a doctor today.

    Mostly I suffer from a bruised ego - what an eejit. Thankfully a lesson learnt with healable damage.

    Thanks to the cyclist, motorbike rider and neighbour who helped me and my bike off the road. Also to the neighbour who heard the crash, came out and offered me water and coffee and put my bike in his carport til I organised myself.

    It's the last time I'll be sharing a tram lane. :shock:

    ~bruised & battered frecklz~
  2. Sad to have dented the tank, that's always the expensive part of the fix. At least you're alright.
  3. Sorry to hear Frecklz :cry: I know first hand how it feels to lift it onto it's back wheel and dump it from standstill. Hurts like hell (personally, I think ones pride more than anything :wink: )

    At least you didn't break anything :) You'll be back on the beast and terrorising those Toorak Tractors in no time :twisted:

    Hope your knee is OK.

  4. gear lever broke off too .. damn .. but lucky didnt break your leg when the bike fell on it.

    heal quickly so you can get back on it as soon as posible :) i know its kinda killin u not riding
  5. Sorry to hear of your fall frecklz.
    Glad you didnt get badly hurt, better to have a 'minor' mishap and receive a wake up call, than .. well u know :wink:
    I try avoid tram tracks like the plague, I know in your case it's not always possible.
    Be Safe out there
  6. Glad you are ok frecklz. Tram tracks can be a bugger!!

    Hope the knee gets better quick and that you heed the wake up call!


    P.S. It is so much easier to sound wiser when you weren't the one having the stack :grin:
  7. Awwwww crap Freklz! Glad you're ok! Commiserations on your first fall.... :-k er and in a strange way, congratulations too. Welcome to the club, may it be your ONLY fall. [-o< :)
  8. I'm guessing your feet were off the pegs frecklz? Make sure they're on, or at least you're well planted and leaning forward BEFORE accelerating hard. The SV is not slow, but not so torquey that it will do that to you if you're correctly set up.

    Glad you're OK.
  9. Tough luck dude. At least you didn't hurt yourself (too much anyway). Could of been worse. Hope you get it all sorted soon
  10. Thanks for all the support guys. :)

    Turns out my knee isn't broken, so just all bandaged up and hobbling about on crutches now.

    Yup my feet were on the pegs. I have my bike on the lowest suspension setting and a lower seat because it's a bit high for me - still is really. I'm going to lower it a little further with longer dogbones and adjust the front forks too so the front will lower as well - this should keep me from leaning back so much. But yeah - still getting to know my bike and my own limits.

    But this biker girl will be back on in a few weeks hopefully, and taking it easy and not letting all the traffic get to me so much.

    See yaz round! :p
  11. Nope! It hurts your nuts more. Although your pride can taking a beating if you have to rub them in front of everybody.

    Your first wheelie Frecklz, cool. Binning it, not so cool.
    When you get back on, practice your 'quick' take offs somewhere quietly. Till you get a feel for how much revs vs how much clutch.
    If you want to practice wheelies, PM me. (I may or may not know someone)

    Glad you don't have any nuts to worry about. :LOL: Get back out there soon.

  12. Hey that's a very cool idea! Will do. :)

    There you go - there is an advantage to no nuts... :shock: