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First Fall

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nicholas, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Heya everyone

    Had my first fall tonight.

    Was looking in my mirrors then looked ahead to realise that i was coming up too fast to the car in front of me. It was stopped at an intersection to turn right.

    I had a classic lock up of the back wheel, stupid of me i know.

    Totally my fault, but i was lucky to have lost enough speed to come off with minor grazes and minor damage to my beloved VTR250.

    Anyways, just needed to vent because i was a little shaken up.

  2. It's good you're ok, and welcome to the learning curve, in this case, the bumpy way

    When you say you locked up the back brake, what were you doing with the front brake?
  3. Hard luck, eh?

    I (touch wood and all that) haven't come off yet. My boyfriend did, and gave me a heart attack when he did, too.

    Might be an idea to get a mechanic to check over it just in case.

    Hope you recover soon.

    Welcome to Netrider, too. Glad to see more new people joining us every day.
  4. Sorry to hear about your stack nicholas, Im with Hornet in wondering what you did with the front brake? Maybe need to practice some emergency stops to see where you went wrong. I practice them all the time.
  5. Glad your ok I had a near miss like that by glancing back a long time ago and accelerating at traffic light loked back but traffic in front stopped belted my zzr front gaurd on the bumper of the car infront stayed on though , get back on mate and learn from it
  6. Welcome to the club nicholas :)

    I had my first off in a similar way except i locked up the front and went over :( , best thing you can do now is get back on the bike and practice some emergency braking in a quiet area.
  7. When there is no one behind me and I'm coming up to a red light I will practice them almost all the time.
  8. very sorry to hear abouy you coming off nicholas
    but glad to hear u alright
    just remember next time to look forward as well
    :grin: :grin:
  9. Bikes get repaired.
    Premiums go up.
    Chicks dig scars.

    Glad you're ok :)

    What car, btw?
  10. when i stacked my bike didnt get repaired.
    my premiums did go up.
    and i was left with a scar on my shin and my ankle. which isnt visable when clothed.

    so i got nothing good from my crass just the increased chance to pick up when i roam the street naked.

    and nicholas, dont let it phaze you mate. glad to hear that you and your bike are ok.
  11. Well that's 1/3 for the first response on a forum with over 5000 users.

    Statistically: my post is true :)
  12. Thanks for all the support guys, i appreciate it :)

    And to those who want to know what happend with the front brake? Well I asked myself the same question.

    I didnt use it! by the time i was braking, the rear wheel was locked and i didnt think in time to use the front. Just heat of the moment i guess, i know i should have used it, but i've learnt now.

    Anyway thanks everyone, i'll be riding again soon.
  13. don't want to hijack or anything but leading on from what he has just said, personally I always go for the front brakes before i touch the back brakes, is this the "norm" or should I be practising co-ordinating both brakes
  14. You'll want to be correcting that little habit/instinct pretty quick smart, mate.

    Beauty of the front-brake, is you throttle off to use it :)

    Using the footbrake in an emergency is the equivalent of ripping up the hand-brake in a car, rather than use the brake-pedal.
    Ahh what am I typing? You probably know all this and just learnt the hard way.

    Best of luck on the road!
  15. Not the first fall, the last fall. Hopefully.
  16. Your front brake is your best and most effective brake.

    If you only think to use one brake in an emergency, make it the front one!

    Rear brake is for low speed maneuvres mainly.
    A lot of riders only use the rear-brake when they are stopped and in the ready position.
  17. I was following a car once in the left lane of a two lane road, which became the middle lane when a new left lane merged with the road. A car in front was indicating left and I too wanted to move into the left lane to turn off a couple of hundred metres away. I looked left and saw space for the guy in front of me to merge and then space for me to merge. It all looked real easy. Unfortunately, the new left lane came in at an angle and I spent far to much time looking over my shoulder, only to turn back and find the car in front of me had come to an almost complete stop. I was slowing from 70km/h but I was no chance and hit the car at approx 60km/h. Thanfully, I was in my car and not on my bike. If I had have been, I probably wouldn't be writing this as I wrote her car off and caused a lot of damage to mine.

    Moral of the story I guess is that I had confidence and just assumed that the person in front did as well when it came to the merge. I then spent too much time looking over my shoulder and not spending enough time looking at what the real danger was, which was the car in front. Worst case scenario would have been that I would have missed my turn and had to come back.

    Looks like you learnt a valuable lesson.
  18. Glad your ok.Gotta be on the ball all the time. Now, on ya bike.... :biker:
  19. I nearly done the same thing yesterday, I was travelling along just after leaving work, noticed somebody had been screwing with my mirrors so tried to fix the veiw.
    Then noticed all the traffick had stopped.
    Countersteered out of the way and stopped without any hassle.
    Should have been paying attention myself......
    Reactions often take over and brain rules.

    You will learn from it and appreciate the front brake.
    I used to hate the front brake, always made me slide.
    Now its instinct.

    Be careful, and pay attention.
    Be safe.
  20. Sorry to hear about your fall - Someone said earlier in this thread - practice whenever you come to an intersection - i started doing this (most of the time) a few months ago because i found that doing heavy cross city commute i was only using the back brake and noticed that sometimes i wasn't even setting up on the front brake.