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First fall..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Guy, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. A bit over 2 weeks ago now actually, I didn't really feel like coming to the forums for a while, not sure why..

    Anyway, was in the CBD, going along Elizabeth Street, from Flinders St, about to cross Flinders Lane.. car in front of me indicates to turn left, so I just go around it on the right side, and enter the intersection....

    ... Out of my peripheral vision I see a cyclist practically in front of me, coming at me at right angles, he either ran the red or he was turning right (what he claimed), and about to collide with me, he was practically on top of me.. I just remember thinking "WTF" and the next thing I remember is sliding across the intersection, my left foot stuck under the bike, and while Im sliding straight ahead, the bike starts to twist, and I can feel my foot being pulled in a fairly uncomfortable direction. Lucky I wear full boot I suppose. I got straight up and started abusing the cyclist, then realised how much my ankle was hurting.

    I still have no idea where he came from, and although I can't recall what I did, Im guessing I jammed the front brake AND tried to swerve. Add the wet road, and boomski.

    Generally I just feel stupid, and that I reacted badly when the chips were down. Surprised me, just would have liked to know if he did run the red.. Aaaaaanyway.

    Ankle's still sore, not broken, just badly sprained, bruised - all that. No other damage. Takamii's jeans don't even have a scratch on them. No damage any part of me except the ankle that the bike tried to tear off.

    As far as the bike.. gear changing lever got bent.. bent it back before I rode home a few hours later, left indicator cactus, a couple of considerable cracks along the fairing, as well as scratches.

    Replaced the indicators with some flush-mounted I happened to have, got some gravel out of the fairing cracks, and now thinking it's just the excuse I need to change my little ninja to a white bike, from red. :)

    In BETTER news... got a letter from stay upright today.. my L's 3 month period is over, and Im now booked in to get my full license in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Hey congrats on the first drop, glad you're ok, reckon there'd be a 1000 ideas, pointers etc coming the way of this thread, stand by!!
    Takamiis jeans are good stuff arent they :)
    So reckon you'd change one or two things heading in the same situation, main thing in my book, you're ok, bikes fixed, just be more careful in the wet, back on the bike thats it. :)
  3. I'm intrigued how you got your left foot stuck under the brake ... :-k
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  4. Sorry to hear about your fall, it really sucks especially when the lead up circumstances aren't your fault. Sounds like you come off pretty well considering, put it down to experience and never let it happen again :)

    Pretty ironic getting a letter from a company called "stay upright" shortly after your fall!

    He said under the bike?
  5. Good to hear you're both not too bent up!
    Don't worry, we all have 'brain farts' at times & end up doing what we know (in hindsight) what we shouldn't.
  6. ****ing cyclists.

    Running a red or turning right, you had right of way in this situation (assuming you had a green light, in a straight ahead lane avoiding a car in another straight ahead lane that was blocking an intersection to turn right, standard situation you see a million times a day)

    Did you get his name and contact details? he is liable for all your costs. Regardless of whether or not he was on a ****ing childs toy at the time, he still has to obey road rules.

    Good to hear you are ok, and that you rode it home, make sure you be careful when you go around cars turning right, often you are obscured from view.
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  7. leased to hear you are not seriously injured in anyway
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    You're a lucky bastard, a mate had a similar accident where his leg got caught underneath and broke his leg in 6 places and his arm in 2.

    Glad you're ok.

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  9. Lol, that irony didnt even twig till you mentioned it.:)

    @smilee.. How fast was he going? I can't have been going more than 40kph... I've had a serious case of "man-ankle" according to my wife, the last couple of weeks, but nothing that bad.

    @Unconnected.. Police got the guys details, haven't heard anything back, doubt I will. I wasn't going to make any sort of claim, insurance wise, for this sort of damage it's just not worth it.. Didnt know the police were authorised to beat $ out of him, to pay for my damages.. :-k
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    I think he said he was going less than 40. But his pants were caught on his foot peg and didn't come out till the bike was pulled off him. Really nasty. It sounds like your leg wasn't caught so badly.

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  11. Flinders Lane is one way. If he was travelling along Elizabeth street in the same direction as you, then he would have been turning right to go the wrong way down a one-way street (there is a no-entry sign).

    Edit: Or was he turning from the other side of the road?
  12. Yeah, claimed he was going in the opposite direction of travel to me (heading toward Flinders St) and was turning right (his right) up the Lane.
  13. go the the plod? seems he turned when he shouldn't and is liable?

  14. why????????
  15. Dont go through your insurance mate (if its smaller than your excess), when my next doors backed into my old bike i wrote them a letter told them i would be going to my mechanic and getting a quote for the repairs and then after agreement on the quote i had them pay the mechanics directly for the work.

    Its not very difficult to write a letter and give the guy a ring, better than the repairs to your bike coming out of your pocket.

    EDIT: your a new rider i think? considerable cracks along the fairing are often thousands of dollars to replace. It is not uncommon for fully faired bikes to be written off in small drops like the one you experienced.
  16. We all have our first drop??
    Glad his was without too much damage to him and his bike.
    So havent you had your first drop Smee?
  17. things happen.... its good to hear you were wearing full boots..

    imagine how sore your ankle would be if you were wearing a pair of joggers...
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  18. I've had a drop but I wouldn't want any congratulations or commiserations.
    Why would anyone want to congratulate a drop whether it's a first or third, I just find it puzzling.