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First fall?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by squidman, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Now that im legally allowed to ride (Just got my Ls!), I cant stop thinking about when am i gonna come off? they say everyone who rides will come off, guranteed. and i keep picturing different scenarios in my head of how im gonna come off lol, have any of you come offf yet and if so, how? im curious hahah

  2. Tram tracks. Avoid.
  3. whoever told you that is full of shit. There is no guarantee you will come off. There is a good chance you may, and if you do there is also a good chance it will hurt, but its not set in stone.
  4. This has been discussed and we're all still blue in the face. There are almost as many pages up here about stacks we've had (or nearly had) as there are users, and there are just over 20,000 users.

    This is one recent example. One of many.

    Hit the 'New Posts' link every day and watch. You'll see lots of them.

    You spend enough time in that saddle and the law of averages starts to lean on you. I went through twenty years of regular riding without one, but my record in the 5 years before that, and for that matter the 6 years since, has not been so impressive. Some people may go through a lifetime on two wheels without ever once falling off, but I've never met one. Plenty go through it all without serious harm or injury. A skinned knee and few scratches on the bike is frustrating, but it's not the end of the world.
  5. congrats on gettin your l's squidman and i came off about a week after i got my l's haha...slowing up coming to a roundabout..slid out on abit of dirt n gravel in rh side of my lane...slid out for 8 metre's...but i expected a stack..i feel i'm a better rider for it..as it taught me very quickly just how dangerous and easy it can be too stack it or be involved in an accident and it was further impressed on me that i shouldn't take riding for granted

    as above had said...you could go years without a stack...or you could be like me and have a simple unlucky ****up within first couple weeks..time will tell...eyes up and dont trust cagers is all you can do.

  6. You will only come off if ya push to the limit,and you wont fall of otherwise,negative thinking isnt healthy for your self either,and you will come off if your going too fast for yourself too,their is nothing wrong with going fast just need to know where to do it and know your limits and youll be fine
  7. I've had an off already and I've been riding about 1.5 years. Luckily it wasn't a serious one, few scratches and bruises here and there, but wearing the correct gear saved my a$$.

    It is within a biker's creed to avoid an accident as much as possible and to always expect the unexpected... ride with this thought process and you should be fine.

    Remember also that in the event you do have an off, if you have practiced your emergency counter-steering/breaking etc etc you can potentially turn a very nasty incident into something not so severe. For example instead of hitting object X at 80km/h if you know how to break correctly you could potentially reduce that to 20km/h or avoid it all together!

    It's all about safe riding and knowing what's going on around you - don't fear an accident, be ready for it!
  8. complacent much. i disagree
    only 2 types of riders, ones that have and ones that will.
    should you worry about it ? never. that would be gay.

    young squidman. i know you. i've seen you many times. your undoing will be this next summer. 6 months riding and you will believe you are better than you are. then your bike will bite you.

    how to avoid? ride your own ride. don't try and keep up with more experienced riders.

    will you take this advice? no

    and that's good, because you don't learn anything till you learn it the hard way. i pray it's minor. chances are it will be.
  9. I recommend being relaxed as you slide down the road. Makes the experience much more pleasant.
  10. It's not guaranteed but it is very, very likely.

    Keep fighting the odds and don't just accept that it's going to happen.
  11. ... I came off by making a dumb mistake turning my bike round on a steep hill. One minute I was ready to ride into the driveway... the next, wobble, wobble.... Oh Ffffuu .... BANG!!.... Der!!!

    Needless to say, I couldn't pick the bike up either.... so I had to get assistance from a neighbour. :rolleyes:
  12. Squidman. You really need to change the way you think.
  13. Agree....
    Yes I know that you can come off at any time for many reasons but I never expect to come off my bike.
    This thing that it's going to happen stays away from my mind and I focus on how I'm riding to keep out of trouble regardless of who's right or wrong out there.

    Just get on with riding as much as you can and improving each time..
    And improving has nothing to do with just opening the throttle more and riding faster the next time you're out.
    Rather you'll get better (and a little quicker by default) as you improve.
  14. i have crashed more times than i can remember. :)
  15. Haha... same happened to me. When you drop your bike you just dont have the strength to pick it up :p. Ego goes out the window - especially in an instance like this.
  16. You don't want to make it a self fulfilling prophecy by dwelling on it. I know that everyone says there are only two types of riders ..... yeah yeah. But I know quite a few riders going strong after a decade that have never come off. Go figure. Guess their time has yet to come.

    Do you also worry about being in a car crash, or slipping in the bathroom or being hit by lightning etc?
  17. i worry about getting hit by lightning all the time actually 8-[
  18. #18 dazzabee, Jul 16, 2011
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    Nothing wrong with getting some help. No point at all in hurting yourself trying to lift something so heavy. I've got a really bad back if I'm not careful I pay the price for weeks to come.

    I'm sure it's been posted multiple times here but I'll link it anyway. If you get stuck and can't find some help this really does work. I tried it once and was really surprised that I could actually do it even with my bad back and a 240Kg bike. If you watch to the end he had a creative way to attract assistance if you need it as an option.


  19. Most sage advise in this whole stupid thread.
    If you believe you WILL crash then you will.
    If you do everything possible in accident avoidance then you probably WONT crash or at least minimise greatly the chances of you crashing.
    I seriously thing that you are not ready to ride if that's the way you think.
  20. I've had my bike a year, and my first off was a couple of weeks ago. I got home and was rolling down my driveway and for no particular reason decided to turn the key to kill the engine and just roll in neutral. That would have been fine, except I turned the key too far and put on the steering lock without realising. Ooops. Ended up dropping it at about 3km/h, only serious damage was done to my pride.