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First experiences of time on a bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Owen, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. Well as some of you know, i recently got my first bike, and have been riding every day around adelaide just for the sake of it (city, hills, suburbs, car parks etc) and i absolutely love it!! havent felt so alive and free in a long time.

    Since being riding for a bit i cant help but feel hurt every time i go past another rider, eye to eye and they dont even nod or acknowledge me, really gets to me sometimes.

    Also noticed that i seem to be pretty much the only rider who doesnt lane split at the lights. Guess im so used to be a cage driver, plus i think its kinda risky (i have no 3rd party property insurance).

    Dont know why im writing this, just felt like sharing some of my first impressions?
    I like hearing about other peoples motorcycle journeys.

    -Happy riding my friends
  2. Would love for others to share some experiences too! :LOL:
  3. "Also noticed that i seem to be pretty much the only rider who doesnt lane split at the lights"

    Mate, i ride in Sydney City traffic every day...
    I DONT lanesplit, scares the willies out of me....

    You get some riders who take the time to nod, some even chat (one nice guy today on a clean looking Virago ... side by side at the lights and we chatted... weird...)

    I've only been mobile for about 9 months (driving for about 15 years) but still, its GREAT FUN !!!

    Screw everyone else, its my bike, my ride, my fun :)

  4. Its certainly a great feeling!!!

    You mentioned that you don't have any 3rd party property insurance. I would strongly suggest looking into getting some.

    Its certainly going to be a dark day if you accidently hit a BMW or merc. Those things will cost more to fix than your 10 times your bike. Its not really that expensive.

    I manged to pick mine up through NRMA for about $147.30 (12 month period)

    Well worth the investment if you ask me.

  5. I managed to get a nod from an ugly looking Harley rider today.

    boy was that weird!!!
  6. correct me if i'm wrong but i thought you can't register your bike without third party insurance?

    or is your bike unregistered?
  7. If you are in Victoria, and you mean third party property insurance, then consider yourself corrected.
    Vic doesn't have third party (injury) insurance, we pay TAC premiums with our rego.
  8. Glad to hear you're enjoying it owen!

    I wouln't make any judgements, it's your choice, but I know I'd rather buy a $100 insurance policy than a $200,000 badly damaged and undriveable BMW.

    Don't get worried if others don't nod back. It just means you're a better person than they are. Cruisers never nod and posers on sports bikes they can't ride will often ignore a 250. Just let it slide and get back to the fun. :D
  9. I have 4rd party bodily (comes with insurance), but not property. For 3rd party property i have to be in the wrong in an accident (i have to hit the car) has anyone ever hit a car, other than the other way around?

    It seems pointless to me.
  10. A mate of mine rear ended a Bentleigh in his mums borrowed Volvo that was a wreck.

    He was uninsured, and a very poor man :(

    3rd Party should be mandatory for all drivers. This would prevent people that don't care for others property from costing Mr. Innocent thousands of dollars.
  11. Sorry i meant to say has anyone ever hit a car with their bike. and i meant 3rd party property not 4rd (typo)
  12. I garrentee it. I haven't done it myself but it couldn't be hard. You could ealiy loose it round a corner and it slides into a cage. You might not brake in time at the lights (especcially if it's wet), or you could hit a bump and loose it. Anything your bike hits after you spill is money out of your pocket. This doesn't just mean cars, but also kerbs, gutters, road signs and bus shelters. You would not be the first person to fall of a motorcyle without a car pushing you.
  13. My mate steve can tell you story about hitting a pole, which turned out to have an optus transmitter on it. Not only did he have a $14k bill for the car, but $7k for the pole.

    The whole of weribee was with out optus tv and phone for a few days and they tried to stick him with that also.

    I recomend the third party. Also then you can feel happy to lane split, especially on that one busy road that you have over there, whats it called again? rundel something? ;)
  14. Holy shit, i had no idea it also meant public property!
    Next pay day then, 3rd party property....maybe.

    Thanks for the info fellas!
  15. You'll feel much more secure with it. Everyone fcuks up occaisionally, so knowing it won't cost much when you do is good peace of mind.

    Enjoy the new bike mate. :D
  16. that's interesting..........in nsw we don't have TAC and so when we register a bike we must have third party insurance. that's why they call it compulsory third party, otherwise we get no registration
  17. Well, if 70% of car-bike collisions are caused by cars, then the other 30% must be the bike's fault.

    Last year I parked my bike legally ona footpath in Melbourne. The tar softened in the heat, and the bike fell on a Saab.
  18. A whole suburb!! :)

  19. That's a serious case of: "Bugger!".

  20. The car and the suburb would be of similar value. :)