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first experience at bad cagers...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. so I've been riding for a month now, so far so good until the cagers broke their pact on me and here it goes:

    I was riding down Anzac Pde from La Perouse one even - doing 60kmh which is the limit there, but of course I was hovering around 60-65kmh cos it is down hill with slight curves... anyways, all the other cars seem to be driving normally as well with far distances from eachother until this Family wagon decides to follow me close - then she/he took the left lane and completely overtakes my friend and I who are on the right hand lane.... first of all it really p1ssed me off cos of the left lane overtaking... second.... he/she was speeding for sure.. at least 70-85km just to over take two bikes that were around 5-8 second away from eachother..

    that's just wrong.. i wish I knew where they lived so i can go egg their car.

    woohoo! my first Rant!
  2. Hmm, on one hand I guess I can empathise... but have you thought perhaps it'd be better to sit in the left lane unless you're overtaking? After all, you were also technically breaking the law. And from a practical perspective, sure, sitting on the speed limit is a Good Thing... but some are gonna want to go quicker, and it makes sense not to make them overtake on the left to do so.
  3. What's the problem with overtaking you in the left hand lane? If there's a marked lane there then they're perfectly entitled to use it. If you're insistent on plonking yourself in the right hand lane then that's going to happen to you quite a bit.
  4. So it was a two laned road?

    If so i wouldnt stress too much, if thats the worst thing that happens to you ya cheerin :grin:
  5. the left hand lane - if you're used the area around there - has also parked cars, two land road yes but also left lane has parking at certain intervals so if you knew the area you know that no one drives on the left lane unless they are turning into a street or are parking their car.

    yeah I was braking the law at 20 seconds at a time where it went up to 65kmh when the road dips slightly down hill - but I guess I should be slowing it down when I can.

    I would have loved to beable to ride on the left hand lane trust me - as an L plater and all - but I don't wanna keep lane switching every minute when I see a rows of parked cars
  6. Ah, OK, you clarified the situation nicely, Duk35 - I'd imagined a free and clear left lane that you weren't using. I get why you're upset now, and agree with you - though you could probably have popped into the left lane where it was safe and let them by as a courtesy.

    And just to clarify, I wasn't saying you were breaking the law by speeding, but by failing to keep left unless overtaking. Given how you've described the left lane that makes a difference.
  7. Using the right lane in a 60 zone where there is no "KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING" sign is not breaking the law. He had every right to use the right lane for as long as he wanted. If you don't believe me go read the Australian Road Rules Part 11, Division 2, para 130. Just like this person had every right to overtake in the left lane. What they shouldn't have been doing was speeding to do it. But hey, I live nearby that area and believe me, someone doing 10-15 over the limit to overtake in the left lane is the least of your worries.

    Personally, if I'm doing the speed limit in the right lane and someone is up my ass to get past, bad f%^&ing luck. Shouldn't be speeding in the first place and then I wouldn't be in your way. I won't go out of my way to do this but if it happens then they can eat it. I often CHOOSE the right lane in the above circumstance because it all but eliminates someone killing you by pulling out from a side street without seeing you. If you ain't there to be killed then you won't be killed. Keeping right in an area with side streets is defensive riding to my mind.
  8. i'm surprised you spent the first month on the road trouble free. there's a lot of a$$hole$ with licenses. Myself included.
  9. hahaha yeah true that - I was surprised too having the first month with mother road being ever so nice to me - I guess it does make a difference when there's more than one rider cos I normally ride with my mate - so I guess having two of the same bikes riding together kinda creates enough attention so that drivers are aware that bikers do exist on the road.

    I've been riding so much that when I get into a car I feel so weird...... I keep feeling 'empty' .... probably cos I'm so used to all the leathers and protective gear I wear while on the road.. I feel naked in a car hahaha

    ohh and also while driving - I've been looking into corners more and my headchecks some times involves my whole body turning around like you would on a bike - I sometimes laugh at myself in a car cos I've picked up so much bike habits hahahahaha :roll:
  10. wait til you squirt the windscreen washers and push the clutch in then wonder why you haven't geared down.
  11. Travelling on the Ring Road in Melbourne last week, I watched an Auto Electrician van weave through the traffic behind me, speeding and taking risks. So I was happy when he got in the faster moving left lane and passed me. The the left lane slowed down. I was sitting on 100kph so was catching up to him, but he had plenty of time to merge right, to be in front of me. He didn't, he waited until I was just about to to start passing him, then swerved across in front of me. I held my pace of 100kph, so was sitting pretty close (couple of metres) to him until he wound up the van to open up the gap.

    Therefore, naturally, he figured I was tailgating him, and gave me the finger, three times, very enthusiastically, which I ignored.

    OMG, ignored him! you say. Yep, I was in my serious 4WD. Bull bar, rear bar, big tyres and all, and had the cruise control on. I wasn't slowing down for him, I'd have just pushed him out of the way.

    So it doesn't just happen to motorcyclists. Get over it. Stay aware, stay alive. Oh, and to the OP, if you egged a car, you will have actually broken the law, and escalated the incident signficantly. Not a good idea at all.
  12. mate it's just a childish figure of speech - as if a grown up sensible person like me would egg someone's car - you think I'm 13 years old? haha :roll:

    It's more like the principal of having my L's on and getting no respect at all - I feel sorry for all the L's out there being treated bad on the road..
  13. Ya just gotta get used to it. :grin: Also we are normally a lot more aware of what's going on when riding.
  14. What's wrong with overtaking in the left lane? So what if he was speeding?.....So were you

    He passed you on a perfectly clear lane. If your worried about being in the left lane due to cars parked you should go slower, cover your brakes and ride in the right wheel track to allow for buffering.

    You were tailgating......in a people killer of a vehicle. Two moronic driving moves is all i see - his awful merge and your tailgaiting.
  15. **sings**

    Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? why can't we be friends? why can't we be friends???

  16. Hey don't feel bad.

    I copped my first pedestrian with attitude yesterday.

    She crossed the road in front of me and made me slow down and swerve a little bit. Then when I beeped my horn she looked at me with a real, "Yeah? Whatcha gonna do?" Look on her face. Very unbecoming on a middle-aged woman.

    Small, light commercial area. Not many places to buy lunch. One day she's gonna go to the shop to buy her sausage roll and get a piece of my tiny little mind!
  17. Fair enough. I'm a little sensitive about people who anonymously egg cars instead of facing those they have a dispute with. A teenager did this to my sister in law for about three years, and the only possible reason was she refused to buy raffle tickets from him once. I owned the car before her, so felt a link to it. It's very expensive to repaint cars after an egging. It sort of defeats the purpose if the target doesn't know why it happened as well.

    Let's be friends. :grin:

    Being a member of two minority groups on the road, motorcyclists and 4WDers, I am constantly amazed at the lack of understanding or thought motorcyclists put into their statements about 4WDs. Drivers kill people, not vehicles. As with any group, not all are bad drivers, especially not those who have done advanced training, such as myself, and use there 4WDs for what they were designed: Off road use. Motorcyclists seem to tar all 4WDers with the same brush as a minority of drivers who probably shouldn't be driving any vehicle in the first place. We've all come across Toorak Tractors.

    But thanks for your input anyway Livingstone.
  18. Gun lobbyists use the same line. You wouldnt happen to be a gun owner by any chance? :LOL:
  19. G'day everyone,.......

    I am also a 4x4 driver and agree with what RoderickGI has stated about 4x4 drivers being steriotyped and the vehical being some kind of killer.

    And I am also a sporting shooter as well,......there is no such thing as a"gun Lobby"
    There are however Honest law abideing people who don't want to be held responcible for the actions of criminals everytime there is some kind of crime gang war!

    Dr Who?
  20. Whatever you reckon Doc.