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First ever Street ride - MT-07

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Simmo W, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Surprised the video and audio all came together pretty well!

    So here's an excruciating video, I'm cringing while posting it! I was so bloody nervous, but thankfully I calmed down heaps after 40 mins. Just want the rain to stop so I can try again!

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  2. Simmo WSimmo W you're very lucky to have the service road to practice on. That's so handy to have. Imagine being in that traffic on your first ride out. I did find it funny that you kept calling your bike a car.

    Good on you for being brave enough to show how it is for most of us newbies who didn't grow up with bikes, and don't know anyone who can ride. Until we join NR of course.

    Happy riding and I hope you stop hyperventilating soon. Relaaaaaxxxxxxx.....
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  3. Thanks! Yes I do feel lucky, and am already looking forward to the next time with a far more relaxed attitude, a lot of unknowns sorted out. That first gear engage was hilarious!
  4. Hahaha I remember doing that exact same thing, sweating about controls and not being able to remember everything I had learned and everything happening at once and hyperventilating! I reckon I was talking myself through everything too, just without the video haha. Nice work mate, you'll treasure that first ride.

    Re the controls, it is very possible that you just need to adjust the pedals to make it more comfortable for you. I know there was a thread I read today about how to adjust clutch pedal and brake pedal... It's super easy to do, but can be a bit daunting, especially if you're new to bikes. if you're not comfortable doing it yourself and don't have any mates who ride maybe your mechanic can help you out? Or the joint you bought it from? I've been riding nearly every day for the last year and am only now learning how to correctly adjust pedals and levers, but once you get it in the right position for you it changes everything!
  5. Hmm, yes the rear brake pedal seems to have heaps of travel, might look at that. I'm pretty happy with the gears, just need more feel after wearing the boots in further. And I knew the vid would bring back some memories for former noobs!
  6. Is that a Sena Prism camera?
  7. Nah, Sena 10C, good enough eh?!
  8. That first wobbly ride on your own bike. Sweet memories...
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  9. Ahhhhhh reminds me of my first street ride (2.5 months ago haha!)

    The hyperventilating usually goes away after a few days. Or until something runs in front of you. Or cuts you off in traffic. Or you hit the brakes mid-corner. Or you target fixate on something other than the exit of a corner. Or your rear slips out. Or a plethora of other things.

    Congratulations on your first outing, my friend. Ride safe! :)
  10. Nice work, keep it up.
  11. Good on you, Simon. It looks like you made progress just on that ride alone. After hearing your bike at idle I wish I'd got an MT-07 now, sounds great.
  12. Nice one mate. That was pretty funny... and brave. What if you'd have dropped her...do you think you would have posted that vid?
  13. Good to see Simmo, A new bike is a bit daunting. Just one little pointer, a bit more head checks at intersections, it will keep you alive. You improved a lot on that towards the end of the vid. (y)
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  14. Good on you. Times have changed, but!! I had my first solo ride in 1970. No helmet (not compulsory), no leathers or protective gear (not required), no actual shoes (not required), no training (optional - someone explained the controls), no cameras (not invented yet) ,NO FEAR (too dumb i.e too little knowledge to realise the possible consequences). I passed the driving test but I actually have no recollection of how. (That's because it was too long ago, not because I was DUI). I guess things are better now. In those days there was much less traffic and a 650 BSA or Norton was a BIG bike. I rode a Yammie 100.
  15. You should really be practicing Stopping at that Stop sign too :whistle:. Might save you a few hundred bucks, and also ensures you learn how to take off again at a corner, which you wanna have down pat before adventuring onto any main roads. Just be aware that taking off around a corner is a good place to drop it if your not careful though. Start straight, then turn once you have some momentum.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of motorcycling.

    Also, pissing around with your Sena is gunna maybe bring you unstuck whilst learning. Suggest you turn it on, turn it down, forget about it, and concentrate on the ride.
    Minor distractions on a bike can end really bad. My 2c

    PS: Nice bike. (y)
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  16. Thanks for the tips and observations Gooza, exactly why I posted the vid.
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  17. It was good to see that, I have seen and read a lot from new riders on here, and never really understood the problems they have, but now it gives me a new perspective. And I don,t mean that in a condescending way. My first rides on the road where full of a pounding heart, now if I include to that how I felt stacking a mates SL70 into a fence when I was 11, I get what you guys are going through!!!!! Your a brave man!!!!
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  18. Hi Simon,

    Mate get some training under your belt, you will be a lot more confident. I can remember the fear years ago when i first learnt, however there was far less traffic and less di^&heads on the roads.
    Training will help with the basics and assist when things go wrong.......and they will.


  19. Good on you for posting that up mate....I reckon I was breathing that heavy the first few times too!!

    I've only been riding a short time (4 months), but found that once the basics are down, everything becomes smoother/more consistent/second nature.

    One thing I found with changing gears....I put slight pressure up on the gear lever prior to pulling the clutch lever, so when the clutch is disengaged and throttle is off, my foot is not pushing through the full movement to engage the next gear.

  20. Well done Simmo (y).Great move keeping it to the back streets until you feel confident,did the same thing myself :woot:.