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first ever lowside

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by zukboy, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Had my first ever lowside after 6 months of riding the other week.
    was in Sydney CBD turning off Goulburn St, had the green light was in midturn (10-15km/h) when a ***ing idiot ran across traffic. I hit the front brakes to avoid hitting him and off it went into a slide. the guy continued running

    damaged caused:
    rooted clutch lever and gear shifter
    fairing scratched and cracked
    and both forks and rear suspension misaligned.

    was in a jacket but no kevlar pants. regular jeans held up and walked away practically unscathed.

    when will pedestrians realise 2 wheelers CANT brake mid turn.

    anyway thats my vent. does anyone have any suggestions on how this can be avoided in the future ?
  2. You could have avoided it by hitting the ****er.
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  3. Hit the fvcker. I went down in a similar incident on my old bike, the lady ran off... to this day I wish I had accelerated and made SURE she couldn't run off.
  4. Did the pedestrian have right of way - ie, green little man, otherwise just lean into the turn and make sure the pedestrian takes the brunt of the bike falling down, so as to minimise scratching and damage.
  5. CAN'T brake mid turn?

    Who told you that? They lied.
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  6. this!
  7. +1 on hit the pedestrian.

    To avoid this in future one could plan for pedestrians before you enter the corner. For example, look around at all the places pedestrians may cross your path, note which ones the pedestrians have right of way - then make a conscious decision that you'll brake for pedestrians at those places and won't brake anywhere else unless it's safe to do so.
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  8. Welcome to riding in ANY CBD. As somebody who crosses the city daily, you will see MANY random erratic pedestrian behaviours.

    JUST BE READY - especially Friday / Saturday nights.

    Worst i've had was George st on a Friday night - a guy hopped off the curb in front of my bike to high five myself and another rider.
  9. 10-15k's is super slow... was the pedestrian literally 2 metres in front of your bike when you saw them? seems strange..
  10. it sounds like your lack of rideing experience's is why you hit the front brake hard.NEVER think about running in to people to minimise the damage to your bike ,.... thats the most stupid thing i have ever read on netrider =D>=D>
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  11. You're Right tiprat. A headlight mounted 50mm would be far more desireable..
  12. nothing to see here, avoidable crash....rear brake to knock 5-10k's off......stomp your foot/feet to the ground to balance yourself and the bike if need be
  13. I agree with rear brake here, gentle front if more is required. Also, you should be able to balance the rear brake with a little bit of clutch to help keep the bike stable whilst you creep forward at a few KPH. It takes a bit of practice, but I often find myself doing this in town now.
  14. Shame about your stack and some what unfair. Such is life, live and learn...next time try to make mental notes of foot traffic, especially in any CBD.

    Many crazy people in the CBD area...always in a hurry. Had to avoid one on my Ls and got no apologies after I was flailing my legs while frantically trying to miss her only to end up rolling beside her along the pedestrian crossing...I had right of way.
  15. Bad luck mate. Avoidable with a bit more experience most likely. But if you've come out all right, put it into the experience bucket and learn from it! The bike can be fixed (even though it sounds like it will cost you some $$$), a life can't.
  16. It's more an expression of frustration towards an arsehole who either:

    a) Didn't care and kept walking.

    b) Was listening to his iPod and never heard what happened.

    Either way he walked away and will never have to answer for it.
  17. the thing that shit me the most was that he just kept on running and NOONE came to help, everyone just stood there.

    yeah I had right of way and he literally bolted across right in front of me as i was leaning in.
    experience can't be bought or learnt. i've spent the weekend on fixing the fairing now the only issue is colour matching it. because the bike was previously sprayed. theres no colour code or anything So im thinking i should just respray both fairings a contrast colour so it doesnt look strange but rather intentional, what do you guys think ?
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  18. i'd be far more concerned about your forks and suspension than paint work bud...speaking of which considering this thread has gone on for long enough...perhaps it's time for you to post up some picture's of the damage done to the bike?


    1. Your riding in the city, paying attention to every detail possible is a must
    2. You've had more than enough time in 6 month's to practice emergency braking for when these situation's arise.
    3. as much as it might seem like we're just giving you an earfull and shit-stirring you...(well...we do like to shit-stir..)....don't forget..your a rider mate...your one of our ****ing brothers...and we don't want to see our brother in a news report about a motorcycle fatality or rider jailed for causing the death of other's or whatever...so you will find people trying to hammer into you that you need to practice more...you need to pay MORE attention...and above all else you need to protect yourself and ride defensively.
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  19. Feather the fronts, add a little rear. It'll kill your speed enough to balance with your foot if need be. Personally, i'd rather tap someone at 2-3 kph than drop my bike; but that's just me. I can imagine the police/law side of it would be rather painful though.

    Gotta be careful in the city. Everyone is in a rush and the way that it's set up you'd think that pedestrians have right away at all times (thanks Clover!).
  20. its just a bike ,,NEVER EVER run in to a person no matter how slow you are going ,,,,some of you guys dont have any brains in side your full face helmuts ,, think about it