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First ever bling - staintue

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tiggers, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Just picked up the KLR from the shop after getting a new staintune pipe fitted.

    I love it - sounds like motorbike now, rather than a VW camper van.


    Should have done it ages ago

  2. yeah I've seen a video of the klr with the staintune and it sounds FUCKING badass.

    pics please mate, and a video with a good microphone if you can.
  3. Nice one tigs, I've always liked Staintune...
    +1 for pics and noise too.
  4. Very nice. I've got a Staintune on my bike also & the sound is great. Also one of the few that are road legal & ADR compliant.

  5. Until you pull out the baffle... My baffle's still in on the viffer.
  6. What is the allowable noise level you can have? Info that I have on mine is that it is still ok with the baffle out?

  7. same here baffle out and with-in limits .

    danny_tb have a look at the vfr oz forum I'm pretty sure you are ok with the baffles out .
  8. I think it's 96db at a certain percentage of your engine's RPM.
  9. staintunes on the ducati are similar in many ways to sex...
  10. maybe I am just not doing it right but during sex I struggle to get to 96db
  11. The maximum allowable level is 96dB at 50% of the revs at which you're bike makes its peak power. There is also a complicated series of roll-on tests which need to be performed in a certain gear/revs/speed etc but mainly workshops will test at the level of the exhaust exit, one meter to the rear of it and at 45 degrees to the exit.

    Staintunes pipes are generally worked to give 94dB for this test and a bit more without the baffle/restrictor in place. Don't get confused with baffle and restrictor - theres a big difference.

    Cheers - boingk
  12. I'll have to get out my sound meter and tripod, then test it... Been meaning to do it, but I just haven't managed to get around to it...

    It isn't you who has to hit 96dB... It's the thing you're riding... ;)
  13. The latest ADR 83 info is damned scant. I haven't bothered to read much of it because I was looking for the test set-up diagrams, which aren' there. No doubt they haven't changed from the superceded ADRs. All of that being said, I didn't think that the drive-by tests applied to motorcycles. I've done them for cars and commercial vehicles, so they wouldn't be hard to do for bikes.
  14. My staintune is 94db with the baffle out, 91db in, so it looks like I'm fine.
  15. I'll take some video and post it up - it doesn't seem much louder than stock, but its got a much more throaty ring to it.
  16. Check the staintune website for your bike. It will list standard, baffle in, & baffle out db readings. I printed this out for my bike & leave it in the tailbag when I'm out riding just in case they decide to say it's too loud. It also specifies it being ADR compliant.

  17. Just had a look for my pipe/bike... Couldn't find it. They could've taken it off the website.
  18. HI Guys,

    What are your thoughts on the power gain from the staintune, I also added a KN air filter and my ass-dyno says I have better throttle response, not sure about the quoted 4hp gain...
  19. anything that helps flow air and exhaust gasses better, as long as you jet it to match, will make the bike produce more horsepower. 4hp sounds about right. you might have less, you might have more.
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  20. Not necessarily... If your engine is flowing more air and fuel, but dumping the extra straight into the exhaust manifold during the valve overlap, the extra flow won't give you any extra power... But I am only being pedantic... ;)
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