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First ever bike - Honda CB125E?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rhondahonda, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone! I'm going to be in the market for my first ever motorbike soon. I've done some research and really like the Honda CB125E.

    I plan to use it for riding to work when the weather is nice, riding around the suburbs on weekends, and maybe the odd road trip. Considering I'm a 167cm tall female, does this sound like a good choice? If not, do you have any other suggestions?

    Cheers! \\:D/

  2. Congratz on choosing a bike :)

    How much is it? And can it crack a 100km/h on the freeway?
  3. I don't think I'd road-trip on a 125...
  4. Neither would I - I'm sure it wouldn't pull the skin of a cooling custard... but it could be a cheap, cheerful and reliable bike for gettin around the 'burbs.
  5. Absolutely agree Rob, it's just that the OP mentioned road-tripping...
  6. :eek: aren't they gonna be in for a shock! lol
  7. rhondahonda, welcome to NR, I think alot of people would agree in suggesting you should go for at least a 250...
    There is a young lady selling a cbr250, drexa is her id, hers has less then 2000kms I believe, I'd suggest you might make contact with Danielle. But thats your choice :)
    which ever bike you choose, but it so it suits your needs :)
  8. Thanks so much, everyone! I made the assumption that a 125 would do 100km/h pretty easily... I'll certainly look into a 250 instead :-s

    This is exactly why I asked... I'm a noob. Thanks again!
  9. Hi Rhonda, you will probably get up to 100k but you will have little reserves of power at that speed. That makes country road trips tiring. Also with no reserves of power, passing vehicles that are doing 90k an hour is a long wind up and a lot of road space. The 125 would be a reasonable city commuter but run out of legs on the open road as Rob and Nitekreeper have said.
  10. ask and it will be answered :) and youre welcome
  11. At $2k rrp, that's a helluva commuting/run about for the 'burbs.
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  12. And please don't tell anyone I offered advice that may be considered helpful ;)
  13. I toured most of the UK on a 90 with maybe 7 bhp on a good day. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience when approached with the right attitude. Crossed Australia on a Ural with a 90 km/h cruising speed too.

    Pick your roads and times carefully and learn to enjoy the scenery and road trips on small/slow bikes can be loadsa fun.
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  14. I figured on a response like this.
    More figured it would be tales of glory from the seat of a CT110 though...

    Question is, Pat: when you toured on those machines, did you buy them for the purpose or were they just what you had at the time?

    Seems to me, if you're shopping for a bike and planning on touring on it, you'd probably choose something more appropriate...
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  15. And cheers for the tip about drexa! I'd definitely contact her if I didn't still have some saving to do.

    You put that very well, thanks, it makes sense :)

    I'm almost tempted to get one and not worry about the open road... it seems like an awesome bike for the price like you said. (Especially since I have alot of learning to do!) Then again maybe I should look into a used 250... :-w

    Your secret's safe with me [-(
  16. I know what it's like trying to find something at a reasonable price to start out on - I've spent the better part of the last month looking around. I was trying to keep my budget tight so I could get rid of it easily and buy something better in 12 months but the lams prices are ridiculous. The upside is that you should get your money back when (and if) you decide to sell. I had my heart set on a CB400 but the price was getting in the way so I started looking at the GPX250 - they're cheap and I'm told that they're not a bad choice. The other thing is you can pick a 2007 model up for between $3000 and $3500 if you look around.

    I've now bit the bullet and bought a CB400 and while I worried about the cost, that's gone out the window now I've got the bike I wanted. All the best for your search, it's a challenge to find something when you don't have a lot of knowledge on bikes, but the info provided on netrider is invaluable.
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  17. Well, with the 90 it was both really. I wanted a bike so I could do all the stuff you can do with a bike but I had an annual income of about a hunredandtwennyfreequidfifty so the first ten years or so of my riding life was spent on what I could afford rather than what I really wanted.

    If I was back in a position where my budget dictated what I rode to such an extent again, and I lacked the mechanical skills/experience/facilities to keep an older bike on the road cheaply, I'd reckon $2k new for something with a recognised Japanese brand name (even if it's probably built in Brazil) to be a pretty good deal, especially as I have huge regard for Honda's utility bikes, unlike some of their other products.

    The Ural, however was a question of needing to get it across the country and feeling like a bit of an adventure.

    The idea of doing big trips on a little bike still appeals but WA is a bit ill suited to such pursuits, given the lack of interesting roads or enough possible destinations to make it worthwhile. If I lived in the lumpier and more populous East, I'd be very tempted to keep a 125 at the back of the garage for those occasions when I feel like a bit of zen therapy.

    Oh yeah, I weighed about 30kgs less back then too, so it wasn't quite so cruel on the machinery as it would be now :D.
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  18. I know a guy who rode from Sydney to Philip Island on his RS125. On his L plates too. You can road trip anything if you want to.

    That said, I'd advise the OP to get a 250 at least. A 125 is great if all you're doing is commuting, but you'll be out on the open road soon enough and wanting for more.
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  19. Oh it's totally doable, I agree. And if you've got the time it doesn't really matter how long it takes you to get places.
    But when you leave Melbourne after breakfast on the last day and need to be back in Sydney before dinner...
  20. When I was over in the UK a couple of years ago, I found myself following two guys on RS125s around the Highlands of Scotland. L-Plates, camping gear, the lot. They'd come howling past me on a twisty bit and piss off into the distance, then I'd pass them at the next petrol station, then they'd pass me again, then they'd have to stop for fuel again, rinse and repeat for a couple of days. They were obviously having a ball in spite of weeny bikes, constant drizzle and the massive thirst of even a 125 stroker when thrashed :D.