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First Encounter with F'Wit Car Driver

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Zeus, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. I am sure many of the more experienced riders out there have many of these stories but I thought I would share my first encounter with a complete F'Witted car driver.

    I was taking myself in for a late evening swim at the Hobart Aquatic Centre and was driving through Hobart at about 55kph (limit is 60) and there was these two litte sh'ts in a Pulsar Q who I kept passing because they weren't reading the traffic and always ended up behind slowing traffic...I was keeping a constant 55 through the city and they kept speeding past me only to get stuck behind traffic again...and again I pass them...

    So I am about to take the exit to the Aquatic Centre so I move into the left lane and once I get there - these little a'holes come flying up behind me and they begin tailgating me! As I take the exit to my left they veer into my lane close enough for me to kick them with my right foot without having to lift it too far from the peg....

    So I wave my hand at this idiot as he is doing this and as he goes past (well above speed limit) I pull out and follow him across the Tasman bridge in an effort to get his license plate number...Problem for me is that he is now speeding off and I can't see his plate...Anyways...I follow him best I can within the speed limit and low and behold he goes faster (now realises I am pursuing him) and then some poetic justice happens...Because he is trying to get away from me and get even more distance between me and him on the bridge he goes way over 70kph and low and behold - FLASH! Off goes the permanent speed camera on the Tasman Bridge :grin:

    He rounds the corner on the other side of the bridge and goes out towards the airport and I take a different route so I never got his plate...The bugger of a thing was once I got to the pool all pee'd off the young girl at the counter says - do you realise we are closing in 15 mins??? So I MISS MY SWIM...Oh well, he has to live with the speeding ticket, look at himself every morning in the mirror and put up with the little a'hole looking back at him every day until (1) he grows up; (2) he has a personality translplant or (3) he kills himself from being an idiot...

    The hoons must be out for revenge today because I got one of their kind booked by the police for doing a burnout down at Kingston beach yesterday evening and nearly collecting my wife and baby son in the process - it was nice when the police officer knocks on my door today and says - "just wanted to let you know - that idiot you reported from the beac h yesterday, I caught up with him this afternoon and issued him an on the spot fine...When he complained I told him that if I have to chase up statements from witnesses I will charge you with something way more serious...so you had better just wear the ticket mate" :grin:

    I guess you have to take the good with the bad - I am still bummed that I didn't get my swim - oh well....
  2. Hey, good to hear that the cops chased it up and got the knacker who nearly hurt your family hey...

    After some of the stuff thats happened to fellow netriders recently good to know that the cops can sometimes track em down

    Good to hear bout the flash for the hoon too....that rocks...!!!
  3. In hindsight - I probably should have just let the idiot go and have gone for my swim - I was just so pissed...Is it just me or are the idiots just in the majority these days??? I have to go to court twice soon once for apprehending a hoon in front of my house whose wheel flew off his car from too much power into a neighboring house and second for executing a citizens arrest of one of a gang of four louts who decided it would be fun to destroy everyone's letterbox in the street at 3am in the morning - I dunno - the neighbors have called me the deputy sherriff :p - I guess the more people make a stand the more something can be done about the disproportionate idiot quota at the moment :(
  4. :rofl: @ cager getting snapped. Hopefully they get a big fine with many points lost.
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: at the cager getting caught
  6. Hey you got a prety good two for one deal there.
    It cost you one swim, but you have two hoons with tickets in two days for your trouble.
  7. umm, too much power causing a wheel to come off? never!

    besides, if you really are zeus, you should just smite them - or send your son to squeeze their heads :D