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First encounter with blind cager

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Arnas, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Nothing really major happened and I'm sure most of you face it daily, however for me this was the first time where person just moved into my lane without any indication

    Little bonus was very welcome later on that day

  2. Dude.. you're from Sydney!!

    Why didn't you yell abuse at the cager and then proceed to hit their car with an umbrella / thong !!

    You too could have ended up on A Current Affair venting how we all need to share the road, it's un Australian that you need to shave your legs to ride, and the Lycra brigade and just misunderstood.. :sneaky:

    PS: Glad your day ended well ;)
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  3. I'm with JayteeJaytee, I'm not from Sydney and always hurl abuse at them. My personal favourite though... Is when there are two lanes turning left at a set of lights and they move from the left lane into the right to cut you off.
  4. It shits me when someone rides your ass, over takes you then pulls in front of you and brakes...
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  5. LOL Watched someone do that in Melbourne, during Uncle Greg's ride. SMH moment.
  6. I know right. Should do a bit of Russian style next time. Break their window, punch the person, smash the mirror and speed off lol
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  7. Soon you will realise venting at them is a waste of time and the time it takes you to vent you could be long gone.

    BTW you're over a bit far. No wonder he didn't see you. I sit more to the middle and haven't had any issues so far.
  8. I usually tend to be in the middle as well however I usually turn left at that set of lights so wanted to move closer to middle lane to be able to see incoming traffic and turn safely
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  9. There is no perfect position to be in. Left, middle, or right of lane as conditions change by the second on urban roads.
    Moving around in your lane will give you a much better chance of being seen.
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  10. Geez, he kept coming hey? - ie didn't return to his lane when he realised you were there. That's a bit ragey/aggressive on his part. Most times if someone has just SMIDSY's they return to their lane rather than trying to force the issue.
  11. Road positioning is a dynamic thing, assessment of risk etc. Who and what is the greatest risk at the time, what is the safest escape route, where is danger likely to come from. Being out wide lets you see around the corner further but you may have placed yourself in the blind spot of his mirrors. That's not an excuse for him he should do head checks as well but few car drivers do.

    If you look at your video when he swings he has his exterior mirrors set very tight to the line of the vehicle so not a lot of vision out wide.


    Be dynamic in your lane, the human brain is genetically programmed to react to moving things. A moving thing may eat you or you may be able to eat it, the primitive part of our brains react that way. So if you move around you are more likely to be seen in one of his mirrors and he will know you are there. Presupposing he is actually looking. :) Glad it worked out Ok for you. Have a read of the Road Craft thread there is lots of good advice in there from other riders. (y)
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  12. Just be careful with the abuse and particularly whacking. You can end up on charges and coming down hard on things like road-rage is these days. "he started it" ain't gonna help you much with a magistrate.
    SMISDY happens. Better to not vent and keep your cool, avoid as best you can and look for the next situation. While your attention is angrily foccused on venting at the cage, you might be about to ride under a truck that wasn't there a moment a go.
    Let it wash over you, don't engage and enjoy your ride.
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  13. Clearly my joke re: abuse went over a few heads..

    This comment was in reference to ducatitrooperducatitrooper getting abused for filtering and his comment "She is also carrying one of those small collapsable umbrellas in her hand, didn't really pay much attention to it first off, but then things get quite surreal, 'cos she starts hitting me on the back with this umbrella!!"

    I don't condone violence and you never know who you are picking on.. They could pull a gun / knife on you etc..
  14. JayteeJaytee I know you were joking. My reference was to Lalaj.

    I'm still having a laugh about that umbrella bandit. Told the missus and she cracked up.
  15. Being a smart a*se. Doesn't always translate, it would if you knew me.
  16. Yeah realised. Just trying to spread the love.
  17. This is why women don't hang around on this forum.
  18. Wasn't last weekend was it?
  19. Weekend just gone, Saturday the 31st of January, 2015.
  20. Oh you weren't at the practice session beforehand where you? :)