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First edit - Mt Nebo - 4 May 13

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ub3rS0ldat, May 4, 2013.

  1. I saw a post just a moment ago which got me thinking The different types of editing people do to their videos in terms of length and whether or not they have music or just the engine noise.

    Personally I like long videos with music. But when I'm riding I don't listen to music and prefer to listen to the bike and what other ambient noise there happens to be. I guess the long videos are enjoyable as you get to really see the type of rider a person is and with music, well, I guess it just gives you an insight into their personality.

  2. No music sounds as good as a bike engine being fanged.
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  3. If you can get the mic set up so you can hear mostly engine instead of wind noise, that's definitely the best option.

    I also prefer short over long - show people the best of your best stuff, not the entire ride you went on. And artificially speeding up the video is totally cheating if there are corners involved.
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  4. Engine noise, preferably between 9 and 13+K in the rev range.

    Don't care how long the vid is if the content is interesting.
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  5. Perfect weather this Saturday - decided to go for a ride through Mt Nebo and spent some time putting in music.

    Didn't cut any of the ride out and kept the speed at normal pace.

    Any constructive feedback is appreciated. (When I get an external mic i'll probably opt for just the engine noise and not bother with music.)

  6. Always like hearing the sound of the engine, but i dont mind if there is low music in the background while you can still hear the bike mostly.
  7. Biggest problem is the $hit that laughingly gets passed as music these days..but then I'm just old....

    +1000, nothing like the howl of a good multi cylinder 2 stroke at full noise
  8. Hey mate, nice effort.. umm.. I'd say cut the name floating around the screen - that is very distracting.. you'll see most guys have a quick 10-15 sec intro, but it took about 48 seconds for your video to settle down. If you must put music, at least try to let some of the engine noise through..
    Unless there's a POI cut out a lot of the straights. People like to see twisty bits..

    And I'm somewhat into views.. I saw at 23:10 there's (what looks like) a drop off as you come around the corner.. if it's a good view, slow up a bit (no cars behind ya) and try to capture this on camera. Most of us will never be travelling the roads you are, so playing tourist for your audience is definite winner material in my books..

    Delete the footage of you sorting out the GPS too.. it breaks up the whole ride experience..

    Other than that, as I said above - nice effort (y)
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  9. Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate it. Yea I was just being silly with the intro part, getting used to the methods used in the program. I've got an idea for a proper intro.

    I'd like to record the engine but all I hear is wind noise on the Contour, I decided on the music over the muffling noise of the wind. So I might just record audio on my phone and sync it up when I get back.

    thanks again for the feedback.
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  10. Great job. Agree with the above.
    Most won;t sit through 30 mins unless you can "grab" them somehow. If you can get engine noise that will be better to asses riding.
    If yo use an additional method to get sound you'll need to sync it. Have seen a guy who taps his helmet for a reference - can see the tap and sync with the sound of it.

    What did you edit with?

    Looks a bit washed out and contrasty at times. Expect that with these cams but editing software might be able to help a bit.
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  11. There are some lighting settings in the contour software that I could mess with, a few times I notice the light puts a big streak down the screen - not sure if anything will fix that.

    Kinda wished I got the Contour that allows an external mix .

    I'm using Sony Vegas.
  12. I get the same issue with the lighting. ..I don't think the camera lens can handle direct sunlight.
    When the contour+2 comes down in price I'll be getting one of them.
  13. I downloaded this (oops) just to see what I could do with some of the washouts in PowerDirector 11. Am new to it and vid seemed like a good one to play with.
    Have had some success in reducing the harshness of them. ColorDirector *might* be able to do more.
    You could conceivably reduce a lot of it manually but I went for quick fixes.
  14. Well, it's in public domain now :). I'll have a play with the lighting but I want to focus on the engine noise and my intro concept - and editing out the boring stuff ha ha.
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  15. @Ub3rS0ldat what did you use to edit??? the software i used dropped the quality of my vid but yours looks pretty clear... and what cam is it?
  16. Sony Vegas Pro 11 I believe. The cam I use is Contour Roam 2.
  17. I asked in the Cyberlink forums about techniques for dealing with the light flashes and the guy looked at your video and complimented on it being a great first edit.
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