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First drop

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gre03, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. I was out the front of the supermarket after hanging out with friends. All geared up and ready to go, i jumped on the bike like usual and for some reason it tilted slightly too far to the right. I tried to save it and usually it's pretty easy to catch it as it's only a 140 odd kg bike. For some reason i couldn't hold it and over it went.

    Luckily i 'tried' to save it all the way down so it wasn't a hard hit and the handle bars were straight so they didn't hit the tank or anything. Amazingly the only damage were very slight scuffs on the right footpeg, a slightly bent rear brake and a bent front brake, scuffs on the right bar end and a badly adjusted mirror.

    Of course my adrenaline was pumping so i took a few moments to collect myself and very gingerly left the carpark.

    just thought i'd share the story of my first drop. Thanks for reading :)

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  2. Doesn't sound like too much damage. Glad you got that out of the way now without too many tears...
  3. It happens to pretty much everyone at some point. Try to learn from it so it doesn't become a habit.

    FYI, I almost dropped mine on Sunday doing a u turn into a really badly shaped driveway.
    I actually beached it in a huge gutter that ran on an angle across it.
  4. Best type of incident that you could have with the bike. It happens to a lot of us at times during our riding life so don't dwell on it. Just acknowledge and realise what you did wrong and learn from it.
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  5. took you long enough!
  6. And there was I thinking, you just tasted the first Bottle from this years Wine batch. :giggle:
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