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First Drop

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by phil01, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. I have only been riding since April , got my R date 4 weeks ago.
    and this morning had the biggest lesson yet.

    low speed tight corner at humbug scrub (adelaide north),
    scared the hell out of me ,
    Keen to go back and have another look and see what the surface was like – I didn’t at time as I was shaken up a bit.

    Anyway bike is out of action – the front wheel is out of alignment somehow and mirrors and handle bar controls are all messed up.
    vstar 650 the wheel is twisted on front axle and it means the handlebars are about 5 degrees out of alignment - any tips here? it looks like its down low at axle not the triple T.


  2. I'd be extra cautious of any corner in a place named "Humbug Scrub". I'd probably even be wary of the straights.
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  3. yeah the corner was very deceptive...)
  4. Glad to hear you're ok, hope you get bike back on the road sooner
  5. Good to get the "first one" out of the way, and realise you're still alive and love your riding just as much... Right?
    But what happened? Front wash out? Spin up the rear? Did the bike hit something?

    Obvious answer so far is that the forks are a little twisted, which is easily fixed.
    But I want to know if the bike hit something other than the ground first...
  6. You're keen mate, weather's been miserable and cold lately!

    Was it a blind decreasing radius turn, or was it open? Panic braking?
  7. with all the down pours we have had lately, a lot of mud/sand/dirt is washed onto the roads in that side of town, (and on my side of town in the south) with cars running all over it it settles in middle of the lanes. not good for experienced riders.....twice as tricky for us learners etc....

    the main thing phil is that you are ok. will see you asap mate.
  8. if you are lucky it might just be bent bars!
    you might find a cheapo replacement set.

    take it easy (on the road) boy!
    you might only get one chance.
    remember= if you walk away, its a good day!!

    sometimes (very) low speed corners can be slick in the wet.

    make sure you get to know your surfaces
    (more important the more power you have)
    if you lose traction it could be game over

    most foreign stuff on the road is just a bit loose like gravel, but wet mud is like ice
    take care if there is ANY moisture

    dirt riding will help you learn about traction loss if you are interested
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  9. Not sure what went wrong
    Road was dry
    Corner was tighter than expected
    Was heaps slow
    Did something really dumb - took foot of peg
    Pear shape from there basically
    Going to ho back and have another look soon
    Think surface was loose , resurface type loose
  10. Foot off peg really should not make things go pear shaped.
    Maybe some back brake was needed?

    Not sure what to tell you , last time i did a slow speed drop it was in a service station ,touched the front brakes while maneuvering .
  11. I read some tips on the forums recently about putting pressure on the pegs, obviously while squeezing the tank with your knees. It works, keeps you dedicated to the bike and your movement instead of throwing your weight and concentration - that's my 2c at least.