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First Drop Today - and passing biker didn't stop

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by SJade, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    So today I had my first drop. I've had my Learners and bike for about 3 weeks. I had ridden to Honda in Ringwood for spares and was riding around the back suburban streets afterwards, they were deserted, just taking my time and enjoying the practice. I came to a stop at T intersection, a car was parked directly opposite the intersection on the side of the road. I went to turn right, and fcked up the turn pretty badly, not turning hard enough and realising I was going to ride into the car (at this point I have to admit I was looking right at the car thinking "don't hit the car don't hit the car don't hit the car". Don't worry, I know EXACTLY where I went wrong). Anyway long story short I panicked, dropped the throttle, hard locked the bike right and it slid out from under me. No major damage, and I slid a meter or so and am fine.

    So then I tried to lift my bike up. It's a Honda CB250, pretty light, but I'm not super strong and I was struggling a bit because I was still so shaky from the drop. Just then I hear another bike. At the next street up, pulling out into mine, is a cruiser bike. He stops at his T Intersection. Looks right at me for like 3 seconds. He pulls out... and rides right past.

    I was so angry I lifted the bike right up by the handlebars and don't even really remember doing it.

    Just had to vent. I bet most other people or even a car driver would have stopped to help. No injuries though, just a lot of damage to my confidence! Most of you guys would have stopped though... right?
  2. You're a lady that could have used a bit of help?

    He was gay!

    Yeah, of course most people here would've helped you, no hesitation!

    Glad your ok!
  3. Maybe the guy didn't want to assist because he is a true egalitarian and because women can do anything a man can - even lift their own dropped bikes - he didn't want to offend by offering you help and that being misconstrued someway that you are incapable of doing it yourself.
  4. LOL screw feminism, I wanted a hand!

    Or at least a "are you ok? oh good then you can lift your bike up yourself" before he rode off!
  5. I think most people would stop and help. But on the bright side, at least you know you can pick your bike up by yourself if you have to.

    Don't worry too much about the drop though. Everybody does it at some stage. Loz has a good video on how to pick a bike up more easily, so you might want to watch it.
  6. Yeah he could have at least asked. I'd offer to help anyone, male, female, or unknown, and especially if I noticed its a learner. Offer some encouragement and make sure they take a few deep breaths before moving off again. Its just the decent thing to do.
  7. Yeah, you're right motolegion, maybe he was a good for nothing beta male that has been beaten into submission by feminist dykes such as Greer, Dworkin et al. In that case he probably wouldn't have been any help.

    SJade, here's a video teaching how to pick up a dropped bike, I've used the technique myself. Don't worry about the fall, it's part of the learning curve.


    EDIT: oops, zenali beat me to it. :p
  8. he may not of seen you. He probably scanned at car height. People are lazy, and most people rarely actually LOOK. Why do you think cars pull out on us? Not to mention cars and trucks, and hell there has even been some guy in Victoria who pulled out in front of a train, with the whole smidsy excuse.
  9. i would have stopped, but only because you're a girl.
  10. [​IMG]

    "There's your problem."
  11. I would have stopped and helped cause your on a Honda!!!!

    Dont let it play on your mind, learn from it.
  12. I would have stopped to help, not because your a chick but simply because that's my nature.
    I have had to pick my bike up before. It's not that hard when your cool calm and collected - actually pretty easy - but that's a rare thing when you actually have to do it and when you flustered, shocked or just pissed off it and be a struggle.
    Good that you were unscaved.
    Any damage to the bike?

    Not trying to be a prick but it sounds like you need some more practice, like car park practice to work on this stuff. Where are you located? You might be able to find someone here that could help.
  13. Really sorry to hear about it SJade... what an arsehole.

    I would have stopped in a heartbeat... actually for anyone in trouble, car or bike.
  14. Only damage is that the front wheel is a little out of alignment, I rode it to a nearby service place and will hopefully get it back tomorrow. My confidence and pride took a much worse beating than the bike!

    I Definitely need more practice, that was why I was in the back streets in the first place. But it does look like I'll need to head back to those carparks to practice tight cornering, full lock turns and u-turns in particular. I'm out in Kilsyth (east melb) so the tues/sat/sunday learner rides are an adventure in themselves to get to the start point. Once I've got confidence back up again I'll head on out to one.

    At least I know I can pick up the bike now though! Thanks to those who sent me video links, that's a much better method than how I did it today! And thanks to all those who would have stopped to help or offer an encouraging word if they'd been riding past :)
  15. Well, you know what they say: If you can't pick it up, you shouldn't be riding it!

    Of course, that logic doesn't really fly in reality. Rocket III anyone?

    Might have just been an arsehole, might not have seen you, could just be a standard cruiser rider. At least you know you can pick your bike up again if you ever need to.
  16. Glad to hear that you're alright and the damage to the bike seems minor. One day that person riding that cruiser may need a hand in a situation and finds that there is none to be had. Karma can be a biatch..........
  17. I am very early into my riding career. But about 5 years ago I watched a guy drop at the light turning right and I was behind him and I got out of my car and helped him. Gotta believe in karma. Lol. Cuz I'm sure I'll drop one day. And damn I hope someone helps me :)
  18. I would have stopped to help, he didn't, it doesn't make him an arsehole just someone who couldn't/didn't want to help.
  19. Agreed - I've had 2 bad experiences helping people, both females who got a bug in their arse about not needing a mans help... I still stop though, it's just who I am...
  20. My G/F got her learners last week and is picking up her 250 Hyosung this Friday, We are in Lilydale and will be doing a lot of practising with her to learn her bike riding skills, You are quite welcome to join us if you want some one to ride with, It will be all in the car parks for a while till she gets used to it, Then the back roads where there is no traffic,I have been riding for 47 years, So I dont need the practice,