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First drop... that was embarassing.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BoostJunky, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. So Ive had the new bike for all of...3 days. Tonight I go to a bbq at someones place and the street is quite a steep hill. Everywhere is at quite of an angle including the driveways. Leaving I pull up to the edge of the road where it is very uneven. Inch forward a little and...uhh...where is the ground...crap. I got my foot on the ground and tried to muscle it up to no avail. It was a soft drop..but hurt the ego none the less. Bike has some very light scratches on the can (will polish out) and a broken indicator. No big deal but certainly didnt make me happy.

    I miss my super light and low 500 now. :(

  2. Ah well, you learn a cheap lesson! Do NOT STOP! when riding over dips and dish gutters(and speed humps!). If you may have to stop, cross them at a shallow angle, so you can get your foot down if need be.
    As important at low speeds as where the bike's wheels are going is where your feet will go if you have to stop. The trick with low speed manouvering is never paint yourself into a corner, ie, never ride somwhere your current skill level can't get you out of.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I would have dropped my bike yesterday if it was heavier.

    Went round a right hand street corner and shifted from 1st to N mid-turn instead of 2.

    Revs went way up, bike went at a 45 degree angle, and I muscled it back up awkwardly and kept going.

  4. It happens to the best of us. Trust me been down the road many of times and have the photos to prove it! My first drop was when i was a cleaner back in "92" and ended up sliding under a boom gate on my way to work with all my work mates watching me! After seeing that my supervisor did'nt make me vacum the uni that morning. Did i see the boom gate? It was six in the morning and for the past month it had been opened to let us into the car park and that was the first day back to school for the students. One broken head light on my suzuki Gt 185 and lesson of be ready for anything on a bike.
  5. Once dropped a friend off who lived in a warehouse (which reminds me: did you hear the one about the dyslexic pimp?). Her 'driveway' was a small, raise loading platform and I parked on the edge of it, with platform on my left and a 1 metre drop on the right.

    That was okay, I knew what I was doing and I came to a stop and let the bike fall to the left and put my foot down. All good. Until I went to leave, and pushed the bike up to kick up the side stand, put my right foot out and....
  6. :rofl:

    That deserves an award! I hope there wasn't *too* much damage...

    Luckily I haven't dropped mine yet *touch wood* had a couple of near misses, one only a couple of weeks after starting riding with a fully loaded backpack jury-rigged to the seat whilst trying a low-speed u-turn, the other today on gravel...nasty stuff.

    Boost - what kind of bike is it? Sucks to hear about the ego and the bike
  7. heh heh... just an indicator and bar end on the ol' YZF600. That was about 1997.

    Just to prove I don't learn anything, a mere few months back I came home on the now infamous and then-new KTM SuperDuke. My driveway is made of flagstones and goes uphill to the garage. I left my bike idling while I went to open the garage door, as I did with the gal's VFR400 on previous occasions.

    Except, after opening the door I turn around and the KTM's lumpy V-twin has 'crump-crump-crumped' the bike back down the driveway, and it's now reversing away from me at some rate! No, I didn't get to it in time and Katie scored her first battle scars- scratched mirror, side panel and muffler guard.

    I used to hate being an idiot, but I've got used to it.
  8. Nah thats not that embarrassing, We all do it :oops:

    To date my best was after a long lane split down springvale rd a few summers ago ,

    Let me fill in the blanks 1st [ it was one of those 40+ deg days and I didn't put my boots on, threw them in the gearsac and kept my runners on ]

    Anyhoo , I got to the front at the lights, with a slight smile to myself about the 100 or so cages I just split past :twisted:

    Then went to put my left foot down, as you do ............................... but..... somehow my shoelace had entwined itself around the peg and now off balance, me and the bike ended up on the road with my leg pinned under and still attached to the peg :shock: :LOL:
    Seeing as I was in the way of one lane and in fits of laughter at myself, two guys had to lift the bike of me so I could untangle my shoelace :oops:

    But on the upside my laughing at the stupidity of the situation and at my self, was catching and all that could see what had happened joined in [ either laughing with or at me ] and only the ones further back where pissed at missing a green light. :LOL: :LOL:

    ps: on the rare occasion I wear runners now, I make sure that the laces are well and truly tucked into my shoes :LOL:
  9. battlescars = street-cred
  10. Its a 2004 Suzuki SV650S.
  11. you in aus yet :)
  12. Oh please tell me it was the intersection of Springvale and Princes Hwy so I can claim I'm not the only one! :oops:

    Did it myself a few weeks ago...same thing...filtered...bit of a 'ner ner' to the other cars...and promptly fell over. I, on the other hand, didn't have shoelaces to blame...I STILL don't know what I did :( :oops:
  13. Yup. Been here since the 16th. I want to make it out to some of the rides/coffee nights but I dont know the city well yet (obviously) and Im especially nervous riding areas I dont know at night.
  14. ahahaha...Good one Bob...at least you had an excuse, mate...
  15. Yeah dropping bike bites. I was proud of the fact that I hadn't dropped my bike in 6 months of getting it but last week I dropped it twice in the space of a few days. The first time on tan-bark in my front yard as the ground was soft and the stand simply sank into it. The second time when getting bike off centre stand at 6am when I still wasn't fully awake.

    Glad there wasn't too much damage though.
  16. I dropped mine this morning.

    I am SO piss#d with myself. It was as soon as I got to work. I opened the roller door, got back onto the bike and then started to take off. I had started on the dry rough concrete but the indoor car park is that smooth/polished concrete that can be a LITTLE slippery when wet. By the way... did anyone else know that it was wet this morning :evil: :evil:

    I'm gunna post in the technical forum, what faults/problems should I look out for now that the bike has been dropped?
  17. Nope sorry was down further at the Westall rd intersection :p
  18. Well damn...now I just look silly :p