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First drop, interesting experience

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Radar, May 17, 2008.

  1. Well guys, last night my luck finally ran out so to speak.

    Was riding home from work at 2:30AM. It was raining pretty well heavy, and conditions were slippery. The 60k road I was riding along splits into two at a set of traffic lights to go onto a 70k highway road, I indicated left, and the guy in front indicated right.

    At the very last possible second before hitting the median, and still indicating right, the white ute infront decides to come into my lane and turn left, with me in it, almost right into me. So my choice is either into a gutter at 40kmph, or try my luck in brakeing. I go for the brakeing option, grab the front what I now know is way too hard, and lowsided at about 40kmph in the wet. The guy that nearly took me out must have seen this, and gunned it onto the highway without even looking, which would be insane in the best conditions.

    The bike, a 2000 ZZR 250, ended up about 10 yards away in the middle of the road. After checking myself out, and finding myself surprisingly ok, I somehow managed to pick it up (no idea how), and pushed it onto the footpath using the traffic light padestrian bit.

    Damage to bike: Obliterated left mirror, right front fairing heavily cracked and scratched, gear lever bent well out of shape. Maybe a couple of hundred bucks to fix everything but fairing.

    Damage to me: Gravel rash the size of a 20c coin below hip, two very sore wrists.

    Here's the thing I couldn't believe. No one stopped. Out of the half dozen or so cars that went straight past me while on the road, not a single one stopped. One taxi driver going the same way I was went around the bike while I was picking myself out of the gutter. The guys outside the pub across the road having a smoke and staring at me didn't even come over to check if I was ok. This is the part I really don't get. If I saw anyone that could potentially be injured anywhere I'd do everything I could to stop and offer assistance. It's almost crazy to think of anyone driving past.

    Luckily I had a mate who lived 800meters away, he came around, rode my bike back to his place (stuck in 5th, mind you), and took me in for the night.

    In conclusion, have proper gear. I'd hate to think what could have happened had I not been wearing my proper gear. None of it is damaged at all, there's a slight cuff mark on the Draggin's but it's not noticable. Also, don't expect anyone at all to stop and offer assistance. Ever.

    I'm happy, I walked away slightly bruised and confused, I got very, very lucky. Could have been alot worse.
  2. Sorry you had such a bad experience, but glad you are OK.

    Maybe you got up too quickly. ;-)

    Not that you would want to lie there to see what would happen next, especially in the rain, and especially at night.

    That's one of the good things about wet-weather mishaps - water is a great lubricant on the road, and sometimes bikes can even drop in the wet without any real damage.

    And that's a good reminder that, at any time but especially in the wet, anyone can be invisible to another driver (or rider...) and we need to ride and drive accordingly.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS You don't seem to have given any clues as to which south american country this occurred in... ;-)
  3. That rough, but you came out of it okay, and that's more important. You should have gone to see if you could get some details from the guys at the pub (if anyone was sober enough) so you could go to the coppers and have what happened on record for insurance. I'd guess that it'll still be at fault without the other party, but at least you've got it on the record with a witness.

    When my car was written off by someone running a red light (quite obviously considering the front of it was missing) in medium traffic, the cars just drove around and kept on going - not a single car stopped. In the middle of Royal Pde in Parkville too. I know exactly how you felt! Don't expect help from anyone on the road - very few still have any decency.
  4. Glad to hear you were not seriously injured.
    Makes me angry :evil: to hear not ONE person rendered assistance.
    I was travelling down Bennet St Dandenong this morning, when I come across a rider down. Even though there were quite a few people and an ambulance on the scene, I still felt obliged to stop. After seeing she was ok.. ( seems she lowsided after locking the brakes trying to avoid a vehicle that had stopped abruptly in front of her ), I still offered to store her bike if needed ..( My workshop was just 400m away ).

    Perhaps all those people who couldn't be fooked offering to help you, may find themselves in a similar situation. Karma has a way of catching up with us all.
  5. damnn could've been alot worse

    good stuff you're ok
  6. There's no insurance problems really. I only have third party (uni student, can't afford the $1.1k they wanted), and my bike didn't hit their car, plus they did a runner.

    Just means I have to cop the repairs myself. Fairing I won't bother with until after tax time, might get the whole thing repaired and resprayed, but I've got no idea how much the bent gear lever will cost. It still changes up, won't go down though. Any ideas?
  7. glad that you are alright mate... my experience was a tad different. 3 cars and 1 bike stopped to help me

    on a plus side maybe you can streetfighter the zzr :p
    is the lever bent inwards?

    i want tax time to come to. so i can do some stuff to my bike too.. i was in a bingle a few days back
  8. I could probably streetfighter it, but it'd look pretty stupid I think. All the damage is on the upper right fairing, all the rest is fine, so I dunno. I'll think about it.

    I can't remember exactly which way the lever is bent. Pretty sure the peg has bent backwards towards the ass end. Hope there's no damage to the gearbox internals :/
  9. Take it off, and 'persuade' it gently to be straight again? With a mallet or something :) See if that would work.

    Also, how'd you destroy the left mirror, bend the gear selector , then destroy the right fairing?
  10. Good question. I think the 2 hours of dodgy couch sleep I got last night might explain that. It was of course the left fairing.
  11. Best way to straighten is to remove it, place it in a vise and then use a tube over the toe section of the lever to bend it straight.

    Apply gentle pressure. Sometimes a large shifter can be adjusted to grip the main shaft part of the gear lever to straighten it approximately.

    The ratchet and pawl mechanism used to turn the up and down movement of the lever into rotary movement of the shift drum could be damaged or broken. This is frequently not a major job and does not require a complete strip down, but I don't know your bike model directly.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  12. ^ Or you could do Trevor's method :)

    I don't have a bench vise, so a lot of my straightening work involves the mallet.
  13. VCM - I drove by Bennet st too, but saw a stack of people already helping and opted not to stop. Good to know the rider was OK.

    Have to say it shook me up a bit though....

    I don't ride in the wet. Too scared.
  14. what a lovely human being. taking you out then hooning off
    no wonder they won't cure cancer

    glad you're alive man. it's fcuking sucky when this shit happens
  15. Managed to fix the shift lever today, just needed a bit of prying with the shifter.

    Bike runs fine, seems a bit rich though, might need to clean out the carbs or something?

    Dissapointing thing is I cracked both the side and front fairings. Learners, don't by a fully faired bike!
  16. hey radar, where abouts are u from?

    lucky it aint that bad..ride safe...it's been a lil wet here in melbourne
  17. OMG
    This is my first forum dicsussion (L - plater here)
    So much talk of crashes, hit n runs and being run off the road - i'm starting to get nervous! :?:
  18. Get used to it girl :LOL:

  19. AHHH - i dont think so sunshine!
    I value my skin!!!
  20. That's why you wear all those leather, draggins, gloves, etc right :p ?