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First drop - I mean first crash

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bonni, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Dammit!

    My bike was crashed yesterday but not by me!
    My bloke had to practice as he's picking up his bike today and riding it home - or was. It'll be delivered now.

    He was going round a corner too fast, with a car up his butt and things got a bit much. He fell on his left side and has a sore shoulder and the bike has a couple of scratches but nothing too noticeable.

    The thing that really annoys me is the guy up his butt just drove off!
    Another car pulled over and the people helped him up and made sure he was ok. But I can't believe that someone would just drive off like that!

    I know it happened to him, but I was a bit shaken too - I wanna make sure if I've got a car up my butt that I slow down and don't get flustered.
  2. Ouch that sucks. The car who drove off probably thought they hit your bloke.
    You'll notice cagers will and do bully 2 wheelers. Remember to stay calm even if they are 1m behind you as long as you have a safe escape route you'll be fine. Dont be crazy and hit turns at like 60km on normal roads. If you find yourself in the same situation just pull over and let a minute pass so the cager can just overtake you and you can be on your way.
  3. Hey Sprong im 19 (nearly) and i live in berala too ! haha what a coincidence. sweet now i have someone to hassle to help me buy my first bike :p
  4. Ouch thats not a drop, thats a crash, glad the bike didn't sustain too much damage.
  5. Actually yeah you're right. I'm going to change the title if I can.
  6. It makes it all the worse that its a new bike but the main thing is that he is alright. Bikes can be replace but people cannot. Are you mad at him?
  7. Weeeell....

    When I heard the garage door go up I thought 'Thats odd...' he'd normally come in and rave about it or want my help. So I went out there and he said 'I came off it.'

    I thought he was joking. The next thing I thought was 'You're on you're feet so you must be ok - lemme see the bike!'

    The indicator was hanging down and he said had to push the bike back cos he said he couldn't get it started. It turned out the indicators were rubbery and still worked fine so I pushed it back in and the engine was flooded, so I just revved it till it turned over again. (My bloke has never driven a car, let alone a car with a choke.) So aside from two small scratches (on the black plastic and not the decals) its fine.

    I was mad though - I didn't hug him for a while and he was a shaking mess. I think he was more scared of my reaction than anything.
    But its all ok now. Reality check for both of us. And no he won't be taking my bike out again - and I get to drop his bike when he gets it later on this week.....*kidding*......maybe.
  8. Hey Bonnie, that is really bad luck, I'm sorry to hear about another GPX getting hurt :(

    Thankfully the damage only appears superficial
  9. Yep - must admit, I shed a tear.

    I don't like my bike getting hurt either.
  10. Glad to hear that everything is OK Bonni, with your man and your bike!

    When I was learning to ride I would ride up and down our court. One time(out of many times) I fell off as a car was driving past, they slowed down but then they saw Hubby riding up on his bike to rescue me, and they drove off. I was glad that they slowed down I think they would have helped if I needed it. I am glad to hear that some people helped him get up and the bike up to.

    Stay safe

  11. Glad to hear you're ok too!

    And Yep - my bloke is now enrolled in the Learn at Snails Pace Motorcycle School rather than the 'Crash' Course.

    We're going to spend this weekend (cos he gets his bike tomorrow) practicing taking off and controlling the bike at low speed. I wanna get those pesky take offs at traffic lights all smoothed out - so we'll be doing that a million times (minus the traffic lights) and then if we feel better we might ride a Maccas and get some breakie (cos it will be ridiculously early) and then we might do some figure eights and some corners in a carpark somewhere.

    I've got it all figured. And I'm so itching to get out there - this damn weather isn't helping much!