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First Drop (and second) and damages

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by revz, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Well it happened today, my first drop on my first motorcycle (vtr250)](*,). Happened when I was practicing figure 8's (while in the left turn) in a car park. No dents or any cosmetic damage on the tank or frame as she had oggy knobs fitted on her. However when I got the bike up, I tried to get on without the side stand out and there she fell again ](*,). Good thing still no damage on frame and tank as the oggy knobs saved her again. After I picked her up again (immediately putting the side stand on first) I found the clutch lever was bent, the left indicator very slightly bent and the sticker on the oggy knob came off. Okay still good as they are generally cheap to fix from research. Then horror came, I found the left handle bar tip leaking some sort of transparent fluid very slowly from the inside of the grip and the fluid is scentless. Anyone have any ideas what fluid it is? Does warranty cover these issues (As she still has approximately 4 months of warranty when I bought her off another person)? O nearly forgot, no damage on me except a slightly twisted left wrist.

    Okay I checked it again after approximately 2 hours after I came back home. The handlebar isn't isn't leaking anything now. However I will check again tomorrow.
  2. No warranty...YOU damaged the bike.

    The liquid coming from the bars has got me tossed...buggered if I know what it could be, but it's certainly nothing to do with the operation of the bike IMHO.
  3. Well the liquid has stopped leaking from the left handlebars now. I'll check on it again tomorrow. Now that I thought about it, was probably being stupid asking about warranty anyways. Should I at least get the clutch lever fixed since the position of the clutch lever kind of feels weird now although still usable. Also is it an easy job trying to reposition the left signal light? Since I looked at it, seems to just moved out of place, no cracks or broken bits.
  4. lol no warranty chance there. The only thing I can think of for the fluid is if water got in there somehow, there really shouldn't be any liquid in the handlebars. New gear lever should only be 15 bucks or so tops.
  5. +1
    It's probably just some water in there. If it's a new bike I bet youv'e washed it a million times so far.
    Sorry about the drop, we have all been there. No harm done so it's all good experience.
  6. Yeah, don't worry about the liquid, it's almost certainly water from when you washed the bike last time. Don't worry about the drop, either; we've all done that, and you'll probably do it again. That's why I always recommend that your first bike be none too flash so that you don't get too upset when you put some damage on it.
  7. Liquid from the left handle bar could be clutch fluid.. I'm not sure if the new VTR250's are hydraulic but if so then that's what I'd bet.
    Especially since it fell on the left side and bent the lever.

    If it still feels good (aka nice and solid and the bike can be pushed easily with the clutch in while in gear) then s'all good.
    Having a working clutch is very important, especially while learning.

    Better luck next attempt (y)

  8. Cheers people,
    As for the VTR, it's a 2007 model but the previous owner bought it in 2008 but not sure whether the clutch is hydraulic or not. I'll probably leave the clutch for a few more days or a week seeing it is still working and I might drop it again doing low speed maneuver practices anyways.
  9. Did you feel the fluid? Did it feel like water or more slippery? Was it coloured?

    I'd fix the lever, a good way to start learning about running repairs.

    Most of us have dropped bikes in embarrasing ways ... most of us are human!

    I dropped my old Kawasaki and broke the front brake lever off on my way to the great ocean road, I had to turn around and head back to Geelong to pick up another lever. It is not fun at all riding without front brakes since they do most of the stopping! I did it while doing a U turn on the side of a hill and felt like a fool!

    It's all part of the adventure and the learning experience!
  10. Think the fluid generally feels more like water. And yea, I guess dropping is part of the learning process :].
  11. I had a 2005 VTR250 and it definitely had a cable operated clutch.
  12. just taste the fluid, a tiny bit on your tongue wont kill you and you'll know straight away if its water or not haha.
  13. Okay checked PS at Melbourne CBD for a new clutch lever for my vtr. For a genuine Honda one they wanted 30 bucks. As for aftermarket ones which should be cheaper, they stock up to the 2006 model. I asked the salesman and he said the 2006 model and 2007 model should have the same clutch lever. Is this true? Sorry if the question is stupid, newb here.

    And by the way how do you stick the L-plates on the bike securely? Mine's keep falling off.
  14. Bicycle_Camera_Mount_Fastener.
    Screw, couple of broad washers and a wingnut should secure the plate nicely, and it's water. take your bar end weight off and drain it, unless you want your bar to rust from the inside out. Lean the bike over, or take the bar off to do it. leaning is better.