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QLD First Dirt Track Race meet (in 20 years)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Hondamick, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Ok, so some of you may have seen that I have been doing the QLD road racing club rounds this year out at Morgan Park.

    I decided in my wisdom to justify buying a dirt bike and doing some dirt track training to help my bike control.
    The misses went nuts as expected. "Why do you need another bike" she hollered.
    I explained to her that Valenteno and Marc and all the MotoGP guys train on the dirt and if Repsol Honda or Yamaha ever were looking for another GP star I might get overlooked if Im not training on the dirt :)
    As expected she called me an "idiot" and muttered something about being to old/slow/fat...

    Anyway I did a few practice afternoons at North Brisbane Junior Motorcycle Club on a Wednesday afternoon.
    Was a stack of fun. Last club round of the year was coming up and as Im still fixing my CBR600 from the wet weather get off I thought why not enter and see how I go.

    My bikes a YZF450 so I was able to enter into the senior "450" class and the "open" class (essentially the same field).
    The club got though 3 rounds, meaning I got 6 races in total. There was a pretty full grid of about 10 bikes.

    Race 1. Rubbish start, last down the straight, passed about 4 people in the first 4 corners and crashed around the sweeper coming onto the straight... Restart finish last

    Race 2. Rubbish start, Passes a few people into the first corner, someone crashes in front of me, I decide to go wide to avoid them, hard on the gas around them, bang... on my ass again.. Restart finish last

    Race 3. Rubbish start... OK Im not even going to say that again they were shit all day.... Once again pass a few people into turn one, turn 3 and 4 are tight so Im trying to make a spot or 2, banging bars, and ramming people, while being rammed (seems normal by race 3) I panic, get target fixation and run of the track, clip a massive bale of milk creates and stall..... Restart finish last

    Race 4. Goal was to finish. More conservative and I did finish, not last but certainly at the tail of the field.

    Race 5 and 6. Definitely better. Slightly better start, and I find myself battling for about 6th or 7th. Old mate go the better of me but I had a blast.

    I must say totally different to road racing. More hectic in many ways. Much slower, but very technical bike control is everything. Bike is always sliding, track is always changing, much closer racing in the fact that touches regularly happen.
    Much cheaper!
    My 2011 YZF450 owes me $3100 which includes new front tyre and rear trials tyre. Front will last forever and rear should be good for 6 months of abuse.
    Club membership was about $80
    Practice days are only $25
    Race day to enter the 2 classes cost $70

    Highly recommended. Especially the practice days. I cant think of anywhere you could get better value for money seat time and you dont need a late model MX bike. An old cheap 2 stroke or XR trail bike would be fine and allow you heaps of fun on practice days.

    Some pics of the practice day for perspective. Last pic you can see the front end sliding big time.
    First thing that the misses said when she saw the photos was "those leathers look tight around your guts" :)

    IMG_0751 (640x427). IMG_0808 (640x427) (3). IMG_0806 (640x427).
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