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First decent ride on my new CBR1100XX

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bugeater, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. I picked up my Blackbird today from Redwing Honda. I decided that heading towards Phillip Island wouldn't be a good idea, since the police presence would be rather high, and I didn't think I could resist twisting the throttle a bit hard now and again :grin:

    So I got on the Hume freeway and headed north. The bike really seems to like it once you get up to speed. It's very happy to cruise along, but once you twist that throttle - wow. You could be doing 110km/h and be up to .... well fast; in a second or two with no let up on the acceleration. It's amazing. It seemed very stable too. What was great was once the RPM gets above about 7k, the engine changes note to a bit of a roar. Very cool.

    I had the impression that there were lots of camera's everywhere. It's not something i've ever had to worry about before, since most of my motorcycling was in Perth, where up until recently the mobile speed cameras couldn't get bikes. There also weren't any fixed cameras in Perth. So I guess I'm a bit paranoid (and who can blame me - I can be 100 over the limit in seconds with no effort at all). I did notice a few fixed cameras as I went along, but they aren't listed in the "official" list.

    One thing I did notice was the speedo was quite far out when going through those camera that show your speed on a sign. I was doing 108 on the speedo and the sign said 98. Later another one was about 8km/h out at lower speeds. I guess I'm not too surprised.

    Anyway, I made it to Seymour after about an hours drive and stopped at the information kiosk and got some maps. I decided to head to Bendigo, so I went down the Seymour- Tooborac Road, past Pukapunyal. That was great fun. Virtually no-one on the road at all and mostly nice long sweeping turns. The bike just ate it up. At this point I was just thinking what a beautiful machine it was. It was great fun.

    Got to the end of the road and headed North on the Northern Highway. Around here it did get a bit boring. It was some distance to Bendigo and the sun was getting a bit low. After being on a new bike for a few hours (and not having riding much at all for about 4 months), my ankles, wrists and backside were starting to hurt pretty bad. Once I made it to Bendigo I refueled and stretched a bit. That seemed to help quite a bit.

    Drove through the city center (seems quite nice, I'll have to take the significant other back there some time) and headed back to Melbourne on the Calder Highway. Put the Ipod on this time. It was quite nice cruising (apart from the body pains). It was actually quite surreal since it was really hazy as the sun went down, which made the mountains (hills?) look quite cool. Cruising down the freeway was good, though it was getting cold. But the bike still just loved it. Assuming you got used to the body positioning and maybe got a sheepskin or something (or a fat arse) it would be a fantastic way to sightsee. I really got the impression that you would barely notice a pillion as well, since it was just so effortlessly powerful.

    Eventually made it home after another stop to remove bugs from my visor. Overall it was great. The only real problem was the fact that my backside, fingers, wrists and ankles were really very sore (and my hands still are hours later). I'm hoping this is something you get used to. I also think it wouldn't be so bad if you have lengthy stops at the various places. But I really can't fault the bike. It's fantastic to ride and is amazing when you really open it up and it starts to roar. So I'm very happy with my purchase. Next thing I'd like to try is something a bit twistier, though the Great Ocean Road has quite reputation.

  2. Don't hold on so tight :)

    - unless you need to. Those 0-100 trials must be done, after all.

    Then the 0-200.
  3. And naturally the 0-300 is just begging to be done next
  4. bugeater, I think I've ridden your bike :D
    Did you grab the blue ex demo bike from Redwing?
    I picked my Blackbird up from redwing about a month ago, only going to manage its first decent ride today...
    Damn commitments.

    And yeah, I've had some shoulder, neck and wrist pain while getting used to the bike, but doesn't seem as bad now. Will see how I pull up today though.


    P.S. I ride through Moonee Ponds a fair bit, if you see a dude on a silver Backbird waving, its me :)
  5. You're hooked!! Those pains will subside and you won't even notice... if us old bastards can get used to them so will you....You're right about the pillion... I take my partner on the bird all the time and it doesn't make one iota of a difference... the only beef I have is the seat is a little uncomfortable on long trips... but she'll never miss a beat... If you get around to giving her some on a long boring stretch of highway you're in for a surprise.....as the power is so linear you will look down at the speedo and go f%^%^ it doesn't feel that fast!!! Ride safe...!!
  6. Yeah the power and smoothness of the ride is surely a major danger to my licence. You just don't realise you are going so fast. In fact I'm a little worried about the cameras on Hume highway/freeway now, since they are linked so they will book you if your average time is too high.... I should be right, since I stopped a few times and most of the cameras seem to point into the oncoming traffic (take photos of the front), but still.... it's a bit scary that travelling fast but safely down a very long straight road can lose you your licence. Yet the psychos in cars that drive erratically and fast in town get away with it..... :roll:

    But yeah, it is a great bike. If it wasn't for having to do some study and my gf going into work, I think I would be going 2-up back to Bendigo or hanging rock.

    I did just take the significant other to work on it. You do notice the extra weight, but it has no impact at all on acceleration. Cruising you wouldn't even notice. And she really loved it too, which is good. I might have to get one of those helmet to helmet intercoms. She is even talking about learning to ride now :grin:
  7. Yeah mine is the blue ex-demo. The price was pretty good for a practically new bike, so I got it. Justin recons he put most of the miles on it, since he rode it to and from work. I think that says something about the model (since he probably could have taken any of them).
  8. Yeah, the day I went in to have a look, he'd taken the bike and it was his day off. Hence I went back in on the saturday. They're a great bike, and the clunks normal :)
  9. Hey Bugeater and Warden. Ozblackbird.net members, hey?

    I've had by second-hand Blackbird for 12 weeks now and I've done 12000km so far. Very happy indeed.
    Added VFR bars, a sheepskin and a topbox. Corbin seat is in the mail.
    I've now learned to ride the twisties a bit better on the bird and loving it....... in the meantime, I also commute on my 285km/h missile. Love it
  10. Just thought I would let you know I rode your bike as well (with the other half on the back). And I ended up buying a silver '06 BB as well... :grin: