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First Days of Riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by resonator, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    Yesterday I picked up my first bike, a CBR250RR. I spent about 45 minutes riding around the estate that I got it from to get a feel for the bike. I needed to get comfortable with the controls and relearn everything that I was tought when I got my learners about a year ago. Especially get into the habit of turning off my indacators.

    Anyway that was all fun, and got home safely without any major problems. Just a couple of stalls but I guess that's to be expected.

    I went for another ride through the local streets this morning while the traffic is light. I felt a little adventerous so I decided to go visit a friend to show off my bike. I was being very careful, avoiding driving next to cars and trying my best to be as prodictable and smooth as possible.

    After about 30 minutes riding along the main roads and becoming quite comfetable this cop bike pulled up beside me and directed me to pull over. I'm thinking, "great I thought that I was going so well but maybe not...".

    I pull over and as I was taking of my helmet I gave the cop a friendly greeting and asked what problem was, in which is says "I'll give you a blasting after you've taken your helmet off". I'm thinking wtf I didn't think I was doing anything too bad. So I take my helmet off and he tells me in a stern authoritive voice "is there any reason why your riding an unregistered bike", and i'm like "as far as I know it isn't unregistered". Then he points out the registration sticker on the side and says that it's the colour of last years sticker.

    Luckally I still had all of the documents in the back of the bike for registration, transfer and receipts so I show the cop the registration bill and learner permit. He looks at it and says "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, well I'm going to have to call up and make sure that it is currently registered".

    He calls up on the radio and as expected finds that it is registered, then he tells me "there are about 4 offences that I can fine you for here". I usually try to do the right thing and if there is anything that I can do better I'm always willing to change, so I ask "oh really, what?". He tells me that well your displaying your L plate but you could have done a better job at attaching that. So I explain that when fixing it on last night and having never done it before I decided that it would be best to create a new hole in the plate which meant that about 3cm would be under the number plate instead of about 1.5cm and it would also give it some extra support and reduce the chance of it falling off... He agreed so I ask "what else?".

    "You have your learners permit, L Plate, your bike is registered, your wearing a certified helmet, your just don't have a valid registration sticker so I guess 4 out if 5 isn't so bad".

    "Well you seem to be riding well, and you have all the nessecery documents to show that you are the owner, and since you only got the bike yesterday you will need to transfer it into your name tomorrow. I guess since not displaying your registration sticker is only a minor offence I guess I'll let you go but I'm feeling a little reluctant to do so". I tell him, when I get to my friends place I'll pay the registration and stick the new sticker on the bike. He then tells me that "well okay, that makes me feel better about letting you off this time".

    Then he tells me some information that other noobs might find useful to know. He says that before pulling over a bike they always look for the registration sticker is the right colour and they are wearing a helmet with the aussie standards sticker. It actually suprised me that they would look for stickers on a helmet and did consider buying a helmet online from overseas.

    On the way back it started to rain. Rain is one of the things that everyone seems to dislike but I kind of found it quite pleasent listening to the rain hit my helmet on the freeway cruising along at 100K. I was extra careful and gave myself extra room to break but it was not scary.

    I might go out again later today if it drys up because I agree that wet roads are not an ideal place to learn on, but I don't have to fear getting caught out in the rain anymore.
  2. Congrats on the new bike. Hope you have fun.

    Sounds like the cop was a bit of a tosser. Most of my experiences have been okay (except one time when I was charged for speeding in a built up area when I was in the middle of farmland). I think a few just get off on the power trip.

    Have fun with it and ride safe :grin:
  3. good to hear you escaped your first brush with the Law
    let's hope it's the last eh?

    I kept forgetting to turn off blinkers when i picked my bike up last week too, it just takes a little getting used to
  4. Congrats on the new bike!!

    What state are you in and are you in a city???

    Careful in the wet as the roads can get slippery pretty quick!
  5. Well, I guess I should REALLY get around to changing my sticker... Since it's from September!
  6. Yeh the cop was being a bit piggish. Stop picking on learners ffs. As he said WHEN pulling you over he will look to see its registered. So he would have been pulling you over for no reason... Sorry I just dislike police after my bad experience when my L plate fell off :(
  7. I'm sure you won't let power-tripping f*kwits ruin it for you - enjoy the bike and BTW I count 5 out of 5 of what he said so he can get stuffed!
  8. Thank's for the support guys. In three years driving I've never been pulled over so it's nice to think that cops arn't all d!cks again.

    And I'm in Kew, Melbourne if anyone is interested in coming for a ride and showing me the ropes so to speak.
  9. Actually come to think of it, I don't know how he saw the sticker because he was never on the left of me until we had both stopped. I saw him aproach and moved to the left of my lane (centre of three) to allow him passed easier as he was going at least 20 over the speed limit. He moved to the right of me and pointed to the side of the road. And all of that happened in the space of about 10 seconds. Maybe he has X-Ray eyes, :shock: hehehe. I don't know. :)
  10. G'day everyone.......

    Sounds like you have a good attitude to rideing and doing the right thing.
    The cop on the other hand as has been stated was probably on his high horse.
    I rode around on my L's with the L plate totaly worn away by the back wheel.... twise I was followed along the western highway from Caroline springs to the ring road by a police car and not once did any of them look twice at me.
    I have to say that I have been lucky not to be pulled over since I have been rideing,not that I have been doing anything to attract attention to myself.
    (Exept the worn L plate!)
    Thay useualy try to back peddle by saying "I could book you for somthing but won't this time"
    This useualy means thay have'nt got anything on you and don't want to look like a total tosser!

    Have fun rideing and don't let such an encounter discourage you in any way.

    Dr Who?
  11. I'm not too far from Kew. A couple more posts and you can PM me... always up for a ride.

    Congrats on the new (for you) bike!! Keep it shiney side up.