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First day with my Bolwell VS 125

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by shengs, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster!

    I picked up a shiny white Bolwell VS 125 today from scoota city.

    It was my first time riding a scooter out onto the open road... in Melbourne that is (was in Vietnam in November and oh boy scootering is a guessing game over there.)

    I was so excited to get on the road, I forgot to strap my helmet in, it was nice and tight I forgot about it until I got home.

    While waiting at the lights another scooter rider came next to me, and complemented my bike 'that's a very good bike, i like it!', mind you he had a Piaggio MP3, 'Oh what about your bike? That's even better!' 'Haha, its something different':LOL:

    I was a little scared of going up to the front of the line of cars at the lights, so I just stuck to following behind the cars. One thing I did notice is the amount of fumes I have to breathe in!

    As I got towards home i decided to try filling up, with 2 dollars :LOL: Had a bit of trouble getting the cap off so I just rode off, oh how funny!

    Got home, took my stuff out of the underseat storage which I rekon can double as a food warmer, even keep my coffee warm.

    Thats my first evening with the Bolwell VS 125 :grin:

  2. Sounded like you really enjoyed your first time scoot riding experience. Nice one Shengs :) & don't worry if you ride regularly, it'll take the fear edge off pretty fast.
    How come you didn't go on the 50cc first though? :p I was hoping you'll say that you got yourself a Jolie (like me who hold a motorbike license).
  3. Hahaha, nah 50cc is a little to weak, I needed something that can keep up with traffic. I will be using it to travel to school once I get more confident.

    I have to travel from Sunshine to Cheltenham, according to whereis Distance: 40.1km Time: 47min (approx) takes me just over 2 hours by public transport each day!
  4. Congratulations and well done!!

    I loved my Shiney white VS125!
  5. thats great. i am interested in one of these for my gf...

    can you tell me the top speed these puppies can do? power good?

    glad your enjoying the scoot

  6. top speed all depends on the weight of your girl friend!

    I could get it up hill and over dale, dodging log trucks and echidnas at 80kms. On the flat I do remember one sweet ride with a southerly pushing me on at 115kms!! But that was a rare one!
  7. lol... 60kg

    r u heavier than that?

    115km flat out.... wow!!
    thats good!!!
  8. :eek: My bad, sure 50cc's fun, but with that rather long period of riding it's best to stick with you 125cc then. Oh Sheng I forgot to tell you that you should search for a scooter club there, they can offer you lessons in handling your new beast (e.g.: like http://www.mrasa.asn.au/html/links/) in Adelaide.
    Have fun... :)
  9. Hey Shengs
    Sounds like you're having a great time on your VS125. I bought my white VS125 when they were released in Oz last year. Also from Scoota City. I love riding it!
    Have you encountered any problems? For me... none so far. But I have not done a lots of kms.
  10. I've been considering one of these for a while now. I've got my FJR for big rides but love the idea of a scoot just for local rides around the beachfront / cafes / shopping etc,.
    I'm almost 100kg and 185cm (6 feet in the old language) and was really surprised just how stable these little critters feel. I was also totally satisfied with the acceleration. I didn't really open up the demo I was riding, but at 80kph there seemed like there was still a bit left to play with. Nicer looking (IMO) than the competition too.

    I loved it !
  11. Philride is that you??? So good to see you back on the forum!
    I remember when we first got our white VS125s.. it was SO much fun!! Wot you bin doing man?
    You dissappeared for a bit there.
    I had wondered if you had given it all up.
  12. Hi there

    I also have a VS125 and love it :grin: I've done about 2000 km in the 3.5 months i've had it.

    In regards to the questions asked about top speed - 80 is at the high end of comfortable BUT I am larger (larger than your 60 kg gf) and if im fine she would be for sure. I've had it upto about 110 from memory, but that was on the downhill on the freeway. :LOL: Its a great little commuter, and I love the underseat storage.

    Any other questions feel free to shoot.

  13. I'm still amazed at how much zip my GF's VS125 has got. I usually pinch it whenever i've got to shoot down to the local shops. With a 45 litre top box on the back you can practically do a month's worth of shopping. Very cool little scooter. It get's far more comments than my bike too!