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first day out on the main roads, verdict? ->>AWWWESOMM

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by livingstonest, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. heya all, got my learners and bike(honda cb250) last week and have been doing the commute to work on back roads.....today though was my first real taste of the main roads! and it was awesome!!

    been following this excellent forum for a few months now and i posted up alotta questions which got really good answers. eg about braking and turning. finally today i put them into practice and was really pleased! what planned out to be a quick 10min ride on the mains turned out to be a 2 1/2hr ride!! just couldn't stop!

    my favourite is taking the turns and leaning the bike which felt great! great tips for me which worked are:
    1. applying back and front brakes gently at first then firmly to come to a stop
    2. setting up speed before taking a curve/turn
    3. while in a turn no braking
    4. if running wide lean it over harder!!!
    5. always make sure that you can see the road 5 seconds ahead otherwise slow down

    these are all basic to you riders but for me i had to constantly think about these when i was out there.......much different from a car

    hope to see you all out there.......i'm in the newcastle/lake macquarie region
    >>oh yeah and i was "dressed for the fall"(helmet, leather jacket, back protector, cordura pants, leather gloves and racing boots).
  2. Good stuff! Glad to see you are enjoying it, and being cautious too. A great tip I got on the MOST course (it was repeated here too) was the commentary. Literally narrate whats happening out loud to yourself, "car indicating to pull out, possible u-turn. Better slow down a bit, change lane position", etc. It keeps you alert and makes you more aware of things. It gets boring if you do it for too long. But do this for a few minuttes every so often to train your mind to see and think in such a way.
  3. Re: first day out on the main roads, verdict? ->>AWWWE

    congrats mate,

    i am not far ahead of you in riding experience, but i do agree with this statement you made

  4. Its good to see you had fun on your 1st outing onto the main roads!
  5. Is there anything like it, eh??? Congrats on joining the best secret society in the world, people who actually ENJOY travelling, because it's on a bike.
    HEY I love the idea of the verbal commentary, I reckon that is spot on, spud, and I've never heard of it before!

    So Livingstone, Lake Macquarie area, eh? I grew up in Boolaroo, went to Booragul High School, (now Lake Macquarie High) 1962 - 1967 (yeah, I know, pre-history, right?)

    Any chance of you being able to join in on the September Overnighter to Tamworth? :)
  6. That commentary thing is fascinating. I mean if I'm going to make a goose of myself SINGING inside my helmet and ppls think I'm crazy, why not talk as well?

    Seriously, welcome to the ranks, there is just nothing like it. Ppls say to me "How can you ride a motorcycle?" To which I reply, "Badly." No, actually I say to them, "Until you've tried it, you just can't know how it feels. I've been riding for over 30 years and it still thrills me every time I put my helmet on."

    Continue to learn and enjoy.
  7. And never forget that you will keep learning no matter how long you have been riding . Relax , and enjoy .
  8. I think mouth has a saying 'Only a bike rider knows why a dog hangs its head out of a car window' or someone anyway. But its true. Once you get that wind rush, that's it, hooked. :)

    The final straw is feeling the springs and seat slowly collapsing as you go around a bend at good speed and the gravity presses you down hard. WOW. :) :)

    Have fun mate but be careful. Talk to yourself as in the Vic road video so that you do see all the probs etc early. After a while it will become 2nd nature. Oh and yes, that is of course the second sign of madness. The 1st is buying the bike. The third will be apparent when you argue with yourself while talking to yourself. Keep the visor down and no one will hear you. :p :p :p :p


    Brian ***That was longish wasn't it? Nah. Was so. Bull. WAS. get nicked****
  9. Re: first day out on the main roads, verdict? ->>AWWWE

    I still cant master that skill =]
  10. Congrats on the newfound madness!!

    I never even knew i spoke to myself whilst riding untill a couple of years ago tried out a bike-to-bike intercom on a 3000+ km tour with the pillion in a million. After the first 100kms she insisted i remove my mic and left her with the music!

    Good to see that I'm not a total LOONY and that this behaviour is actually taught to newbys :)