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First day on the roads!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by taymaishu, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. So after a sale fell through with a bike I was set on, I was made aware of a lovely 2008 Ninja that went for sale on Friday. Within 10 hours, it was purchased by me!

    Now, I had only ever ridden during my L's course. So I was quite nervous about riding from Dee Why home to the North Shore at 10am.

    Did the paperwork, handed over the cash and the rest was up to me. I had my Mrs and a mate lead/shadow me. Things were a little overwhelming but as I set off, I focused on those basics.

    Within 5 minutes I was smiling from ear to ear and met up with another rider mate of mine who also shadowed me.

    What can I say now? 6 hours of riding, over 70kms including Pittwater rd traffic, 90 zones, everything, i'm STOKED.

    I managed it really easily and the group I rode with to Palm Beach couldn't believe it was my first day on the road. I enjoyed every bloody minute of it, and cleaned her, sealed her and lubed the chain when I got home.

    I even managed to sneak out for another short ride not long ago.

    So, here's me with my new girl, Evie:

  2. Good onya mate.. such a nice looking ride :)

    See if you can make your way down to the [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions (weekly) in Homebush .. you'll meet great people and learn the MOST elements too (y)
  3. Yay! Welcome to the crazy cult of motorcycle love!
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  4. Congrats dude. Enjoy it!
  5. Thanks everyone!!

    Did 119.2kms today - how the hell did that fly by? Did Akuna and West Head, which was lovely. I'm getting much more comfortable on the bike :)

    On that note, my back is completely rooted. I was feeling fatigue coming, so I came home earlier than expected to rest. Pulling into my driveway my trip meter hit 119.2 and I feel proud :)

    Over 200kms on my first weekend!
  6. A pic taken by my shadow :)[​IMG]
  7. Next time you do akuna / west head, hit me up - I'm just down the road.
  8. You didn't happen to do Akuna today? Think I saw a K1300 in red cruise bay at Akuna marina while we were cooking up some snags :)
  9. He he... and Blaise a further couple of k;s down the road.
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  10. I was on the Wollombi run, my K1300R is white.
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  11. Hey Alex, congrats on the bike. Too bad the CBR sale fell through, although I think you'll be very happy with the Ninja.

  12. Thanks all!

    @Mil098 - Thanks heaps mate! Had been itching to ride (as you know), so was just lovely to get out this weekend and enjoy the great weather! How's the riding going down there?

    I was looking for excuses to ride last night so had a late night coffee at Maisy's with my 'twin' ride. It rained on while we were there, so I got some wet practice in. I took it very, very slow and just slowed down all my movements - handled it ok (with a bit of nerves!).

    It's a funny feeling hearing the rain falling on your helmet!

    A little pic parked together

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  13. nice bike mate, where abouts in sydney are you? im in turramurra, we usually get out every weekend for a ride if you want to come along with us
  14. Hey mate, I'm pretty close - St Ives :)

    Should definitely let me know if you're heading out - would love to come along!
  15. will do, should be going somewhere this weekend, will drop you a pm
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