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First day, first stack!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nooneuknow, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Hey guys :)
    well, just back from Day 1 of the Rider Training - and yes, picked up ok, except managed to stack once. Not impressed!
    Altho on the upside, I felt much better afterward! :) Think i stretched to reach front brake and accidentally accelerated, so panicked, then tipped it :(
    but no injury - bit of bruising - still looking forward to Day 2, figure its probably good to get it out of my system...
    Anyone else w/ similar stories, or some words of encouragement!
    Was feeling pretty dumb!!! :oops:
    Hope youre all havin a good one! :)

  2. Everyone has a first stack. Now that you've got yours out of the way, you can concentrate on other riding skills like not stacking. It comes in very handy. Before you know it, you'll be riding like a natural. It'll just flow. The only problem you'll have is getting the grin of your face. :D :D :D

  3. Thanks Leftie! :)

    Yeah, do feel kinda good getting it out, but reckon theres probly more where that came from! :eek:
    Since this is my first experience on a bike (been on the back once or twice), feels totally unnatural - the whole watch where you WANT to go thing, and not watch what youre doing (with clutch, gears etc)...
    but then i figured i was probably much the same when learning to drive a manual car....crashed that too - into a brick fence...
    hmmm...maybe im not meant to be on machines?
    Anyway, still really keen!
    How long after you (or anyone else!!!) :) first started (ie, were at my level [if you ever were!]) did you get on road? Im thinking im going to be riding around empty carparks for some weeks....
    Mind you, DEFINATELY not gonna rush it till im ready.
  4. Hope it was one of their bikes. Thats what their bikes are for. :D Better to stack during the L's course than on the road. Keep going with it and you'll be on the road before you know it. I'd never even been on the back of a bike before the L's test, and i was riding about 4 days later. You've just got to take it easy at first, that all. Give yourself time to learn so most of it becomes automatic. Good luck with the rest of the course.
  5. I started out on dirt bikes, thinking I knew how to ride. When I first saw tar, I realised I had much to learn. Fortunately I had the opportunity to ride with experienced mates who didn't try and push me beyond my limit. The best way to learn is to get your bum on a bike and ride, ride, ride.
  6. Don't worry about the stack. It's very common when you first get on a bike.

    No harm done ;)

    It's all part of the learning experience. :D

    Don't worry about how long people take to get on the road. Everyone's different. Some people get out very quickly, and some people take a little longer to develop some confidence.

    Empty carparks are great, then progress to some quiet backstreets.

    Just take your time and do it when you feel ready ;)

    My wife got her L's in 2003, and did her P's test mid last year.

    She did a couple of courses at HART for her L's and P's, did some carpark practice, and then some quiet backstreet stuff as well.

    In January last year, she rode around Tassie with me and another couple whilst still on her L's, and is doing really well.


    Good luck.
  7. head up
    concentrate , practise,practise, practise.

    you will get it .
    its only day 1
    you dont learn to drive a car in 1 day .
  8. At least you were moving!!

    I came to a stop at some lights, next to friend, went to put the foot down, but the cuff of my draggin jeans had slipped over the inside of the footpeg/gearlever bracket.

    Tried to move the foot straight out and put it on the ground... but couldn't!
    bikes leaning, foots still suck.... lean more...oooo fark.... clunk.
    Foot slipped off as the bike went down (luckily),

    Only damage... one severely deflated ego :oops: , one bent clutch lever, slight scratch on fairing.

    O.. and the friend hurt his side laughing so much...

    As soon as I got home the DJ's had the leg shortened.

  9. They need to chance the L's its to easy, they need to make it a little harder you can get your L's and then jumph onto a RS250 and go like the clapperzs

    Did anyone here that Honda are going to be doing a scooter L's
  10. HART? Most of the trainers, including HART, allow you to ride a scooter for L's course's, since it's the same course that needs to be passed anyway, regardless of what type of bike you ride.
  11. Good luck tomorrow? with day 2. Lets us know how you go.
    No need to feel silly, dropping a bike at training is a regular enough occurrance.
  12. You know this kind of comment is really worrying.
    It actually is NOT common to stack your bike when you first get on
    It's over confidence and carelessness shown by cocky learners and p platers that have higher incidents of stacks.
    I really get annoyed when i read things like "wait till you have your stack..... It's inevitable you will stack.......... you learn nothing till you stack.......""
    The whole point of this is NOT to stack.
    (btw I fell into the category of cocky rider with 3 years experience before I threw my first bike down a ditch, we dug it out along with a potato and apart from a dent in the tank I kept it another year before I sold it)
  13. eewwww! who would buy a 12 month old potato?
  14. i stacked on the first day of my L's course too, forgot to shut the throttle off when i changed from first to second gear, then i let the clutch out a bit to quick and the bike came up on the back wheel, i couldn't hold on and feel off the back but instead of letting go of the bike i held onto it so it came down on top of me... The instructors said it was one of the most spectacular stacks they'd seen in a while! I was happy to do it in style! :LOL:
  15. Hi nooneuknow,

    Mate, in the first week when I had the guts to ride my bike, I dropped my bike in my mate's driveway (result: sore and bruised leg) and on the way home later that night, dropped it at a roundabout (result: sore elbow and snapped clutch lever). I was not a happy girl to say the least!!

    Some people take to bikes likes ducks do to water, some don't. It doesn't necessarily mean the ones that do are the better riders, it is just confidence. I'm finding things are slowly falling into place now. Just go at your own pace and comfort zone. Carpark practice is a good idea.

    :D :D
  16. No offence Lids,but i disagree somewhat,natural ability will get you a lot further than just being confident in yourself,sorry but thats how it is imo. Ive been riding since i was 5(now 27) so ive had plenty of stacks on my dirt bikes and have had one on the road.My point is,if you're good or not,sooner or later you will crash,no biggie if you're not hurt,just make sure you learn from the experience so it doesnt happen again.If you dont learn anything from it you may as well give it up.Safe riding peoples. :D 8)
  17. When I did my learners course one of the girls fell off before we even started the bikes - we were just pushing each other! So at least you were moving :D

    I am only on my L's too but am getting much more confident - I started off riding around my local area at about 10:00 at night - that way I got to ride on roads and get a bit of speed up (I wouldn't go over 60kph but hey I felt like I was going fast!) but without having to worry about cars too much. I made a little circuit where I would basically ride around the outside of my suburb - I know those streets VERY well now :)

    But the best confidence builder is to just get out there and do it - not as easy as it sounds I know but really, once you've done it you can do it again.

    Good luck!
  18. I'm sorry you took offence to my comments....

    I was simply saying - hey, you dropped the bike during training. Don't worry about it too much - many people do it. Just learn from the experience.

    I'm not saying people should stack, or need to stack in order to learn. Just acknowledging that the fact that the dude had a stack isn't the end of the world and that it's something that can be learnt from.

    I don't think that's an unreasonable comment.


    I did NOT say...

    Don't read things into my posts which simply aren't there.


    Umm....yes it is. Quite common for a learner/beginner to drop a bike in fact.