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First day at the twisties

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Barters81, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. Ok.....I'll give this blog thing a bit of a go to get today out of my system.

    After a couple weeks of really average weather in Brisbane I'm pretty sure every man, woman, child and their respective dogs were out on the road today. Basically, because today was an absolute cracker......

    I met a couple mates on Pine Mountain rd on the way to Mt Glorious and other random stops. We had me on my Ninja 300 SE, a mate on a '97 Lams Monster, and another mate who is an older gentleman who collects bikes like underwear.....he was on this crazy assed 1500 Buell race bike. Seriously, that thing sounded meaner than my old V8 ute and went like a shower of shite the likes of which I've not seen.

    The morning was crisp, tanks were full and off we went.....bliss. I've been a little concerned about doing the twisties thing to be honest as I'm not known to have the best self control when it comes to doing stupid shit, and I was worried I'd have a few too many 'oh crap' moments. To my dismay, I didn't have any of 'those' moments and managed to keep a respectable pace throughout the ride. Awesome fun, awesome road, can't wait to go back for more. (Note: Stupid shit? I bought a cup of coffee during my ride that was roughly $1.65 if you catch my drift. New record for me on 2 wheels)

    Of course, however, not everything went smoothly. After pulling up for a leak and a drink a mate asks "what is that white line on your rear tyre I'm seeing when riding".

    Yeah, that white line was a massive screw jammed through my rear tyre. BUGGER!!! First time out doing some really fun stuff and this happens. BUGGER!! Not patch kit available...a long way from anywhere.

    Basically, the tyre was holding pressure so I jacked up the pressure to crown the tyre as much as possible, then I was escorted home with my pals on the limp/backroads trying not to corner (screw was on the side of the tyre)

    So to cut a long story short, was a fantastic day. Saw some really cool bikes, talked to complete strangers who obviously shared a love for all things 2 wheels, got some sunshine, and now have a reason to research tyres.

    Gotta love riding.....next time I'll remember to take the camera if for nothing else but to capture some of the cool bikes.
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  2. Yeah, you meet some interesting people on bikes. A love of two wheels knows no boundaries. One day you can be cruising with a plumber and another day a high powered exec. in a bank. I have met some fantastic people all over the world and the only thing in common is bikes. Then there are the roads!! Ah, the roads. The Rockies, the Isle of Man, Alps, Pyrenees, Dolomites, Dragon's Tail (look it up). New Zealand. Some of the people? An English Baron, an American who made a fortune from ladies' underwear, Russell Crowe, Lachlan Murdoch, Jay Leno and some lovely ladies as well.
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  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous ride (apart from the tyre issue) - did you get any photos to share? :)
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  4. Sounds like you had an interesting day! :D Sorry about the tyre, though.
  5. Well at least the tyre held pressure. Could have been a lot worse i guess.

    I enjoyed my first day on the twisties late last year, on a ride up to King Lake. Was great until an SUV cut the corner almost took me out. Looking back at the gopro footage he was about 300mm away...enough to scare the s**t out of me. Was very cautious after that.
  6. Ah the twisty drug...and the price of coffee! The trouble I have found is that once you have been happy to pay $1.50 or more everything less seems cheap ;) and you know the saying which I believe is trademarked...riding is pretty straight without a twisty...:D
    Shame you got 'screwed' over at the end Barters81Barters81 but at least not left on the side of the road. Lucky! I always lug my puncture kit but I am likely too special needs to be able to use it any way lol!

    Remember photos or it didn't happen is often the NR mantra...next time.

    That Buell sounds like a mean mother of a thing...nice.
  7. Barters81Barters81 I carry a bike pump and puncture kit under my seat of my bike.
    Im not sure on the under seat storage room on the Ninja , however if storage room isn't available , perhaps a tail bag might do the trick on long trips.

    Sounds like you had fun anyways.. Here's to more twists, turns and no more screws :)

  8. Under the seat on the Ninj is crap even if you remove the black flappy thingo ;) I can only fit my gauge bits'n'bobs box and basic tool kit :(
  9. Tail bag it is then!! Time to get a Kriega US10 or 20 then ..
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  10. I've currently got the wet weather liner for my jacket carefully stuffed under my seat. I can't see myself getting a tail bag to be honest. Just not into any luggage on these sorts of trips, though if the tyre didn't hold pressure I guess I'd be thinking differently. EDIT: JayteeJaytee, I just checked out the Kriega US10 bag and it's much less gay then I thought it would be. So much so that it looks quite functional while looking the part. I might get one or something similar. Would be good for carrying a camera etc.

    And to the above....yeah I know, I've let the team down in terms of photos. I was too excited this time so forgot to take it, but definitely will for the next trip. A GoPro or similar is probably on the cards too.

    OldmaidOldmaid, yeah I know what you mean regarding the price of coffee. $1.50 isn't a lot compared to what some will pay.....

    Now for tyres. I have Pirelli Street Demons on currently which were ok in my very limited experience. Though given the relatively inexpensive nature of bike tyres (I'm used to buying good 4wd tyres) I could pick a Pirelli Diablo Rosso II for the rear replacement for under $200 which I've read is better. I'm no expert rider by a long way so I guess what I'm asking is would I benefit enough from a more expensive tyre to warrant the cost?
  11. You guys are getting ripped off! I very rarely pay over $1 for my coffee. It's probably why my riding group is nowhere to be seen shortly after the ride starts as they've obviously gone to a different shop. A mate of mine rode my bike about a month back and tells me he found a place that does $1.80 espressos! However, as it's a naked bike he didn't want to buy anything more expensive as there were no fairings to stop it blowing off the tank.
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  12. I had to pay $1.83 the other day.

    100% certain I won't be paying anymore while riding to coffee shops on the whinja.
  13. After trading my 1050 for a shiny new Tiger 800, I don't think I could even afford much more than a $2.00 cuppa. Road/trail tyres, short gearing and other adventure-bike bits don't leave much spare change. Other Tiger owners have had similar experiences. But then, not many coffee shops on gravel roads and forest trails, so it's not that big a deal I guess. :)

    Nonsense aside, glad you had fun! Mt Glorious is pretty fun, though I think I prefer the southbound leg of Mt Nebo - lots of interesting turns and a surprisingly generous speed limit in parts, considering the nature of the road and today's road-safety environment. The surface condition is a lot better than it was a few years ago.

    Lots of interesting wiggly roads near Brisbane. Mt Nebo, Mt Glorious and the bit between Somerset Dam and Kilcoy, Mt Mee, the Mt Lindesay Highway and the other wiggly roads which cross the border. All in varying conditions, of course.
  14. Yeah thanks for the heads up on different roads. Glorious has some very scenic scenery (can't remember what show that was from), but the pavement itself really is terrible. I like it more down the backside of Glorious with the big sweeping bends over the tight blind corners on dodgy pavement on the 'front' side to be honest.
  15. "That's some of the most scenic scenery you'll ever see." - Russell Coight
  16. Ahh...yes. Classic.